Omega Solutions Newsletter: March/April

Omega Solutions Newsletter:

March/April in Review

Huzza! Only Two Months in between this time!

Omega News

Neck Blenders for Men
First.. because there has been many.. many requests…I FINALLY got the Neck kit updated for men! It now includes 1 neck size and 3 neck blender options for menfolk.

Head Updates: In an attempt for a more intuitive design, I’m experimenting with a new method of Makeup Application. I’ve started updating select heads and kits to react to the “HUD” and “ALL” buttons by bringing up a popup for you to select where to apply a texture.  Theoretically, this should reduce the need to use the routing hud and help folks who just sorta blindly click. 🙂 (Since all buttons on the applier will either apply the texture in the default areas or bring up a popup!)

Full Perm Kit Changes:  Well.. it looks like Full Perm Heads are going to be more and more of a thing, so after talking with Customers, Creators and my Minions I’ve decided to make a change in the pricing Structure. Before, to reflect the Added work of keeping such a kit secure and providing Customer Service for it, I set the price at 299L for the Meli Imako Kit as well as the Safy Belle One.   I’ve decided to change this as to not punish end users. Instead there is now two kit editions for each of these products and future products like them.

  • The Creator Edition includes a transferable Plug-in script to be placed in the head before sale, instructions for naming, test appliers and anything else I think might be useful with a particular head. It is priced at 299L, only available inworld and only available after purchasing the “Customer Edition”
  • The Customer Edition includes an Installer and because I know some people won’t set the head up correctly before selling it…  a no-transfer “demo” version of the Plug-in Script along with instructions.   It won’t include any of the other tools and bits I decide to include with the Creator Edition. It will cost the normal 99L but will not have a Group Discount available.

Phat Azz Channel Updates: 

Well…. it took 2 years.. and giving up completely.. but I did it… I found CK Winx! (Rather he found me.. ) For those of you who aren’t 100yo in SL years, that’s the creator of Phat Azz, not the first mesh booty, but the one that really launched them into the mainstream. You can still find TONS of appliers for it on the MP and every booty had its’ own instructions for converting them!

And now, with CK’s help and permission, I’ve updated the Generic Router to convert allll those Phat Azz appliers into an Omega Ones.

Simply make sure you are wearing the router when you use the phat azz applier.  No more clunky Notecard swapping for phat azz (thank goodness).

And if you want to make a permanent applier for yourself instead, I’ve also updated the Applier Converters to listen for Phat Azz as well. 🙂

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Omega Solutions Newsletter – September/October in Review

Omega Solutions Newsletter:

September/October in Review

New Mesh/Kit Releases

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Bad Seed 9/29/2016
We have a new release! ^.^ Bad Seed has started updating some of their Mesh Toddler Heads for Omega and they’re Adoorrrabbbleee. (Just make sure the one you get one that has the Omega logo!) Continue reading »

Maitreya Kit Update

Maitreya Kit Update

We’ve released a non-essential update for the Maitreya Relay Kit. 
Basically, we’ve added a small menu with some de-bugging options, to bring it up, simply click on the relay.
-Update: No more looking for koisks and delivery buttons in your inventory. Click it, and if there’s something newer, it will be delivered.
-Clear: I never understood the need…but after 678million inquirys… there..there’s a button for that. Click it and it’ll clear off a layer of your choice.
-Re-Apply: Some well-meaning designers have gone rogue, and despite my protests combined multiple appliers into a single button, creating race conditions in some meshes, including this one. If you ever find one of these appliers, this will fix the issue.
-Debug: This will reset the whole mess. 
How to get the update:

Updates can be aquired either by visiting us inworld and hitting up one of the many Re delivery terminals strewn about the main building OR by finding and using the  “Maitreya Omega Kit Delivery (Wear Me)” in your inventory and using it.

ME Body Shop + Signature Mesh Female Body + Group Discount Change

When it rains if pours!

