Holiday Eyes Release!

A Late Holiday Release

This year I had the forethought to start on some Christmas Eyes back before Halloween. Come Halloween Day, I had textures ready and product images done! I just needed to pack them into appliers, box the appliers and I could have them ready for Black Friday! Right? RIGHT?!

Oh well. Better late then never…

And it’s not an Omega Eye Release without a quick freebie right? Needs to be something Festive.. and silly and fun..

Tado! Christmas Trees in the Eyes!


Regularly priced 99L, come visit me here:
before the end of 12/24 to get it FREE with any of your Omega groups!

Just like last time, I put 3 different discounted vendors out!
If you’re in Omega Support, have your tag active and use the bottom left vendor!
If you’re in Omega News, have your tag active and use the bottom middle vendor!
If you’re in Omega Obsessions, have your tag active and use the bottom right vendor!

Not in ANY of these three groups? Why not? D:
Well.. it’s only 99L or a group slot! Your choice!

But be quick about it though, Dec 24th the discounts end. Unless I forget. I do that… and I do have a party to attend…

Oh, and don’t forget to check out all the other colors available, it’s starting to really flesh out!
(I got all the ones I forgot to list last time up now!)
Inworld or On the MP


Hugs and Wub
~ Chellynne Bailey

New Nipple UV Recommendations

New Nipple Recommendations

With Bakes on mesh coming I’ve been looking long and hard at our UVs, knowing that soon mesh makers will not be able to hide their flaws with proprietary appliers any longer and I will not be able to make the worst offenders fix their Meshes before they hit the market. The Era of Bitchy Chelly telling you to “fix it or no Omega” will soon be over.

To that end, I’ve been tweaking our UV maps in the hopefully not vain hope that it helps fledgling mesh makers with their UVs now that they aren’t beholden to pass before my evil eye! We’re likely to see a TON of new meshes hit the market when BoM hits as it will soon be way easier to churn these things out. So I’m looking for anything I can do to make the chaos a little less Chaotic.

Already I’ve added additional guidance to the Head UVs, marking waterlines, nose lines, and horz markers to make it obvious when the eyes of your UV has become twisted.  Older Meshes can still be a bit wonky as I had no idea what I was doing at the time, and not too many change their UV YEARS after they released it, but newer meshes have all had much better maps. (Kudos to those who have fixed their UVs years after! I APPRECIATE YOU)

The Upper Body UV was tweaked awhile back to add Nipple locations for women AND men. A change that is having a similar effect as I thump new mesh makers over the head with my UV maps. Older Skins and Meshes still have Male Nipples all over the place, but some have fixed them much to my delight. (Again, THANK YOU!)

Lash UVs have been established and are slowly proliferating as the old head makers one by one take them up and most of the new guys jump right on board!

Now the only thing left (hopefully!) is the Nipple UV.

For a long time, it’s been a vague. “Use the Tango Map”. Ie:

But the truth is, Lola has several different maps. And every breast/implant out there has their own slightly modified map. All use the general “circle in the middle of the texture”. So, as long as the breasts are mod, it’s never been an issue. You just tweak the texture alignment and it fits! But Mesh Bodies don’t like being Mod. (Despite my assurances that it’s safer for them!)

There’s also the vague threat of UV based DMCAs. (I’ve had at least one creator tell me they don’t dare use Tangos map for that reason. )

So we really need a Nipple UV we can all use. So, after looking at all the various Nipple UVs I’m aware of, I have created this:

This is now my recommendation for all Mesh Makers, new and old.


  1. It uses more of the texture than the typical nipple UV, going as close to the edge of the texture as is safe.
  2. Everyone has my explicit permission to use. So no Copyright issues.
  3. It clearly indicates where the faded portion of the texture should be, a feature lacking in all other UVs I saw. (The outer ring with the gradient)
  4. It clearly indicates where the raised part of the nipple should be textured. (The Center Ring labeled Nipple Point)
  5. It’s perfectly centered, making texturing and UVing easier.


My Mesh is already Omega, do I HAVE to change my nipple UV?
No, although I encourage it. You would be helping the community.
As usual, Only NEW meshes are subjected to UV checks and will be required to adhere to new standards for support.

Won’t this conflict with existing textures?
Unfortunately yes. But Existing Textures already conflict all the time. Breast UV maps are all over the place. That is why I always recommend leaving meshes modify OR with some option for Repeat/Offset tweaking. Hopefully, over time, Nipple UVs can start to converge the way other UVs have once Standards are introduced.

