Policy Change: Discount Group Changing to OO

Hiya Folks!

So for the last… oh.. 6months to a year our Support Group has EXPLODED in size. Despite regular cullings of inactive members, we’re sitting at around 40 Thousand members.

Now, for sure, this was our hope for the group. Building big brand groups is a staple of marketing in SL. You want huge numbers in your Store Group.  Unfortunately, this has the added consequence of frequent and terrible chat lag. It’s gotten worse and worse as the group gets bigger. SL just can’t seem to handle this many people in one group.  Because of this, trying to moderate the group has gotten unwieldy.  Responses to questions can take up to several minutes to go through, if at all.

So after speaking with my Moderators, it’s been decided to move the Group Discount to the Omega Obsessions Group. That group is free and has no chat, and I’m sure all our designers will enjoy seeing that group grow.  This should cut down on the Support Groups Growth and possibly shrink quite a bit as those disinterested in chat will move over to the Omega Obsessions Group.

Do note, if you’re thinking of switching, while I do send notices in OO as well, they tend to be flooded out. I would suggest making sure you’ve added yourself to our subscriber (located inworld in every section) or followed us on Facebook.  Or both. 🙂

-Chellynne Bailey

Omega Support Group: secondlife:///app/group/276e12ea-52c3-008f-d6c9-31fc8bd2ba73/about
Omega Obsessions:  secondlife:///app/group/14c8f9fd-94a5-86a4-ab02-796fc0d2eb0b/about
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SLPoweredByOmega/

The Affiliate Vendor Kit + Tofan

Hey, Affiliate Merchants!

Here at Omega I am acutely aware of just how much Affiliate Vendors helped us get established as a brand. With over 1000 Affiliates, it’s no surprise that having all those vendors all over the grid REALLY helped Omega get its footing. Without you guys, I’m not sure Omega would be nearly as pervasive as it is today!

Now that we are established, I’d like to do something new with this awesome Affiliate Network we have created together.

The Omega Friends Affiliate Network, AKA TOFAN (ok, maybe I’ll change that name latter) is all about utilizing this awesome network of affiliates to help small brands get all the attention they deserve while offering awesome opportunities to our many affiliates by bringing them vendors with unique and useful items we think will sell given some exposure.  HUDs, Furniture, Clothes, Skins, anything can be featured, just as long as it’s awesome and unique.

That is why today you are all getting re-deliveries of your Affiliate Kits. Inside this first run, we feature Nutbusters awesome Furry Feet and Hooves, perfect for any shop catering to the Furry Demographic, and Chameleon’s awesome Gatcha Reselling System, perfect for any shop that deals heavily in Gatchas or anyone who runs a Gatcha Yard Sale! (Seriously.. I love these little gatcha Vendors… everything gets loaded to a searchable website.. and you can see the total value of what you’ve put out…it’s down right magical >.>)

Now, Depending on your business, these items may or may not fit well in your shop.  Feel Free to rez, or not rez whichever vendors you want to display.  If you don’t like these, still keep your eye out for future deliveries as we will add more products to the package.

For More Information about the Tofan Program, including how to have your products featured, visit us here:

Promoting your Applier Based Products

Promoting Your Appliers

Ok, you’ve started making Omega Appliers….now what?

You let us help pimp out your mesh of course!

The Future of Eyelash Appliers

The Future of Eyelash Appliers

As some of you know I am working on an update to the Omega System, tentatively named “Omega Unleashed”. ((still contemplating the name!))

Well, one of the features for this update is going to be the addition of Omega Eyelash Appliers!

This is the UV used by Lelutka, so many of you are already familiar with it. Lelutka has graciously agreed to allow the Omega Applier Community to use this UV.

So, what does this mean?

 Now with Color! (Updated for better visibility)

If you are a Mesh Maker:

Obviously, I can’t MAKE you change your UV. Your UVs are up to you, and I will not be withholding support or otherwise penalizing anyone who doesn’t want to implement this. Especially if you already have Eyelash Appliers in circulation, I wouldn’t expect you to change your UV. That’d be silly. In fact, I’d strongly recommend against it. Breaking old appliers is a cardinal sin in the Mesh world! If however, you’ve not released yet, you don’t have Eyelash Appliers haven’t haven’t had luck getting people to make appliers, I strongly recommend adopting this UV!  (Supporting both your old UV and your new one is also a possibility, although more work)

If you DO update to use this UV, contact me so I can get your kit updated ASAP!

If you are a Designer:

When I release the Omega Unleashed update (or whatever I end up calling it) there will be a brand new Dev Kit, and it will include the ability to make EyeLash Appliers.  How many Meshes will TAKE these appliers will depend on how many update their meshes! At the very least, there will be Lelutka! 🙂

If you are a Customer:

There isn’t much for you to do yet. Eventually, you will need updates of your meshes/kits to take advantage of all the goodies coming! I’ll make more announcements as I get this update wrapped up!

Update: Added Color to the UV for better visibility and also, this handy mpg4 to show how the UV should on the lash.

Mesh Body and Bits Reviews

Mesh Body and Bits Reviews

We here at Omega have a stance that all Meshes are beautiful in their own way.  The best mesh is the mesh that fits your vision for yourself.  There are no ugly meshes.  That, while an utterly necessary stance, both for being able to work with mesh makers and for fostering a friendly supportive community,  is not horribly useful for those trying to decide on a mesh.

Because of this Omega is always looking for well-written reviews of ALL our Supported Meshes. We list them on each mesh page under “See what other’s are saying”.  If you write Mesh Body Reviews, whether as a one-time thing or as a series (Ala Mesh Body Addicts), we’d be happy to do a direct link exchange between your review and our body listings.

Do note, there are a few requirements for this:

  • Above all, it must be well written and factually accurate.
  • It needs to have more than just your opinion. It needs to have useful details. It doesn’t need to have every detail ever…but one should feel more informed about a product after reading it.  (See Mesh Body Addicts and Strawberry Singh for REALLY good examples)
  • It should mention Omega and link to the Mesh Info Page for that Mesh. (This is where the ‘exchange’ bit comes in)
  • It can’t be a Bash Piece. Critism is ok, Bashing is not.  “Cons” are fine but should be factual, not “bashy” and be balanced with pros. We can’t post reviews that are nothing but negative remarks or that are just mean spirited.
  • It can’t be a puff piece. The opposite is true as well… a long glowing review with not so much as an “I do with they had _______” raises red flags with me.
  • And obviously. No TOS breaking content, or content that encourages breaking TOS.

Well.. I think that’s enough CMA (Covering my Ass)… If you are still interested, toss a Notecard at Chellynne Bailey with the link to your review. 🙂