5 Standard Sizes vs Fitted Mesh

5 Standard Sizes vs Fitted Mesh
Ok Ladies.. I don’t want to call anyone out individually… This.. is getting out of hand.
So let me explain something…
Being able to get your <insert brand here> into the mesh clothing you’re selling is NOT the same as that mesh being for that brand!
If the mesh you’re selling is “5 Standard Sizes”… 
When SHOULD you put a mesh’s logo on your product?
  • You’ve included the Proprietary Appliers for that particular brand.
  • The included mesh is FITTED Mesh specially designed to fit that FITTED Mesh Brand.
  • The included mesh is RIGGED Mesh specifically designed to fir that RIGGED Mesh Brand.
    (see how that works? Fitted needs fitted sizes, rigged needs rigged sizes)
When SHOULDN’T you put a mesh’s logo on your  product?
  • The included Mesh only has the 5-6 Standard Sizes.
  • You’ve tested and concluded that <insert mesh> will fit …if you play with the sliders…
Basically..If someone has to adjust their size to fit their mesh body into that mesh.. It is NOT for that brand and you should NEVER put their logo on it! It’s false advertising!
If you are doing this… STOP IT.
If you see someone doing it… don’t buy their things!
And as always..until this stops being a thing… always try demos…
and don’t support brands that do this.
-Chellynne Bailey
Omega Solutions


Apparently some of you have taken this to mean that this applies to mesh items that require you to use the bodies included alpha hud… it does NOT.

Alpha huds are part of the body, there is nothing wrong with making you use them so they can do a tighter fit. As long as the edges don’t clip the body regardless of shape, there’s nothing wrong with this. There is a big difference between a piece of fitted mesh that requires you use the meshes built in features and a piece of rigged mesh that only comes in standard sizes.

3 thoughts on “5 Standard Sizes vs Fitted Mesh

  1. I agree, I hate that I go and buy something, try on the demo and it says it is for X body and then it does not fit, clips the boobs, or thighs, it is like they think everyone should be toothpicks. When they do design the base mesh. I just wish they would work on the mesh better, rather than say Maitreya experimental, perhaps just say fit mesh. Either way. Please designers, stop false advertising. I used to spend a lot of money on clothes after mesh came in and I stopped designing Texture Base / Prim clothes. Please be true to your customers. The more true you are, the more successful you will be.

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