Holiday Eyes Release!

A Late Holiday Release

This year I had the forethought to start on some Christmas Eyes back before Halloween. Come Halloween Day, I had textures ready and product images done! I just needed to pack them into appliers, box the appliers and I could have them ready for Black Friday! Right? RIGHT?!

Oh well. Better late then never…

And it’s not an Omega Eye Release without a quick freebie right? Needs to be something Festive.. and silly and fun..

Tado! Christmas Trees in the Eyes!


Regularly priced 99L, come visit me here:
before the end of 12/24 to get it FREE with any of your Omega groups!

Just like last time, I put 3 different discounted vendors out!
If you’re in Omega Support, have your tag active and use the bottom left vendor!
If you’re in Omega News, have your tag active and use the bottom middle vendor!
If you’re in Omega Obsessions, have your tag active and use the bottom right vendor!

Not in ANY of these three groups? Why not? D:
Well.. it’s only 99L or a group slot! Your choice!

But be quick about it though, Dec 24th the discounts end. Unless I forget. I do that… and I do have a party to attend…

Oh, and don’t forget to check out all the other colors available, it’s starting to really flesh out!
(I got all the ones I forgot to list last time up now!)
Inworld or On the MP


Hugs and Wub
~ Chellynne Bailey

3 thoughts on “Holiday Eyes Release!

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