New Skirt Appliers

New Skirt Appliers
It’s been awhile since we added an applier catagory, but today is one of those days!
We’ve now implemented Skirt appliers!
What does this mean?
  1. We’ve updated the dev kit! With version 2.9.2, designers now have the option of including a skirt texture in all outfit and bottom  appliers.  
  2. The Kitties Lair Omega Kit has been updated to listen and use these new textures.
  3. The Kitties Lair NC Converter has been updated to take advantage of appliers that have skirt textures.
  4. We’ve released the Omega Applier System Skirt Kit for bodys that don’t have skirt prims.


Why do this?
Several reasons:
  1. With materials and tinting appliers becoming more prevalent, we noticed it was a bit of an annoyance when included skirt prims did not automatically change with the rest of the body, worse, some where no mod, not letting you match your materials settings.
  2. We also noticed, not all bodys UV maps sit at the same height. Ie, a skirt may be too long for one body but too short for another. This is easily fixed with a modifyable skirt prim…alas, not everyone includes one.
  3. Some people are still using non-mesh skirt prims! Or no skirt prim at all for glitch pants.
  4. Honestly we’re just not sure why more meshes don’t have skirt prims built in….
    -was totally sure this was gunna be more of a thing…-


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