New Releases!

Add-On: Omega Eye Wardrobe

I finally got the Eye Wardrobe done and released!
*Store Hundreds of Omega Eye appliers in one easy to use HUD.
*Organize them into up to different sets you name yourself!
*Compatible with all Omega Appliers All for 299L inworld!

Add-On: Omega Nail Wardrobe

Info and Instructions for the Omega Nail Wardrobe! Store all your Nail Appliers in one hud!
9/14/2018 The price has been updated to be in line with the Eye Wardrobe. Down to 349LMP/299L Inworld!

OSK – Uluckie Mesh Bodies

9/12/2018 Uluckie Has been updated for Omega Evolved and is now available in the Omega Affiliate Kit! Visit their redelivery terminal (or any redelivery terminal) inworld to get your body or kit redelivered!

Omega System Affiliate Kit

9/12/2018 The Affiliate Kit has been updated! New Signage, New Single Vendors and another Round of TOFAN! This time around we have added Uluckie, Apricot Paws and NEW Catseye Vendors!

OSK – Eye & Lash Kit

With Bakes on Mesh coming, I foresee a wave of simple mesh heads coming to market as creation will be simplified. To this end, I’ve created a kit for those wanting to make a Bakes on Mesh Head, but still utilize Omega for the Eyes and Eyelashes. It’ll also take care of anyone who wants to do something unique, whether it be extra eye attachments or perhaps a monster or two?

OSK – LovelyBump Bento Pregnancy System

Nookems has released this LovelyBump Bento Pregnancy System! It includes Omega (Obviously), and features an actual baby that grows with your belly! It comes in 3 varieties (singles, twins, and triplets) and has a bunch of features I didn’t even know ladies wanted! x.x


SL has a serious issue with Ageplay that hurts the reputation of Child-Av Communities, NSFW Communities and the SL Communities as a whole, and creates uncomfortable and unsafe experiences for all of it’s users.

Join us in keeping underage avatars off NSFW sims and NSFW Avatars off SFW Sims with this FREE and FULL PERM tool!

Bakes on Mesh Update

If you’ve not heard the news, Linden Labs is working on something called Bakes on Mesh. The long and the sort of it is that they want to let Mesh Users use System Layers on Mesh! Is this the end of appliers as we know it?! A new applier Utopia? Readddd meeee and finddd outttt!

OSK – A Ladies Secret

A Ladies Secret has released a Bento Lady Bits! Read all about it!

5/27/2018 Much less interesting, our TOS for Omega Listener Scripts has been updated.
TL:DR Version of Changes.

  1. Broke it up a bit into (hopefully) easier to read bits and rearranged some.
  2. No, you may not have Omega in the name of your Mesh.
  3. Logos must be used in the manner intended and described in our documentation.
    (No using a Pre-installed Logo on a Plug-in mesh and no using an Applier Logo on a Mesh Product without appliers)
  4. Clarified when updates are required vs when they are optional.
  5. Expanded “The scripts may not be used in any product that violates Linden Labs TOS” to “The scripts may not be used in any product that violates Linden Labs TOS or any other applicable TOS.”
  6. Elaborated more on Data Protection rules




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Just Eyes & Lashes Kit + Nookems LovelyBump Pregnancy Belly!

We have two sets of releases!
First is the Nookems LovelyBump Pregnancy System.
Fitted for Maitreya, it has an actual baby in there!

The Other is our Just Eyes Kit!
Designed for head, eye and lash creators looking to harness Bakes on Mesh for the head but that still want Omega Eyes and Lashes. (any attachment with eyes or lashes!)