Standard Applier Kit v1.6 Update

Standard Applier Kit v1.6 Update

The Omega Advanced Standard Dev Kit v1.6 (Dev Kit 2.9.6) is finally here.
(I thought I’d never get it done!)
What is changed:
-Appliers will now announce EXACTLY where the texture is getting sent.
(Hopefully this’ll help clear up some confusion)

-Appliers will now tell you when new textures are loaded into the applier script.
(Should only happen when one of the scripts is reset)
-Skin Appliers now have an option “breast texture” slot. 
This was in reaction to some skin makers being concerned about sending full upper textures over the not-so-secure lolas channel.  Now, if they desire, they can put a partial texture in the breast slot that will go to implants and the Upper Texture will be transmitted on our secure channel instead.
If you don’t want the extra work, do not worry, just leave out the breast texture and the full upper texture will continue to be sent on the Lolas Channel.

-Stream-Lined Communications:
We streamed lined the inner workings of the applier a bit to speed up the whole process… hopefully….
-New Linden Prims
We were getting alot of customers who thought we were selling them things… which while we try and point them to you or help them when we can…..our messages are perma capped xD.
Not a great situation for anyone.
-New Adjustable Zones for re-texturing.
Ever wished you could tweak the button locations slightly? Move them a little higher or lower on the prim? We’ve added that functionality!   You’ll notice there are now numbers in the descriptions of the upper, lower, face and outfit appliers. These represent Y-Cords of the point between two layer buttons. and can be tweeked to fit your huds needs to.  Beware that there are limits however, leave too little space for a layer button and it’ll tell you so and stick with the default!
Hint 1: Reset after tweeking these numbers to get it to load them
Hint 2: 0 is the bottom of the hud, 255 is the top!
Hint 3: If you don’t wanna deal with this, leave the description as is or blank!
Hint 4: We’ve included a Coordfinder to help find the numbers you need.
Better instructions will be here…soon…:
Do bear with us, might take a couple days to go through all the instructions
and update them all to reflect these new capabilities!

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