Weee More Eyes + Another Gifty

More Eyes + Another Gifty from Chelly!

As an experiment in workflow management,  I decided to do the rest of the colors I wanted to do with this Template all in one big batch!
So I got Red, Blue and Silver Done

And then, of course, tomorrow is a holiday, so of course, I needed a themed freebie..

I’m wasn’t sure something for Memorial Day should be this cheery, but the alternative seemed tacky too.
So if you think it fits, it’s a Memorial Day Freebee, if it doesn’t, then it’s a WOOO Starrrssss one.

And then, of course, I remembered I still need to do brown… but I’d already boxed the above..
Sooo that’ll be another day! (Maybe Fathers day!)


Regularly priced 99L, come visit me here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Omega%20Solutions/122/21/23
before the end of 5/28 to get it FREE with any of your Omega groups!

Just like last time, I put 3 different discounted vendors out!
If you’re in Omega Support, have your tag active and use the bottom left vendor!
If you’re in Omega News, have your tag active and use the bottom middle vendor!
If you’re in Omega Obsessions, have your tag active and use the bottom right vendor!

Not in ANY of these three groups? Why not? D:
Well.. it’s only 99L or a group slot! Your choice!

But be quick about it though, May 27th the discounts end. Unless I forget. I do that.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out all the other colors available, it’s starting to really flesh out!
(I got all the ones I forgot to list last time up now!)
Inworld or On the MP


Hugs and Wub
~ Chellynne Bailey

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