Head UV Fun for Mesh Makers!

Head UV Fun for Mesh Makers!

Hey Mesh Makers! I’m getting more and more mesh heads thrown at me lately, which is awesome. But I’ve been seeing a couple of the same problems cropping up repeatedly. If this was you. Do not feel bad! The SLUV map isn’t always clear.

Last time I updated this thing, was just to make it clear which side was which. (As seen bellow!)  This time, let us look at the Eyes. Eyes are most commonly fudged part of the UV, but they really don’t have to be.

Do you see that Red Ring in the center of the eyes? That red ring represents your water line. The wet bit between your eyes and your lashes.

This gives us a clear and distinct line where the edges of your lids should be. Specifically, the outer edge of that red area! If you can get it lined up that way, SLUV makeups and skins will sit on your mesh much more naturally. 🙂


Please note, this advice is directed at those still in development, or those who are are having trouble getting Skin Makers on board. 
If you’re an established Mesh Maker with skins already available, carefully weigh the Pro’s of SLUV friendliness 
vs the Wrath of Scorned Skin Makers and Customers of those skins!

2 thoughts on “Head UV Fun for Mesh Makers!

  1. Hello
    I have a tan skin with omega applier and i buy the omega installer for lelutka ,but when i try to apply my lelutka mesh head is not tan but pink . can you give me a solution?
    Thank you very much .

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