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DEBUNKING Bakes on Mesh!

Dun dun DUNNNN….! Ok, not really debunking! Frankly bakes on mesh is going to be great. I’m a HUGE fan. You’ll finally be able to wear as many tattoos, moles, makeup and other body mods as you want! Skin makers will be able to give you tattoos that let you mix and match your facial features! Calorie Free Bacon will rain from the sky! Ok, not that last one.. but still some great stuff! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=345&v=co8TYa8RHcs has a good video explaining the virtues. But there are some misunderstandings running around we need to discuss.

First, Onion Layers are not going away yet.

Why? Because the new system doesn’t support Materials. Simple as that.

Materials don’t see a TON of use with clothing/makeup/etc, it does however almost universally get used by high-end mesh bodies to add detail to their look. It’d be rather silly to see skin materials on a t-shirt, so any Mesh Body that wants to get rid of their Onion Layers will need to abandon Materials at the same time, drastically reducing the appearance of their body.  I don’t think that’s a trade-off any serious creator will want to make, or that customers will want them to make.

What this WON’T be an issue for is tattoos and some makeup. It makes perfect sense for the shimmer of skin to not be blocked by a tattoo.  Actually, this will be quite an improvement as before matte tattoos on top of shimmery skin could create a rather odd look. Now it’ll all be baked in UNDER the shimmer!  Still, at least 1-2 layers will have to stick around if Mesh Makers want to maintain their Meshes current gloriously shimmery appearance.

Alpha Sections Can’t go yet either.

As much as I’d love to see Alpha HUDs die. (Srsly, I’ve always hated them. ), as long as there are Onion Layers, we’ll still need the annoying things since alphas won’t be applied to them!

You’ll still need to make/accept Appliers.

Trust me, I’d love to move onto other projects. I’ve been making and remaking the same script for years now, but we’ll still need appliers for a variety of things:

  • Nails
  • Neckblenders
  • Lashes
  • Materials
  • Asymmetrical Clothing/Skins
  • Anything you don’t want to look completely painted on.
  • Items like Ears, Stand-Alone Hands/Feet, Lips and Implants.

Even if you’re not involved with any of the above things, you’ll still need to make the appliers because someone might be trying to use your product with a product that is.

So what is the point!?
Even with its limitations, Bakes on Mesh promises some awesome perks.

  • Skin makers will be able to offer more options by including tattoos with their skins. Mix eyes, lips and nose options! Add Tummy Options!
  • You will no longer be limited to a single tattoo per zone! Put 30 on there if you want!
  • Alpha Glitching should go WAYYYYY down. With the major offenders (Tattoos/makeup), baked into the skin, we should see far fewer alpha headaches.
  • There will be less lag as most users will have fewer textures to download.
  • Edit: Apparently there’s also plans to eventually be able to use this with Animesh/rezed items. Which will be absolutely awesome. >.>
  • There will be a lower bar for Entry for aspiring Mesh Makers.

That Last one actually has me super excited. Meshes don’t need to start out full featured.  This’ll allow creators to dip their toes into Mesh Making without having to come get a script from me.  It won’t work great with Materials, but it’ll work until you’re ready to make the leap to a more featured product with layers and alphas and such.


As I said before, Baked on Mesh is going to be awesome. Just don’t expect it to completely replace everything that has gone before.

  • If you’re an Applier Creator, keep making those appliers, but start also including System Layers. I’m going to keep poking them for API solutions that will let appliers be inserted into the baked stack, but for now, assume that’s not going to happen.
  • If you’re a mesh maker, just add a “Bake Skin” button to your hud.  Have it set the skin to Alpha_Mode_Masking and texture it with the BAKED IDs and you’re done.  If you need the UUIDs, PM me. I’ll get you set up.
  • If you’re a customer, I don’t have much advice for you atm. Getting Bakes Released + Getting all the Skin Makers updated could take months, or it could take years. Just keep your ears and eyes open.


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9 thoughts on “About Bakes on Mesh

  1. i feel that bakes on mesh is going back instead of forward i mean what about all the money we have spent on getting appliers? and all the creators that are used to making appliers and now they have to redo everything.
    I dont like it

  2. Can we please talk the creators into not baking black rings around the eyes? Let us chose if we want to put on black eyeliner instead of having it baked on so that black is the only color that can be used!

  3. Baked mesh….idk this seems the more advanced we become in sl, the more we move backwards…2005-2009 we had system bodies with baked texture clothing…now we have mesh with texture clothing, which now will include baked textures….am I the only one who seems to be going Backwards in sl?!

  4. This is utter crap to me. They should better add some regulations to mesh creators to create better performing meshes to improve performance rather than this waste of time.

    And invest their time in FIXING the Alpha Glitching, like some cheap workarounds with bad results.

    Baking was trash back in 2012/2013 when they added server-sided baking (before that baking happened on the client), because it essentially resulted in crappy resolution textures. iirc the baked trash was limited to washed down 512×512 textures.

    My opinion on it: Throw that away, fix alpha glitching by FIXING the engine. Then add new guidelines for every mesh creator and make them APPLY before they can sell mesh products and if their mash is done horribly wrong, reject it. Like Apples does with it’s Apple Store.

    This is what will fix most of SL’s performance issues. Not some stupid Baking.
    SL issues comes down due to some newb mesh creators creating clothes with like 50-200k complexity, which is up to 5 times as much as the whole Maitreya + Catwa head together.

    That’s the real reason which causes SL run on a 3000$ rig like a modern game on a 8 year olds computer. The couple of textures are no issues, since they are only rendered based on their volume (number of pixels on the screen). Object far away don’t cause performance issues because only a couple of pixels need to be calculated. And for these, the Viewer (every modern game does) already uses the lower resolution versions of the texture.

    The real performance issues are just the meshes, badly created by many of the newbish SL creators which don’t use proper LODs s you get overly high/complex meshes which render in full detail even when far away.

    • The return of the system alpha is a huge plus, it’s a far better solution than using the 8-faces-per-mesh alpha system that’s currently being used today. I’d rather not pop into a region with some assembly required, as having my body in one piece as quickly as possible is a good thing. I’d also rather not play a game of “Operation” every time I make parts of my body transparent from the HUD.

      Designers and users are going to make decisions on what parts of BOM are easier and appealing, and what parts of the current system still have value. Even without BOM, I would have preferred to have mesh layers separate so I could wear clothing or tattoo layers when I needed them, and not wear them when I didn’t, instead of all those layers being attached at all times. BOM gives users some options in how light or how heavy they want to travel, and if they want to be seen as a floating brain surrounded by skin shaped shrapnel for 5 to 10 minutes while the parts of their body are popping into place.

  5. I’m still on the fence about BOM. However, one thing that may speed things up in SL is to remove the dead sims and instead of creating a UUID for each texture (that includes items included in designer packages like ads), just distribute the same file. It will cut down on so much AND protect creators.

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