Autoresponse Message!

If you’re looking for a product we normally have available on the MP, unfortunately, many of our listings were unlisted last night. At this point I’m waiting to see if LL fixes it or if I’ll have to recreate the listings from scratch. In the meantime, you can find them all inworld!

All the Answers!

Thanks for clicking the link! I get a lot of the same questions over.. and over.. and over again. For my sanity, here is a list of all the most common questions!  I’ve also delegated a great deal of our customer service, event handling, group management and other… not-scripting things to people much better at those things than I, so you’ll also find below information about who to talk to about a variety of things!
I do apologize for the inconvenience. 🙂

So here are answers to our most common FAQs and info for getting help from the right person! (Some in multiple languages!)

  • Necesito ayuda en Spannish.
    Lo siento, pero yo no hablo nada más Inglés . Aconsejo hacer su pregunta en el chat de grupo. Por lo general hay alguien que hable español .
  • Preciso de ajuda em português .
    Lamento , mas eu não falo nada, mas Inglês . Eu aconselho fazer sua pergunta no chat em grupo . Geralmente, há alguém que fala português.
  • Ho bisogno di aiuto in italiano.
    Mi dispiace , ma non parlo altro che l’inglese. Vi consiglio di chiedere la tua domanda in chat di gruppo . Di solito c’è qualcuno che parla italiano .

I need Omega for the Mesh Body/Head/Part that I’ve made/am Making.
Ignore the auto response and just tell me (in full) what you’re doing. If I don’t respond, I’m probably alt-tabbed. (I do a lot of work in other windows) but I’ll get back to you as soon as I see the message.
If you can’t get my attention in IMs, toss me a notecard or use the Contact Us form.
If you want you can also read up here: for more information about our requirements, costs, etc. is also a great resource.

I bought <Insert Dress/Tattoo/Outfit> and <need a refund/missing applier/angry noises/ect>.
My name is listed as the creator on many items across the grid because I created the Omega Applier System.
(And made the mistake of not switching to Linden Created Prims till much later)
So I get a ton of IMs/NCs about products I didn’t create or sell.

Now I DO have a few… poorly selling… items in my shop you MIGHT be referring to, but 99.99% of the time, you’ve got the wrong person. To find out who REALLY sold you that thing you bought, check your transaction history OR check the creator of the System Clothing Layers. If it does end up being me, go ahead and toss me a NC.

I need a refund for a purchase for something you DID make
Just drop me a notecard with the transactions and any relevant details.
You can also get full details about our refund polify here:

I’m trying to MAKE an Applier…..
There are two ways to make appliers currently:
Standard Kit/Old Dev Kits:
Omega Evolved Appliers (Dev Kit vs 4.0+)

Still Need Help?
Fastest Response: Omega Applier Systems – Support: secondlife:///app/group/276e12ea-52c3-008f-d6c9-31fc8bd2ba73/about

If you’re Shy, file a Ticket:
or Contact my CSR: FreyasFashions Resident

I’m trying to USE an Omega Applier…..
Instructions for Each Mesh Brand:
Some Basic Trouble Shooting Tips:

Still Need Help?
Fastest Response: Omega Applier Systems – Support: secondlife:///app/group/276e12ea-52c3-008f-d6c9-31fc8bd2ba73/about

If you’re Shy, file a Ticket:
or Contact my CSR: FreyasFashions Resident

Is there an Omega Kit for……
There is a list of supported meshes here:

Will there be an Omega Kit for……
Don’t ask me this please. 🙂 I hate lying and either
–I have no idea.
–I’m working on it, and have to tell you I have no idea until the details are finalized.

I need a Invite to the Land Group!
The Quickest way to get one is to walk up to your rent box and click it. There’s an option in the body labeled “Grp” click that and the Bot will get you. If you need to add an alt/manager/ect to your unit, click the Tenents Button. 🙂
I want to invite you to this Event…
My releases are based on need, rather then whats cute this month…sooo I don’t do events unless:
-It’s Free
-Doesn’t require me to make something new
-Doesn’t require me to discount something
-some other gimic.
Basically.. if you want me to do more then stop by and drop some vendors, nu uh!
On that note, if you just want Omega at the event, I have affiliate vendors here:

I need Notice Rights
Apply here:
I need to get Listed on the Blog
Fill out a request here:
Note that FairyQueen Axel does the requests in weekly batches, usually on the weekend.
Also that her word is law in this regard. 🙂

All other Questions….
Still Need Help?

For Fastest Response: Join Omega Applier Systems – Support: secondlife:///app/group/276e12ea-52c3-008f-d6c9-31fc8bd2ba73/about

If you’re Shy, file a Ticket:
or Contact my CSR: FreyasFashions Resident

I just need the Chelly!
If you absolutely must contact me instead of a CSR, please remember that once I respond to you, I’m expected to keep responding to you until some sort of resolution. That means whatever I’m working on is suddenly on hold and I am losing work time.

