Omega Solutions 2017

State of the Omega 2017

Once upon a time, I kept you guys updated about every little plan I had. I can’t really do that anymore… too many little things to be done, and too many things I’m not allowed to disclose. However I would like to give a brief “State of the Omega” and summary of what is to come!

First… How are we now? Well….Omega is doing great!

  • Mesh Adoptions: Last year we landed most of the remaining Major Mesh brands that had ignored us in the Past. Slink, Lelutka, Loud Mouth, Nyam Nyam along with practically every new SLUV mesh that was released in 2016. Frankly the Mesh Count has ballooned up so high I no longer have a definite figure to give you! x.x  There’s still a couple Mesh Designers not on board, but we love them anyways and eagerly await hearing from them at some point.
  • Pre-Installed Rates: More and More designers are opting for Pre-Installed Since I reduced the group discount! Huzza!
  • Neckblender: This past year we also introduced a standardized Neckblender that would work on heads and bodys, and have managed to convince almost every new Mesh Maker with a Neck bit to use it! There’s still a couple OLD meshes that could benefit from the neckblender that haven’t added it, and 1 head maker who hasn’t gotten around to updating to it, but for the most part we’re good on that front.
  • Cosmetic Appliers: The Explosion of new heads forced us to quickly come up with an applier solution a more usefull and specific then “Makeup” or “Tattoo”.  What came about was a 7 zone system with a 3 button applier hud. So far, it has worked wonderfully for the most part, although we’ve run into the problem of people not skinning the way the instructions indicate. As a result we’ve released layer converters and made updates to the routing hud to make it easier to deal with unlabeled appliers. We’ll also be working on some changes in the future to further reduce this customer burden. (see the to-do list bellow!)
  • New Storage System: There is now an Installer Storage System Built into the Routing HUD to store the installers you use! Moving forward we’ll be nudging as many Creators toward Plug-ins rather then Relays as possible to take advantage of this fact.

So whats Next?

  • Updating all the Old Heads: One of the First Priority this year is tackling the Unskinned Cosmetics issue.  I will be spending much of February, if not March going through every single kit that existed pre-cosmetics and updating them to take the new Cosmetic Applier Default Button Keywords. Once this is done, I will release a new cosmetic applier that is a single button.  It won’t fix appliers already made, but it’ll prevent additional issues.
  • Updating Some Type As to Type Ms:  I recently added another category of heads, heads with too many layers for our Type A designations to handle are now called Type M and are getting updates to work with the new Tab on the Routing HUD.  The new extended list of zones will allow more intuitive management of your head, with options for tattoo, eyeliner and even a “misc” option in case your mesh maker did something weird…
  • Neck Blenders for Men: I’ve been getting requests for a male version of the Neckblender kit. I intend to do that this year.
  • Individual RLV Kits:  Last year I released a generic RLV kit for Mesh Bodies. It works about as well as I expected.. but I think I can make it work more intuitively if I start tackling it on a Mesh by Mesh Basis.  I doubt I’ll get them ALL done this year, but I hope to have the most popular bodies done. In the meantime, the RLV kit still works, and designers, rest assured I plan on continuing to use the same keyword commands.
  • Dev Kit Updates: 
    • Create Appliers with a Notecard Line Item System, simular to how the nail appliers work.
    • Separate the Materials and Tinting Kits into their own (still free) products.
    • Introduce Dev Kit Add-ons (not free):  Auto-Apply Appliers, appliers with Displays, auto-match-materals scripts,etc.
  • More Videos for everything…: My lord I need to make more videos…. just like… all the things…
    • How to handle Alpha Glitches as a Mesh Maker
    • How to handle Alpha Glitches as a User
    • Info for Skin Makers
    • Info for Makeup Makers
    • Relay Tutorial
    • Router Tutorial

Anndd a whole bunch of other stuff I can’t list at the moment..  Maybe I’ll come back.. At any rate.. that’s the plan for this year. I have no idea if I’ll get it all done, but we’ll find out!

-Chellynne Bailey





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  1. Just wanted to say Thank You for all the work you’ve done. As long as I’ve been on SL seeing the collective joining of mesh and texture creator-base where you have been the bridging gap is so great. So just a simple thanks. You’re appreciated for all this elaborate information you have put into the atmosphere.

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