New Releases!

OSK – Brutal Heart

BH is a talented Mesh Furry Artist who has thrown her hat into the ring with these cute mesh Paws! Comes with 2 clothing layers and omega Nail Support!

OSK – Louisbody

Check out this new Atypical Mesh Body from The Prop Shop! Designed for those who want something lankier then existing meshes!

OSK – Master Implant Kit

Do you have some modify boobies? Do you SELL boobies?
This kit will help you get those boobies set up for Omega!
Add Omega compatibility, including Materials, Stand-Alone Materials, RLV Support and more!
Comes with a Generic HUD with layer and alpha mode toggles! (Full perm in the creator kit!
4/27/2018 Update: The Master Implant Kit has been updated for the Evolved Update!

Add-On: Omega Eye Wardrobe

I finally got the Eye Wardrobe done and released!
*Store Hundreds of Omega Eye appliers in one easy to use HUD.
*Organize them into up to different sets you name yourself!
*Compatible with all Omega Appliers All for 299L inworld!

Add-On: Omega Nail Wardrobe

Info and Instructions for the Omega Nail Wardrobe! Store all your Nail Appliers in one hud!
9/14/2018 The price has been updated to be in line with the Eye Wardrobe. Down to 349LMP/299L Inworld!

OSK – Uluckie Mesh Bodies

9/12/2018 Uluckie Has been updated for Omega Evolved and is now available in the Omega Affiliate Kit! Visit their redelivery terminal (or any redelivery terminal) inworld to get your body or kit redelivered!

Omega System Affiliate Kit

9/12/2018 The Affiliate Kit has been updated! New Signage, New Single Vendors and another Round of TOFAN! This time around we have added Uluckie, Apricot Paws and NEW Catseye Vendors!

OSK – Eye & Lash Kit

With Bakes on Mesh coming, I foresee a wave of simple mesh heads coming to market as creation will be simplified. To this end, I’ve created a kit for those wanting to make a Bakes on Mesh Head, but still utilize Omega for the Eyes and Eyelashes. It’ll also take care of anyone who wants to do something unique, whether it be extra eye attachments or perhaps a monster or two?

OSK – LovelyBump Bento Pregnancy System

Nookems has released this LovelyBump Bento Pregnancy System! It includes Omega (Obviously), and features an actual baby that grows with your belly! It comes in 3 varieties (singles, twins, and triplets) and has a bunch of features I didn’t even know ladies wanted! x.x


SL has a serious issue with Ageplay that hurts the reputation of Child-Av Communities, NSFW Communities and the SL Communities as a whole, and creates uncomfortable and unsafe experiences for all of it’s users.

Join us in keeping underage avatars off NSFW sims and NSFW Avatars off SFW Sims with this FREE and FULL PERM tool!

5/27/2018 Much less interesting, our TOS for Omega Listener Scripts has been updated.
TL:DR Version of Changes.

  1. Broke it up a bit into (hopefully) easier to read bits and rearranged some.
  2. No, you may not have Omega in the name of your Mesh.
  3. Logos must be used in the manner intended and described in our documentation.
    (No using a Pre-installed Logo on a Plug-in mesh and no using an Applier Logo on a Mesh Product without appliers)
  4. Clarified when updates are required vs when they are optional.
  5. Expanded “The scripts may not be used in any product that violates Linden Labs TOS” to “The scripts may not be used in any product that violates Linden Labs TOS or any other applicable TOS.”
  6. Elaborated more on Data Protection rules




Notecard Templates

Hi Minions! This is my personal list of templates for responding to Customers. Feel free to use or suggest more.

Refund Requests:

Hi <customer>!

You’ve requested a refund for: <insert products>
You’ve requested a exchange of : <insert products>
for: <insert products>

Reason: Double Purchase via Glitch, Lag or Miss-click
Policy: Duplicate Purchases within 12 hours of one another are eligible for refund.
Action: Refund Issued for XXL

Reason: Double Purchase over 12 hours old.
Policy: We do not issue refunds for deliberate double purchases. Purchases made more then 12 hours are assumed to be done deliberately, not due to any glitch or miss-click, as such are not eligible for refund. When items fail to deliver, please visit us inworld and use the redelivery terminal instead of making additional purchases.
Action: No Refund Issued
Action: Despite policy, I’ve given you a refund as a one-time courtesy.
Action: Despite policy, I’ve given you store credit as a one-time courtesy.

Reason: Double Purchase over 30 days old
Policy: Double purchases over 30 days apart we assume are due to forgetfulness.
To discourage deliberate double purchasing, we do not issue refunds for these, but will issue store credit.
Action: Store Credit has been Issued in the amount of 99L
Action: Store Credit has been Issued in the amount of 50L
Action: Since you had a particular Kit already in mind, I’ve gone ahead and issued a delivery of that kit instead. Make sure you accept it. If you don’t get it, it can be acquired from any of the redelivery terminals inworld.

Reason: Purchase of Wrong Item
Policy: Due to SL limitations, we are unable to process returns so cannot issue a refund for purchases of incorrect items.
Action: Request Denyed
Action: Exception Made – Refund Issued for XXL.
It looks like this is your first time purchasing from us, so I’ve refunded this item as a curtsy this time. Please take care in the future. If you’re ever unsure what product to get, Omega Solutions Support can help. 🙂

Reason: Purchase for wrong Avi
Policy: Due to SL limitations, we are unable to process returns so cannot issue a refund for purchases sent to the wrong avi OR send the product to another avi unless that avi has already purchased the item, essentially creating a double purchase scenario.
Action: Request Denyed
Action: Since this IS a double purchase scenario, we’ve issued a refund for XXL.
Action: Since this IS a double purchase scenario, we’ve issued Delivery of Product made to __________
-Chellynne Bailey
Our Refund policy:
PS: Sorry for the cold template form, but it keeps me out of trouble! Have a great day, and thank you for using Omega!

Redelivery Requests:


You’ve requested a redelivery and I’ve sent it!
If you miss the redelivery, you can always visit us inworld and pick one up from the redelivery terminal here:

Have a Great Day!
-Chellynne Bailey


You’ve requested a redelivery, but my records show the System has already refunded your Ls.
In order to get the discount, please try your purchase again using the correct group.
(Currently Omega Obsessions: secondlife:///app/group/14c8f9fd-94a5-86a4-ab02-796fc0d2eb0b/about )

Have a Great Day!
-Chellynne Bailey

Cleaning out inactive Mesh Makers


It is a cleanup date! Weee.. Being organized.

I’m writing you because I’ve not heard from you in a prolonged amount of time. I assume this means you are no longer interested in and/or no longer need Omega for your project, so I’ll be removing your information from my files.

If this is correct, do nothing, but know I am here if you need us for future products. 🙂
If this is incorrect, please let me know your status and if you have any questions. 🙂

-Chellynne Bailey

Overdue Rentals

Hi <person>!

Your Rental @ Glamour Isle is Overdue, please come pay it ASAP.

Please Note: Rentals that reach a week overdue may be evicted.
Note, even if evicted, you are still obligated to pay the overdue rent.
If you intend to end your rental, please set your rental to “Will Not Renew”.

-Chellynne Bailey
Omega Solutions

Omega Solutions Mall Rules & Vacancies

Facebook Post 2018-10-27T02:07:12+0000

Yay updates! Our favorite thing!
The Mesh Implant kit has been updated to support Evolved, specifically Stand alone materials.
You can get an update inworld from the redelivery terminal:

If you’ve purchased breasts with it built in, let the creator know there’s an update available! (With a shiny new logo!)