Notecard Conversion Kits

Notecard Conversion Kits
We all know, in an ideal world, everyone would make Omega Appliers and you would never need to convert other appliers for your use, this however is not the case! Not Yet anyways! 😉
In the meantime, we do our best to provide you with options for turning your non-Omega Appliers into something you can use.  When it comes to Tango, Phat Azz and Banned appliers, you can do this with the Dev Kit. For other appliers though, you will need the appropriate NC converter. 
As always, for best results, use an Omega Applier, but if thats not an option, these may help you:

Basic NC Converter

This basic NC Converter Kit comes with everything you need to convert Phat Azz Skin and Clothing Appliers to Omega.
It also includes a 3 layer upper Omega Applier, useful for those times when you only get a top applier, but need a bra or tattoo one.
Cost: FREE!

Ghetto Booty NC Converter

Ghetto Booty Appliers come in two varieties, ones that use Phat Azz NCs and one that uses their own custom NoteCards.  The first variety can be converted with just the Basic NC Converter, the second requires this kit.

Please note: While Ghetto Booty Appliers have tinting abilities, this kit does not.  We will go back and update this kit with tinting after the materials update is complete, but for now it is texture only.

Cost: 50L

Sking Applier Converter

This kit lets you convert your Brazillia Appliers into Omega ones. Also note, while it does work for Da Face appliers… we’ve NOT done much testing to see how well the textures line up. Da Face appliers are SLUV, but do not seem to stick strictly to it.

Slink Applier Converter

This Kit let you convert your Slink Hands/Feet and Physique appliers for use with Omega. However, since it’s release, slink has released a update to their appliers that deletes the NC after reading it.  While not all designers use this new NC eating applier, we STRONGLY advise against buying slink appliers thinking this will work. But if you have old appliers you’d like to try, or if you find a freebee, why not see if it has it’s NC intact?
Kitties Lair Applier Converter
This Kit lets you convert your Kitties Lair Skin, Nipple and Clothing appliers. It should be noted it does NOT convert their nail appliers. Additionally, while Kitties lair skins all have complete upper and lower textures, the head textures are not needed for Kitties Lair bodies and may not be present.

For your convenience, we’ve bundled all our Converters into one bundle. Each time we add a new converter, this bundle is updated with the new converter and it’s price raised to reflect it. Once you have purchased the bundle however you can return and claim a re-delivery again and again to get the new NC converters free of charge.

Cost: 225L


1. How do these work?
All our current kits work by moving the NC from the applier you are converting into our Converter. They simply read the NC and act as an omega applier.

2. Are you hacking channels??
No, these simply read NCs.

3. Will/Can you make one for Wowmeh or <insert applier with no NC or config script>?
We can, but we won’t. Not unless the creator volunteers their channel information for this purpose.

4) Why aren’t these Trans?
Same reason anything else isn’t.  These are not meant for creators. These are meant for consumers.

5) Do I need an Omega Kit for these?
YES! You need a mesh that is already ready to use Omega Appliers to make any use of these NC Converters.

6) Can I Convert System Layer Clothing to Omega?
No. We have no means of converting clothing without appliers.

Salvaging Partial Textures

Salvaging Partial Textures


Have you ever bought a beautiful piece of mesh with appliers only to discover that the appliers suffer from the deadly outfit-killing disease Partial-Texture Syndrome?  

Look at this beautiful outfit from Maai!

Can it be saved?!

It’s sad and it sucks and makes us all cry. I have a bit of good news though…it  may be fixable…

That is..mostly true. What I’m about to show you only works in specific cases where you only need the boobie area of the outfit. Like the mesh corset above,  the applier is only needed on the breasts. This technique will ONLY work for partial appliers where the clothing does not extend past the chest area.
(Ie mesh that comes with appliers and pasties)
Any other restrictions…?

There is the additional requirement that the mesh you’re working with make use of Alpha Sectioning.

This is what will allow us to hide the faces we do not need. Without it, we are doomed to failure.

Additionally, the mesh needs to be MODIFY. Sorry no-mod mesh wearers. You’re still doomed!

Step One: Rez the Body on the Ground
It is a universal truth that things are easier to modify while on the ground.
Step Two: Make transparencys Visible.
Ctrl + Alt + T will make your body look like this:
Step  Three: Use the applier
I’ve already used the applier on my mesh body (seen on the right covering the arms and belly)
If you have not. Do it now.
Step Four: Hide layer
Use whatever HUD you normally use for getting dressed to hide the layer you are working on.
I personally use my Wowmeh Layer Swap HUD, but whatever HUD that came with your mesh should come with this function. Just make sure the hud is setting the transparency to 100%, not clearing the texture.  If the HUD will only clear the texture do the following:
  1. Re-apply the applier
  2. Right Click Edit the Mesh Body
  3. Select a face of the applier that is currently visible
  4. Set the Transparency of that layer to 100%
  5. Repeat for each visible section.
Step Five: Showing the right bits
Now that you’ve hidden the parts we DON’T want to see, time to show the parts we do.
  1. Right Click Edit the Mesh Body
  2. Select the breast area of the layer.
  3. Set the Transparency of that Face to 2%
  4. Set the Repeats to 2.0 and 2.0
  5. Set the Offsets to 0.5 and 0.5
  6. Repeat for each section of the breast.
Step Six: Rename and pick up your Body
You’re not gunna wanna do this again so rename your body something you’ll remember and pick it up.
Step Seven: Be FABULOUS

Setting Alpha Blending Modes

Setting Alpha Blending Modes

Has this ever happened to you?
You use an applier… a bikini.. something lacy… and for some reason, you get large blocks of black and grey…whats happening?
Chances are good, some how… some way..your mesh has been switched to Alpha Mode: None
See that drop down that says Alpha Mode? Change that to ALPHA BLENDING.
Isn’t that better?
Now, you’re not done I’m afraid, there is a problem with having your entire body set to Alpha Blending….
If your skin uses inproper .png textures, this can occur!
The easiest way to fix this is to simply reapply your skin using an Omega Applier. All Omega Applier Kits are designed to automatically remove Alpha Blending from the skin layer, putting you back to normal
If you do not have an Omega Applier for your skin, reapplying your propratory skin applier (in this case, kitties liar applier) will often do it as many of the mesh makers have picked up on the fact they can script in the skin fix, if that does not work however, you can select the skin layer manually and change the blending mode to none. Remember you may have to do this several times if the mesh has many links. Alternatively, using an omega skin applier, followed by your normal skin applier may make the task less daunting