Birthday Present from Chelly

Birthday Present from Chelly!

It’za my birthday! Tomorrow I turn… well.. that’s not important! What IS important is the Freebee I just put in my clothing shop!
(That’s right! I have a clothing shop! >.>;)

I decided to take a break from the scripting and try and make something perdy!

Regularly priced 99L, come visit me here:
before the end of my birthday to get it FREE with any of your Omega groups!

That’s right, I put 3 different discounted vendors out!
If you’re in Omega Support, have your tag active and use the left vendor!
If you’re in Omega News, have your tag active and use the middle vendor!
If you’re in Omega Obsessions, have your tag active and use the right vendor!

Not in ANY of these three groups? Why not? D:
Well.. it’s only 99L or a group slot! Your choice!

But be quick about it though, May 2nd the discounts end. Unless I forget. I do that.

Hugs, Love and Cake
~ Chellynne Bailey


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