Autoresponse Message!

Current Answers:  (updated 3/10/2020)

 If you’re a current, past or potential Omega Friendly Mesh Maker who needs something or has a question, send her a notecard. 

Everyone else, please try: 

  • Explore our knowledge base: 
  • Check with Omega Support Chat: secondlife:///app/group/276e12ea-52c3-008f-d6c9-31fc8bd2ba73/about
  • Contacting my CSR Freya:  secondlife:///app/agent/3c51cf8f-811e-4116-ba95-5aef791f2a4d/about

I just need the Chelly!
If you absolutely must contact me instead of a CSR, please remember that once I respond to you, I’m expected to keep responding to you until some sort of resolution. That means whatever I’m working on is suddenly on hold and I am losing work time.

To minimize this, I ask the following:

  • Do not send me “Hello”, “are you there?” or “Help me!”.  Instead, state your entire problem/question/etc right up front.
    • Do not send friend requests. These are just non-verbal “hello?!”s in disguise.
    • Do not send me Teleports, I’m likely set up to work somewhere and don’t want to move.
    • Do not request Teleports. I’m likely set up to work on something that’s not been announced to the public!
  • Include all relevant details you can think of in that first message.
    • What body are you using?
    • What kit are you using?
    • Is this your first time using this product?
    • What is happening?
    • If relevant, include a link to a screenshot! (Links, please! Do NOT make me hunt for a texture in my inventory to see whats going on!)
  • If you send me something, tell me what you sent me. I have auto accept on, and will not notice otherwise.
    (Also helps if you tell me if it’s an object, folder, etc, so I know where to look!)
  • If you’re looking for help, be READY to ACT on that help.
    • Be somewhere you can rez and use scripts.
    • Do not send me a message and then AFK immediately.
    • Do not send me a message and then go to your SL job
    • Do not send me a message while under RLV restrictions.
  • If you’re looking for help, please follow directions!
    • If I ask you to do something, do it. Don’t tell me you’re going to do it. Just do it, and then let me know it’s been done.
    • If I ask you a question, answer it right away. Often I will need you to answer several questions in a row to get at the problem.  Please answer these questions quickly. You may want to tell me other things too, absolutely, do that, they may be relevant. But give me my answer first and THEN start giving me the additional information.
  • Lastly, If I don’t respond, I may be AFK, or too overwhelmed with other things. If this list isn’t a clue, I AM Aspie, so I may not be able to handle you at that moment.  Just send me your issue by notecard and myself or my CSR will get back to you.

At any rate, oxoxoxoxoxooxxo – Chelly