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Omega System Kit for NutBusterz

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Nutbusters has created an adorable set of mesh foot paws and hooves that take the Omega Skin and Nail Appliers!
Update 8/2/2017: Hooves now available + Demos!
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The Future of Eyelash Appliers

The Future of Eyelash Appliers

As some of you know I am working on an update to the Omega System, tentatively named “Omega Unleashed”. ((still contemplating the name!))

Well, one of the features for this update is going to be the addition of Omega Eyelash Appliers!

This is the UV used by Lelutka, so many of you are already familiar with it. Lelutka has graciously agreed to allow the Omega Applier Community to use this UV.

So, what does this mean?

 Now with Color! (Updated for better visibility)

If you are a Mesh Maker:

Obviously, I can’t MAKE you change your UV. Your UVs are up to you, and I will not be withholding support or otherwise penalizing anyone who doesn’t want to implement this. Especially if you already have Eyelash Appliers in circulation, I wouldn’t expect you to change your UV. That’d be silly. In fact, I’d strongly recommend against it. Breaking old appliers is a cardinal sin in the Mesh world! If however, you’ve not released yet, you don’t have Eyelash Appliers haven’t haven’t had luck getting people to make appliers, I strongly recommend adopting this UV!  (Supporting both your old UV and your new one is also a possibility, although more work)

If you DO update to use this UV, contact me so I can get your kit updated ASAP!

If you are a Designer:

When I release the Omega Unleashed update (or whatever I end up calling it) there will be a brand new Dev Kit, and it will include the ability to make EyeLash Appliers.  How many Meshes will TAKE these appliers will depend on how many update their meshes! At the very least, there will be Lelutka! 🙂

If you are a Customer:

There isn’t much for you to do yet. Eventually, you will need updates of your meshes/kits to take advantage of all the goodies coming! I’ll make more announcements as I get this update wrapped up!

Update: Added Color to the UV for better visibility and also, this handy mpg4 to show how the UV should on the lash.

Omega Solutions Newsletter: March/April

Omega Solutions Newsletter:

March/April in Review

Huzza! Only Two Months in between this time!

Omega News

Neck Blenders for Men
First.. because there has been many.. many requests…I FINALLY got the Neck kit updated for men! It now includes 1 neck size and 3 neck blender options for menfolk.

Head Updates: In an attempt for a more intuitive design, I’m experimenting with a new method of Makeup Application. I’ve started updating select heads and kits to react to the “HUD” and “ALL” buttons by bringing up a popup for you to select where to apply a texture.  Theoretically, this should reduce the need to use the routing hud and help folks who just sorta blindly click. 🙂 (Since all buttons on the applier will either apply the texture in the default areas or bring up a popup!)

Full Perm Kit Changes:  Well.. it looks like Full Perm Heads are going to be more and more of a thing, so after talking with Customers, Creators and my Minions I’ve decided to make a change in the pricing Structure. Before, to reflect the Added work of keeping such a kit secure and providing Customer Service for it, I set the price at 299L for the Meli Imako Kit as well as the Safy Belle One.   I’ve decided to change this as to not punish end users. Instead there is now two kit editions for each of these products and future products like them.

  • The Creator Edition includes a transferable Plug-in script to be placed in the head before sale, instructions for naming, test appliers and anything else I think might be useful with a particular head. It is priced at 299L, only available inworld and only available after purchasing the “Customer Edition”
  • The Customer Edition includes an Installer and because I know some people won’t set the head up correctly before selling it…  a no-transfer “demo” version of the Plug-in Script along with instructions.   It won’t include any of the other tools and bits I decide to include with the Creator Edition. It will cost the normal 99L but will not have a Group Discount available.

Phat Azz Channel Updates: 

Well…. it took 2 years.. and giving up completely.. but I did it… I found CK Winx! (Rather he found me.. ) For those of you who aren’t 100yo in SL years, that’s the creator of Phat Azz, not the first mesh booty, but the one that really launched them into the mainstream. You can still find TONS of appliers for it on the MP and every booty had its’ own instructions for converting them!

And now, with CK’s help and permission, I’ve updated the Generic Router to convert allll those Phat Azz appliers into an Omega Ones.

Simply make sure you are wearing the router when you use the phat azz applier.  No more clunky Notecard swapping for phat azz (thank goodness).

And if you want to make a permanent applier for yourself instead, I’ve also updated the Applier Converters to listen for Phat Azz as well. 🙂

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Omega Solutions 2017

State of the Omega 2017

Once upon a time, I kept you guys updated about every little plan I had. I can’t really do that anymore… too many little things to be done, and too many things I’m not allowed to disclose. However I would like to give a brief “State of the Omega” and summary of what is to come!

First… How are we now? Well….Omega is doing great!

  • Mesh Adoptions: Last year we landed most of the remaining Major Mesh brands that had ignored us in the Past. Slink, Lelutka, Loud Mouth, Nyam Nyam along with practically every new SLUV mesh that was released in 2016. Frankly the Mesh Count has ballooned up so high I no longer have a definite figure to give you! x.x  There’s still a couple Mesh Designers not on board, but we love them anyways and eagerly await hearing from them at some point.
  • Pre-Installed Rates: More and More designers are opting for Pre-Installed Since I reduced the group discount! Huzza!
  • Neckblender: This past year we also introduced a standardized Neckblender that would work on heads and bodys, and have managed to convince almost every new Mesh Maker with a Neck bit to use it! There’s still a couple OLD meshes that could benefit from the neckblender that haven’t added it, and 1 head maker who hasn’t gotten around to updating to it, but for the most part we’re good on that front.
  • Cosmetic Appliers: The Explosion of new heads forced us to quickly come up with an applier solution a more usefull and specific then “Makeup” or “Tattoo”.  What came about was a 7 zone system with a 3 button applier hud. So far, it has worked wonderfully for the most part, although we’ve run into the problem of people not skinning the way the instructions indicate. As a result we’ve released layer converters and made updates to the routing hud to make it easier to deal with unlabeled appliers. We’ll also be working on some changes in the future to further reduce this customer burden. (see the to-do list bellow!)
  • New Storage System: There is now an Installer Storage System Built into the Routing HUD to store the installers you use! Moving forward we’ll be nudging as many Creators toward Plug-ins rather then Relays as possible to take advantage of this fact.

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