Skin Applier Spam

Skin Applier Spam

Sooo a couple of you have reported making skin appliers that were spamming you when customers use them. Well It’s been driving me nutz, since it’s set up to Message the CLICKER, not the owner or creator.

But Charlie @ Soul Figured it out!

She had clicked the applier to test it…. and then removed it because it was done….and then got spammed by each person who’d opened up a copy of it.
So apparently, if you detach the applier mid-application, it’ll finish it’s chatter and application when the customer attaches it. Since I used InstantMessage() for the chatter… it means you’ll hear it ANYWHERE.
So I’ve altered the standard skin appliers slightly to avoid this, using RegionSayTo instead and inadvertently sped it up to boot! (we think at least… it sure seems faster!)
Do note, the spam’s still possible if you’re on the same sim as the person wearing the applier for the first time.. so when setting up your appliers,  make sure you let the appliers finish applying before detaching them!
-Chellynne Bailey

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