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Omega Solutions Newsletter:

Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb in Review

Yeah yeah.. I know… It’s been awhile..let’s play catch up!
Update: 3/2/2017 Opps, forgot a few meshes! -added them now-

Bento Head Releases

Cause I know it’s what you all want…
Not sure what bento is? Read “What you should know about Bento” !

6DOO made a lovely bento ladies head!

Altamura has two new Bento Heads, and one of them is male this time!

AK Creations – Jan 11
AK Creations has been updating their Bento Heads to v2.0. There’s now more layers, more save slots, and other HUD goodys.

Bad Seed
Bad Seed has updating their Bebe Head to Bento and it’s ADORABLE.

Catwa Mesh Heads – Ongoing
Catwa Catwa Catwa… does this woman ever take a break?! She has 4 Bento Heads, 1 male, 3 female and another female head due to come out soon!

GA.EG has two new Bento Heads, one male, one female, both gorgious as ussual!

Lelutka has released two Mesh Bento Heads, Simone and Chloe.

LightStar – 1/14/2017
Lightstar was the first to release a Bento Mesh head, and now they’ve updated their heads with better rigging. 🙂

Meli Imeko
Meli Imeko is a super prolific Full Perm Mesh Provider in SL and now she’s created a Bento Mesh Head and is selling it Full Perm.
Normally, we don’t do full perm meshes (most full perm mesh makers do not want it done), but with her permission we’ve made a kit for it!

Mesh Head Studio
Yabusaka has updated their Mesh Studio again, now it does Bento!

Raven Bell
Raven Bell has released a Anime Styled Bento Head for men!

Bento Hand Releases

We’re all super excited about the advent of Bento Mesh Hands.
If your body has not implemented Bento into your hands yet,
(Check with your mesh makers! Many have!)
there is two major Bento Hand Makers in the game atm.

Tuty has Bento Mesh Hands for Belleza(Slinkfit), Maitreya, Slink Ladies

Vista Mesh
Vista Mesh Hands for Belleza(Slinkfit), Maitreya, Slink Ladies, SL-Fem Body, Slink Mens and Giani Mens.

If you don’t have one of the listed bodys, still try a demo! Expecially the ladies! Most Mesh Bodys have wrists that are  slink-fit!

Other Mesh Releases & Updates

Aii Mesh Tail
Aii released a Bento Demon tail that uses Tango/Omega appliers!

This body has been out for awhile, but they’ve released some interesting new add ons that will take Omega Appliers and create a whole new look with them, turning them into skirts and dresses. They also have hooves which also take the Omega appliers, so thats neat!

MOR – Karoo Nails
Murder of Ravens (The folks who did that free Mesh Head for men!), has created mesh nails for the Krankhouse Kuroo Bento Body that are Omega Friendly!

We’ve updated the Niramyth Kit to have a script for that new body suit layer. ALSO Niramyth has added Bento to the heads!

Picture Me!
Picture Me has a new.. non-bento head. If you like big lips.. like.. really.. really big lips.. here ya go!

PsiCorp now has Mesh Bodys for Men, Ladies and the Androgynous!

Slink has had a Major Update to their HUD as well as some glitch fixes. If you have any of the Slink Bodys, Grab an update!

Yabusaka Petite 3
Yabusaka has created a new Petite Avi! This new tiny body features Bento Hands and Heads, more clothing layers then Petite 2 and Omega Built in!


Omega News

Makeup Router Update:
I’ve updated the Makeup Router to v.2.1! It now has expanded routing options, Installer  Storage and More!

Omega Add-Ons – Applier Converter
Ever get an applier HUD that didn’t include the layer you need?
Or found an applier that didn’t label their layers?
Or struggled to match your upper and lower materials appliers? This little hud is here to help!
This no-trans hud will listen to your appliers, store them and let you reapply using any layer you want!

Website Updates

Alaskametro LiveSteam:
Ok this one isn’t MY website update.. but Alaska did a lovely live stream walking you through the entire applier creation process, starting with texture creation! It was a great a Stream, I know I learned a few things.

Head Types Updated:
With all the new Heads floating around, more and more are taking a multilayered approach,
so I’ve updated the Head Type Page to include “Type M” heads.

Making Omega Makeup Page:
The page explaining how to create Makeup Appliers has gotten a facelift!
I do hope it’s easier to understand now.

Mesh Maker Info Page:

  • The Mesh Maker Info Page has been updated to be hopefully clearer and cleaner!
  • You can now actually find a link to the Pre-Installed Pricing. (Before you had to ask for it!).
  • There’s now a form for contacting me if sending me a IM/NC doesn’t do it for you.
  • I’ve added a few things to the requirement section, specifically rules for just how “heavy” a mesh can be.
    The new limits are VERY generous and just seek to weed out the absolutely unusable. As ussually, make sure you try demos, check out ACI and script counts before making a purchase.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, I’ve released a brand new UV guide for nipples. (Seen to the Right).
    I can’t make anyone use it, but if you’re in the process of making a mesh body, or have made one and haven’t had any luck getting people to make skins specifically for your body, why not use this one? Lets save skin makers some headaches!

State of the Omega:
I put out my plan for the following year! So far… well I wish I had more of the heads updated.. but we’re trucking along!

Creator Kit Update:

If you use our full perm creator kits, we’ve combined the Shoe and Clothing Kits into one product. So grab an update. Hopefully this’ll lesson the confusion about which kit to get! 🙂

Omega Sim News

Sandbox Move: The Sandbox has moved! You can now find it near the center of the sim, between the mainstore and Love N Lust.

Love N Lust Move: You can now find our clothing two spots over, right here:
(Cause I KNOW you all love my rainbow creations from 3 years ago!)

Kids Area: The Kids area has been revamped, it’s now.. well… Kids themed!
I’ve also added some small rental cubbys for selling Omega Friendly Kid Oriented products!

Available Rentals
Be the cool kid and have your shop right on the Omega Sim!
Check out our Available Rentals Here!

We’re rearranged the backend sim, and have 3 large plots open!
1100prims/1600L wk
1100prims/ 1600L wk
1300prims/ 1600L wk

We also have a variety of spot sizes ranging from 100L/week -> 600L a week.
Just come take a look!

Well that’s it for this month! 
Be good my lovelies!

(If you think I missed something, do let me know, I’ll get it into next months!)

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