So I hope this helps. If anyone has any questions/concerns/comments please drop me a notecard. 🙂
-Chellynne Bailey


The Plan this Month

Plans for the Future

Well.. this has been an interesting week in an interesting month in an interesting year!

As many of you are now aware, Bakes on Mesh is coming.  This has elicited a variety of emotions in the community, from impatient joy “GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE” to Anger “WHAT ABOUT THE MATERIALS?! ARE YOU DUMB?! THIS WILL RUIN ALL THE THINGS”.  I’m being asked daily about my plans and what I think of it.

I, being in the position I am, have run a bit of a gambit. I’m super hopeful for what this means for SL. Rendering Costs and Alpha Glitches will go down dramatically, creation processes streamlined.  There are some things that I’m still poking LL about.  I go to those Creator Meetings every dang week for a reason. (Like.. srsly LL.. give us API..and materials pretty please?!).

But I’m not stupid, I know this is going to cut my market share dramatically. My tactic of drastically undercharging to ensure total market saturation just isn’t going to work when BoM is free.  Omega is going to end up being a frill for many meshes, a way to make clothing and makeup look better rather than a pre-requisite just to put it on.  This means some things are gonna have to be adjusted.


My pricing model has to change. Most meshes I make almost nothing on. It’s charity work because I’m operating as the only available common carrier and I do NOT want to be a hurdle for creators just to get to market. I wub you guys and I want you to make ALL THE THINGS.

I could regale you with the various spreadsheets and calcs I ran to try and figure out what would work.. but ultimately.. it came down to “throw something at the wall and see if it works!”

So, starting 7/15/2018, pricing for Kits on the Marketplace will be changed to this:

Body Kits: 199L
Head Kits: 149L
Hand/Misc Kits: 99L
Retired Kits (like wowmeh & signature): 99L

License Fees for Pre-Installed will remain the same, as will in world prices. (That’s right! The Lazy tax is back!)
Pre-Installed because it’s guaranteed sales and by far still the best thing the for customer.
Inworld, simply to give yall a vote. If you absolutely hate the new pricing and think I’m being a greedy c#$@, get your kits inworld.  (I won’t be offended.. ok.. maybe a bit.. but I’ll wub you anyways!)
I’m hoping I won’t have to raise inworld prices too, but that will ultimately end up increasing will depend heavily on what happens when BoM hits.

New Head & Eye Kits sometime this month

In addition to pricing changes, I also need to brace for the impact of a 1000 new head makers charging toward the gates wanting scripts…
So this month, likely in the next week or so, I will be releasing 2 new kits.  One will be a Generic Eyes and Lashes Kit and the other a Generic Head, Eyes and Lashes Kit.

Both will operate similarly to the current full perm kits, with Trans and No-Trans versions for creators and customers to pick up.
This time, however, I’ve got a new trick up my sleeve that will let me remotely convert any creators meshes to Pre-Installed just by adding their keys to a table.

The Price to do this will be inexpensive but only available to trusted creators.

There will be Stricker Scripting Requirements

The era of “Check all these boxes and you get in” is going to have to end once BoM hits.
The whole reason Omega is so time-consuming is that I script ALL THE THINGS. As long as you fulfill some very basic requirements, ie no stolen meshes, no IP infringement, you’re not making a griefing tool, etc, I make you a kit.
I do this because I am the only real option and it’s not fair to exclude someone from the market because of my laziness. Once BoM hits though.. I’m going to be a frill.. not a hard entry requirement.
As such, once BoM starts, I will no longer be making scripts for any mesh that comes through unless I think it’s worth the man-hours.  It’s just going to have to be that way as Omega will inevitably, even with price increases, need to become a part of my work instead of my entire Portfolio. By all means, don’t be afraid to come to ask for scripting, but please don’t be offended if I ask you to either pay or work on your mesh some more before we work together. 🙂

In Summary, I love you guy. I love the time I’ve had building this system. I’m going to love the time I spend taking care of Omega as it (hopefully) ages gracefully into semi-retirement. The days of just rabidly flinging Omega Kits at yall knowing at least a couple will be popular enough to pay for the rest are over, but will some luck, I plan on making sure I can take care of this baby of mine for as long as you need her, whether that’s a month, a year or another decade of SL.

-Chellynne Bailey