Now with Discord!

Omega Now has a DISCORD:

Lets face it, Group Chat is uggggg. No matter what we’ve done, the lag will not go away.
And if no one happens to be around to answer your question, you might as well be talking into the void!

Notices too are a pain to look through. We can’t delete errors and there’s no organization. Flickr too is an organizational nightmare. Do we make 1000 groups with different topics, or 1 group with ALL the things? How is anyone supposed to FIND anything?

So I’ve been snooping around for alternative ways to both provide support and allow advertising/shopping. Perhaps a forum! But does SL really need another forum?

Annddd then it was suggested to me: Discord.

I was a bit.. skeptical, I didn’t really know much about it, but the more I toyed with it, the more I realized what we could do with it.

  1. Persistent Chat Channels. No one around when you ask a question?  They’ll see it when they are around!
  2. Easily organized channels that are SUPER flexible. I’ve already set up a bunch of channels, but can easily set up more as they are needed! 
    1. Support is it’s own dedicated channel. No getting smothered by off-topic info
    2. Chatter is now it’s own dedicated channel. Make friends! Talk about the weather, just be nice!
    3. News, it’s like notices! But I can delete boo boo and they DON’T. GO. AWAY in 2 weeks.
    4. Advertisers aren’t just getting 1 new channel, they have a whole section of channels.
      1. A Channel for Bloggers.  I’ve never been able to give bloggers much leeway in any of our advertising opportunities since there is just sooo many of them. But now, have at it folks!
      2. A Channel JUST for Mesh Bodies and Parts
      3. A Channel JUST for Omega Appliers
      4. A Channel for ANY Applier. Thats right, even if it’s not Omega, advert it here!
      5. A Channel for ANY Mesh. Mesh Dresses, Mesh Jewelry, Mesh Hair, Any Fashion mesh, GO FOR ET.
      6. A Channel for Childrens Products
      7. A Channel for NSFW Products! (For any product that WOULD be allowed in the other advert channels.. if it wasn’t NSFW)
      8. A Channel for Events! Do you run a shopping event people should know about? Post it!
    5. We ALL get discussion Channels! Have a relevant topic you’d like to discuss? We can easily add that as a channel.
  4. Voice Chat: Need to give/get help and want to do so in voice? Discord is primarily a voice service, so it’s super easy to grab someone and start a voice chat. Just make sure you ask first. 😉
  5. NO need to use a group slot or apply for permission before posting. Just follow the rules of the channel!


Is Group Chat going away?
No, it’s not going anywhere. But if you want a chat that doesn’t lag till next Tues, this is the place!

Is Omega Obsessions/Flickr going away?

Can you add a channel for <Insert Idea>
Maybe! Ask!

I didn’t get an answer to my question right away! <angry noises>
Discord is a bit of a cross between a forum and a chat room. Sometimes there may be people ready to chat right away. Sometimes you’ll have to wait, like when you post a question on a forum.  Just post as much info as you can about your issue and make sure you include your inworld name in case someone wants to ask you more questions about the issue.

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