To minimize this, I ask the following:

  • Do not send me “Hello”, “are you there?” or “Help me!”.  Instead, state your entire problem/question/etc right up front.
    • Do not send friend requests. These are just non-verbal “hello?!”s in disguise.
    • Do not send me Teleports, I’m likely set up to work somewhere and don’t want to move.
    • Do not request Teleports. I’m likely set up to work on something that’s not been announced to the public!
  • Include all relevant details you can think of in that first message.
    • What body are you using?
    • What kit are you using?
    • Is this your first time using this product?
    • What is happening?
    • If relevant, include a link to a screenshot! (Links, please! Do NOT make me hunt for a texture in my inventory to see whats going on!)
  • If you send me something, tell me what you sent me. I have auto accept on, and will not notice otherwise.
    (Also helps if you tell me if it’s an object, folder, etc, so I know where to look!)
  • If you’re looking for help, be READY to ACT on that help.
    • Be somewhere you can rez and use scripts.
    • Do not send me a message and then AFK immediately.
    • Do not send me a message and then go to your SL job
    • Do not send me a message while under RLV restrictions.
  • If you’re looking for help, please follow directions!
    • If I ask you to do something, do it. Don’t tell me you’re going to do it. Just do it, and then let me know it’s been done.
    • If I ask you a question, answer it right away. Often I will need you to answer several questions in a row to get at the problem.  Please answer these questions quickly. You may want to tell me other things too, absolutely, do that, they may be relevant. But give me my answer first and THEN start giving me the additional information.
  • Lastly, If I don’t respond, I may be AFK, or too overwhelmed with other things. If this list isn’t a clue, I AM Aspie, so I may not be able to handle you at that moment.  Just send me your issue by notecard and myself or my CSR will get back to you.

At any rate, oxoxoxoxoxooxxo – Chelly

Announcing Omega Evolved!

Announcing Omega Evolved!

First, there was Omega, and then Omega Advanced and now, our 3rd Generation of Appliers, Omega Evolved!

Just like Omega Advanced brought Materials and Tinting, Omega Evolved Marks bring s new features to the Omega Applier System!

As some of you know, for Several Months Now I’ve been updating Omega Kits and refining the new dev kit so we can have these new features:

  • Asymmetrical Eye Appliers: You may have already noticed this one! Kits have been being updated to provide a popup whenever you apply an eye applier, allowing you to have 2 different eye textures!
  • Asymmetrical Arm Appliers:  This one I’m super excited about, I’ve added keywords to the system to allow skin, tattoo and clothing makers to create designs for a single arm, or different designs for both arms!
  • Stand Alone Materials: People have been asking for this FOREVER. Now you can create appliers that are JUST the spec and/or normal map!
  • Makeup Routing Update: This too you may have already noticed! Yall hated the Router. Don’t lie, you did! So I’ve been updating all the heads to use a popup when you click on a Makeup/HUD button!
  • Eyelash Appliers: I actually announced this a while ago so mesh makers can do their thing, and luckily enough, quite a few mesh makers have jumped on board/are in the process of jumping! So with the new dev kit IS the ability to make lash appliers!
  • Faster Applications: Ok..I know.. boring update.. but thanks to Signature we have found a much faster way of texturing big primmy meshes! So huzza!
  • A whole new dev kit with more flexibility than ever before! 
    • New Single Script for ALL appliers, standard appliers, materials, tinting, doesn’t matter.  Skins can be on the same hud as makeup or clothing, standard and materials appliers can be on the same hud with Stand-Alone Material appliers, it doesn’t care.
    • We’ve returned to Notecard configurations for easier large hud setups
    • Spam-Click Protection for Makeup Appliers: Click once to send a texture to where you designated, click the same button again to trigger the makeup popup we’ve added to heads!
    • You can now put multiple textures into one button. Send a dress to both top and pants. Send eyes and nails with your skin appliers!
    • Be a pro with our “Advanced Tricks”. Use multiple notecards (because organization?), set notecards to autodelete, try loud mode to make sure all your data is being saved or try our memory saving trick that lets you reuse notecard lines for multiple layers!
    • New Instructions here:
  • Updated Layer Converters: I’ve added extra buttons to the clothing converter for each arm! Turn existing tattoos into single arm tatts, or be creative with clothing colors!
  • RLV Integration: Those of you with the RLV kit know that it’s frankly clunky and inelegant. You have to wear someone’s product that uses it, plus the relay.. and ugg… I hate it. So I’ve started integrating the strip/dress api directly into the kits. No more relay needed and it’s letting me better tailor it’s behavior to individual meshes. (great right?). The caveat, that hopefully not too many of you hate me for is that It’s ONLY for clothing at this time. Given the disparate nature of the mesh head market, I’ve simply not found an elegant solution for makeups, and I’m not sure there’s a huge need. If a good idea comes to me for handling the makeup layers elegantly, I will start adding it in at a later date.

Phew, hope I remembered everything. Now, I need to emphasize, To make all of this possible, I’m having to update every single script in the system just like I did for Omega Advanced when I added Materials and Tinting! I’m going to be updating kits and add-ons through Christmas, maybe through Valentines. So if I’ve not updated your favorite mesh yet, I am sorry. I have a massive pile of scripts to update and MOST of them require some level of collaboration with the individual mesh makers even if it’s just “Hey! Swap this script out for me please?!”.  Even SUPER cooperative folks may need to do a lot of work on their end to get things done! (like the arms!) So hold on and be patient!


