Omega Solutions Newsletter – September/October in Review

Omega Solutions Newsletter:

September/October in Review

New Mesh/Kit Releases

Bad Seed 9/29/2016
We have a new release! ^.^ Bad Seed has started updating some of their Mesh Toddler Heads for Omega and they’re Adoorrrabbbleee. (Just make sure the one you get one that has the Omega logo!)

Catwa Mesh Heads – Ongoing
Catwa has more mesh heads! Including One for Bento! Also Mesh Eyes, complete with tears!

LightStar – 9/28/2016
We have our First Omega Friendly Bento Mesh Head!  LightStar has released their line of mesh heads, all of which are Bento Enabled. This does mean you need the bento viewer to view them correctly, but if you’ve been dying to know what a Bento head can do, here you go! 🙂

Mesh Head Studio
Yabusaka has updated their Mesh Studio, and rereleased it via Meli Meko. After many… many… many requests… I’ve made a kit for it. 🙂 Enjoy!

Signature Gianni Head!
Signature has released a Mesh Head designed to go with their Male Mesh Body!

Skin has released a new set of Lady Bits! Which I will not show you here, but go take a look!

Soul Lips
Soul Has 4 more Lips!

Got something a bit Niche! V-Tech made a Chest-plate for the Maitreya body, letting you turn it into a Femboy Body!

Mesh Updates

AK Creations
AK Creations has been updating heads with Bento! Lots of them!

Nyam Nyam
Cherry-Rouge has pushed the 1.4 update of their Mesh Lips:

Omega Neck Fix
I’ve updated the neck blender kit to include a skin picker HUD with 20 lovely tintable skin tones (Thanks PixyStix for providing the skins!) If you purchased the kit already, visit us inworld to get a redelivery:

Signature Gianni v3.1 11/01/2016
They added a few more cuts, the ability to change your nails and a few other fixes and improvements.

Omega News

Makeup Router Update:
I’ve received requests for a shrinkable Generic Routing HUD. Well here you go! Free on the MP! Shrinks down to a little button. I’ve left it mod, so if you want to shrink the button some more, go for it! I’ve also rolled the makeup test kit into the HUD to cut down on the number of objects.

Mesh Maker Dev Kit Update:
Mesh Maker Dev Kit has gotten a couple minor updates: Skirt appliers now work, and urls go to the new website instead of old! (Told ya they were minor!)

Website Updates

New Video Tutorials:
I had a spurt of “I CAN DO THIS!” and got two new tutorials done… one for Plug-ins and one for Niramyth!

New Website
We’re still working on moving our bums to a new website. It’s still under construction, but much has been moved over and prettified, like this much easier to navigate Supported Meshes Page!:  It does however mean we’re still hunting down and stomping out broken links! If you find one, be a doll and leave a comment on the page! We’ll fix it ASAP! Thanks alot loves!

Creator List Changes and Additions
Incase you weren’t aware we have 2 Pages on this blog that List Omega Applier Creators.
Lists: Skin, Eye and Nail Designers,  Clothing, Tattoo and Makeup Designers
If you carry Omega Appliers you can get listed by filling out the form here:

New Categories:
I’ve added “Hairbases” and “NSFW” as categories on the form. If you have these sorts of items, please let us know by filling out the form again. ^.^

Head Types Updated:
With the new Mesh Studio floating around now, I’ve updated the Head Type Page to include “Type Y” heads.

Full Perm Mesh Policy Update: 
I also Updated the Full Perm Policy to account for the Yabusaka Head Studio.

Non-Omega News and Releases

More Soul Tongues and Uni Ears30140851765_9d50f8eaa0_o30140850705_614d5f8f2f_o

One of my Scripting Clients is Soul! I was happy to do the scripting for these fun ears and tongue!

 Love N Lust News

The Slow March of Cleaning up our Market Place and inworld Clothing offerings Continues! You can now find our clothing inworld here:

Checkered Riot Fatpack: We tossed all our Checkered Riot Pants into one giant fat pack and then went back in and added some cool new fades!

Super Suits: Again we combined the Heroine and Villianess Packs into one fatpack and added a couple new colors to boot!

Omega Sim News

Available Rentals
Be the cool kid and have your shop right on the Omega Sim!
Check out our Available Rentals Here!
Or just come take a look!

Well that’s it for this month! 
Be good my lovelies!

(If you think I missed something, do let me know, I’ll get it into next months!)

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