2 Bodys in two days!
Signature Mesh – Alice Body
Yesterday, we had Signature Mesh come on board with a new Female Mesh Body they’ve named Alice and it comes with Omega Built in!
ME Bodyshop

Today we have another new Omega Kit for ME BodyShop!

Get More Info about this body/kit:

Pricing Change

Well after a year of free kits, we’ve come to the conclusion it’s time to change our pricing policy.
Until this point, all kits have been 99L but could be acquired free with group membership in world.  
This was for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to using many of you as guinea pigs! 😉
It was a great way to get you folks to try a untested product from a untested brand. And with the number of hickups along the way… it’s saved me some angry customers. (After all, who gets angry about something they got for free?)
While I’m always trying to improve things, and am constantly tinkering, I think it’s safe to say now the “beta” period is over. Omega has been thoroughly tested and established. You all know who I am and what I do and you know if something breaks, I fix it. I may have to stare at it for awhile…but it gets fixed. 
So whats next? I have many lovely things I’d love to do for you folks. Wardrobes, Nail organizers, RLV solutions, 3rd party custom applier solutions….more how-to videos and information, but it’s difficult to do these things when most of my day is eaten up helping customers. 
Obviously I can’t… NOT do customer service…that would be madness. So the goal has to be to cut down on customer service issues by streamlining the system as much as possible.  Marketplace, delivery/unboxing, installation…all are points in which someone might get confused and need help….you know what skips all of these steps? Pre-Installation!
Bodys like Uluckie, Signature, Perfect, Tonic, ect never have issues because there’s no installation to get confused about, no updates to keep track of and no MP/Vendor to lag out or figure out. There’s never a out-of-date script or delivery server on the fritz!
So why can’t I just move everyone to Pre-Installation? Well because it’s the mesh makers choice, and the only choice that isn’t free for them.  Mesh Makers get a choice between a Pre-Installed Kit that costs them a small amount off each sale or a plug-in/relay/standard kit that is free for them but 99L for the customer unless they come inworld and get it as a group gift. The result is that most opt for the Plug-in or Relay.   When the kits are free indefinitely, it doesn’t seem like a great value to pay for something that customers can get for free, even when most don’t.  
So starting June 1st, kits will have a group discount for the first year a kit is available.  This means the oldest kits on the walls, Wowmeh, Petites and Immortals will lose their group discount June 1st.
Kittys Lair, Y-Baby, Manouas Muscles, ND/MD, Jiggle Booty,  Minikin, L’Uomo will all lose their discounts during the month of June.
We’re already starting to see more mesh makers opt for Pre-Installed, but we’re hoping this will raise the number further. This will also allow us to occasionally have sales and discounts at events (hard to discount free)
Depending on reactions we may or may not reduce this group-discount period further, but if we do it will not be sudden or without notice.   Still, we recommend picking up any kits you think you may need before then.
-Chellynne Bailey

New Skirt Appliers

New Skirt Appliers
It’s been awhile since we added an applier catagory, but today is one of those days!
We’ve now implemented Skirt appliers!
What does this mean?
  1. We’ve updated the dev kit! With version 2.9.2, designers now have the option of including a skirt texture in all outfit and bottom  appliers.  
  2. The Kitties Lair Omega Kit has been updated to listen and use these new textures.
  3. The Kitties Lair NC Converter has been updated to take advantage of appliers that have skirt textures.
  4. We’ve released the Omega Applier System Skirt Kit for bodys that don’t have skirt prims.


Why do this?
Several reasons:
  1. With materials and tinting appliers becoming more prevalent, we noticed it was a bit of an annoyance when included skirt prims did not automatically change with the rest of the body, worse, some where no mod, not letting you match your materials settings.
  2. We also noticed, not all bodys UV maps sit at the same height. Ie, a skirt may be too long for one body but too short for another. This is easily fixed with a modifyable skirt prim…alas, not everyone includes one.
  3. Some people are still using non-mesh skirt prims! Or no skirt prim at all for glitch pants.
  4. Honestly we’re just not sure why more meshes don’t have skirt prims built in….
    -was totally sure this was gunna be more of a thing…-