Omega Solutions Newsletter – July in Review

Omega Solutions Newsletter – June/July in Review

For Now on, our Monthly Newsletters are going to be Online. ^.^ (I’ll still send notices to Subscribers to remind yall!)

New Mesh/Kit Releases

Inahnah New Body – 7/26/2016
Been awhile since we had a new mesh body out, but here we go! This one comes with Omega Built right in!

Tiny Things – Manly Lady Bits – 7/21/2016
Tiny things has released a set of Omega Friendly Herm/Man/Lady Bits.
If is of course, NSFW, so I will not show it here, but feel free to click through and take a look!

LAQ Mesh Head – 7/11/2016
LAQ has released a Mesh Head! And it Comes with Omega Built in!

Catwa Mesh Heads – Ongoing
Catwa has more mesh heads! (Are we really surprised tho?)

Loud Mouth – 6/11/2016
You see we have an Omega Kit for Loud Mouth now?!

Whisper Nose – 6/7/2016
Soooo I had a feeling this would happen… it’s a mesh nose! 😀

Omega Neck Fix
We created and released a Neck/Neck Blender!
If your mesh is missing a Neck or a Neckblender, you should check this out:

Mesh Updates


Belleza Body Update – 7/31/2016
Belleza has updated their bodys and changed their Pricing Scheme!
Mesh Body Addicts has all the new details.
Omega System Kit Info:

La Bomba Update 7/16/2016
La Bomba has updated their Mesh Body Again!

Omega News

Mesh Maker Dev Kit
If you’ve not looked at it lately, the Mesh Maker Dev Kit has been updated to support Mesh Heads. The instructions/info pages have also been updated to reflect this. (And better list out all the other goodies it comes with now)

Update of our Scripting Policy:
While I don’t want to ever be the one to dictate what is high enough quality to get an Omega Script, I do need to make sure I’m using my time wisely. So, I’ll no longer be offering “Customer Paid” options for No-Clothing Bodys. Ie, bodys that are just a skin layer and no clothes. You can still get them Pre-Installed.

Omega Head UV Update
Minor Update to the UVs in the Drop Box and on the Mesh Maker Info Page, I’ve altered the Head UV map to clearly show the left and right side of the head. If you’ve made a mesh head or in the process, might wanna grab it and toss it on there… justttt to make sure you didn’t get turned around at some point. 🙂 It’s super easy to miss. 🙂

Website Updates

New Website
We’re still working on moving our bums to a new website. It’s still under construction, but much has been moved over and prettified, like this much easier to navigate Supported Meshes Page!:  It does however mean we’re still hunting down and stomping out broken links! If you find one, be a doll and leave a comment on the page! We’ll fix it ASAP! Thanks alot loves!

Quick FAQ for Head Creators
Making a Head? Making a Head Omega? We wrote a thing!

Protecting your Work
We added a page about protecting your Creations!

Creator List Changes and Additions
Incase you weren’t aware we have 2 Pages on this blog that List Omega Applier Creators.
Lists: Skin, Eye and Nail Designers,  Clothing, Tattoo and Makeup Designers
If you carry Omega Appliers you can get listed by filling out the form here:

New Categories:
I’ve added “Hairbases” and “NSFW” as categories on the form. If you have these sorts of items, please let us know by filling out the form again. ^.^

New Skin List Requirements.
In my constant quest for a better customer experience, I’ve decided that skin makers wishing to be added to the shopping lists on the blog will be required to have a Demo Skin available, both so my List Minion can verify it’s function and so customers can verify the fit with their mesh.  We won’t be removing non-compilers any time soon, but it will happen eventually and anyone wishing to be added will need to have that Demo Skin Available.

Lists: Skin, Eye and Nail Designers,  Clothing, Tattoo and Makeup Designers
Get Listed on a List:
Thanks for your understanding!

Non-Omega News and Releases

Roxy Capri Rainbow FatpackLove N Lust Release – Roxy Pants

The Rainbow Capri Collection has been bundled together into one fatpack for the reduced price of 279L.
I also made a new 3-Pack of Fades! Weeee

Roxy Split Faded CaprisMP: Roxy Capris Rainbow FatPack
MP: Roxy Capris Split Fades

Soul Wings Update

One of my Scripting Clients is Soul! I was happy to do the scripting for her Wings, and we just updated the suckers to flap!

 The Mistral System

We’ve partnered with Sheer Indulgence to bring you the Mistral System! The Mistral System is designed to let you Micro manage the lighting experience on your sim! Give your visitors the relay and let them oohh and ahhh as they move about your sim and the Windlight changes to fit the area!

Taxi: Glamour%20Isle/147/150/24
MP: Mistral System

Omega Sim News

Creator Corner Updates
We’ve expanded the Creators Corner! Now pick up your Casper, Smartbots and other Merchant Oriented Products here!
(you can still find the Omega Dev Kit, Full Perm Scripts, Omega Friendly Mannequins and other Goodies there as well!)

Omega Republic
The Omega Tent Events have been renamed, Omega Republic and is getting a bit of a renovation!

Available Rentals
Be the cool kid and have your shop right on the Omega Sim!
Check out our Available Rentals Here!
Or just come take a look!

Well that’s it for this month! 
Be good my lovelies!

(If you think I missed something, do let me know, I’ll get it into next months!)

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