The Lexi Project

The Lexi Project

I’m really not sure what to say here other then someone in our Community needs help.
Lexi Zelin, owner of Angelred Couture is battling Stage 3 Hodgekin’s Lymphoma.
If you’ve never heard of Angelred, they  make full perm templates for Clothing Creators across SL.

Chances are good, even if you’ve never been to their store, something in your inventory has it’s beginnings in the mind of Lexi.

To help raise funds for Lexi’s Bills and Expenses, roughly 350 brands have come together for a unique shopping event. Clothing, Furnature, Jewelry, anything people wished to contribute is being sold. And everything at this event is 100% for Lexi. Every Single Linden goes to her.
We even got in on the act: 
Not everything is Omega… but we found quite a bit that is!
-Chellynne Bailey

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