So how do I know if my mesh has the new features?

I realized most of the way through I would need to get some sort of spreadsheet going to track it all, which can be found here:
Worksheet Progress:

Do note, it is NOT complete. There’s a lot of incomplete data. So atm, the best way to tell is to grab an update just try it.

Also, now that the update has been announced, as I update meshes, I can start announcing when they’ve been updated and start getting information on their individual product pages!

When are you going to update ______? What order are you doing the updates?!

I don’t know and the best description for my method is “Lowest Hanging Fruit” combined with “Biggest Impact” combined with “”. The first folks who got updates were new meshes and folks who happened to needed new scripts because of their own updates. At this point, I’m just flailing wildly between getting kits done on the “best selling” list done and getting kits done in logical “batches” and hitting the random number generator when I can’t decide what to work on next!

I’m a Mesh Maker, why haven’t I heard from you yet?
Sorry about that! Again.. LOTS of you! I’m getting through you guys as fast as I can! You can read more about the update for mesh makers, as well as get the new logos here:

I’m a Designer, where do I get this Dev Kit?! How can I test it?! Is there new LOGOS?!

The Dev kit, just grab a redelivery, you’ll get the new one.  For testing, if you don’t have a Mesh that has the new features, I’ve erected mesh mannequins inworld for you to test appliers on!

The new logos are on the Dev Kit page!

Do I have to update all my applier products?! Are they going to stop working?

Nuuuuu. Everything from before will keep working, in same cases, like Makeup, it’ll work even better as buttons that used to require the routing hud now just bring up a popup!

Policy Change: Discount Group Changing to OO

Hiya Folks!

So for the last… oh.. 6months to a year our Support Group has EXPLODED in size. Despite regular cullings of inactive members, we’re sitting at around 40 Thousand members.

Now, for sure, this was our hope for the group. Building big brand groups is a staple of marketing in SL. You want huge numbers in your Store Group.  Unfortunately, this has the added consequence of frequent and terrible chat lag. It’s gotten worse and worse as the group gets bigger. SL just can’t seem to handle this many people in one group.  Because of this, trying to moderate the group has gotten unwieldy.  Responses to questions can take up to several minutes to go through, if at all.

So after speaking with my Moderators, it’s been decided to move the Group Discount to the Omega Obsessions Group. That group is free and has no chat, and I’m sure all our designers will enjoy seeing that group grow.  This should cut down on the Support Groups Growth and possibly shrink quite a bit as those disinterested in chat will move over to the Omega Obsessions Group.

Do note, if you’re thinking of switching, while I do send notices in OO as well, they tend to be flooded out. I would suggest making sure you’ve added yourself to our subscriber (located inworld in every section) or followed us on Facebook.  Or both. 🙂

-Chellynne Bailey

Omega Support Group: secondlife:///app/group/276e12ea-52c3-008f-d6c9-31fc8bd2ba73/about
Omega Obsessions:  secondlife:///app/group/14c8f9fd-94a5-86a4-ab02-796fc0d2eb0b/about

The Affiliate Vendor Kit + Tofan

Hey, Affiliate Merchants!

Here at Omega I am acutely aware of just how much Affiliate Vendors helped us get established as a brand. With over 1000 Affiliates, it’s no surprise that having all those vendors all over the grid REALLY helped Omega get its footing. Without you guys, I’m not sure Omega would be nearly as pervasive as it is today!

Now that we are established, I’d like to do something new with this awesome Affiliate Network we have created together.

The Omega Friends Affiliate Network, AKA TOFAN (ok, maybe I’ll change that name latter) is all about utilizing this awesome network of affiliates to help small brands get all the attention they deserve while offering awesome opportunities to our many affiliates by bringing them vendors with unique and useful items we think will sell given some exposure.  HUDs, Furniture, Clothes, Skins, anything can be featured, just as long as it’s awesome and unique.

That is why today you are all getting re-deliveries of your Affiliate Kits. Inside this first run, we feature Nutbusters awesome Furry Feet and Hooves, perfect for any shop catering to the Furry Demographic, and Chameleon’s awesome Gatcha Reselling System, perfect for any shop that deals heavily in Gatchas or anyone who runs a Gatcha Yard Sale! (Seriously.. I love these little gatcha Vendors… everything gets loaded to a searchable website.. and you can see the total value of what you’ve put out…it’s down right magical >.>)

Now, Depending on your business, these items may or may not fit well in your shop.  Feel Free to rez, or not rez whichever vendors you want to display.  If you don’t like these, still keep your eye out for future deliveries as we will add more products to the package.

For More Information about the Tofan Program, including how to have your products featured, visit us here:

Promoting your Applier Based Products

Promoting Your Appliers

Ok, you’ve started making Omega Appliers….now what?

You let us help pimp out your mesh of course!