Omega Spot Light

Omega Spot Light

Every other week our lovely Dixie(digi256) will be compiling a list of the best, weirdest, rarest and neatest items she can find and sending it out here and on our Facebook. 🙂

If you’re interested in maybe getting your items (or anyone’s) featured, toss her an AD NC! It doesn’t have to be anything special.. just what you send out to your subscribers or in notices. Just make sure there’s a picture and a way to find the item. (LM.. MP.. etc). If you want to maximize your chances.. just put Dixie on your subscriber list. She doesn’t mind!. 🙂 Continue reading »

Omega Solutions Newsletter – September/October in Review

Omega Solutions Newsletter:

September/October in Review

New Mesh/Kit Releases

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Bad Seed 9/29/2016
We have a new release! ^.^ Bad Seed has started updating some of their Mesh Toddler Heads for Omega and they’re Adoorrrabbbleee. (Just make sure the one you get one that has the Omega logo!) Continue reading »

Skin, Eye and Nail Designers

The Skin, Eye and Nail List

Want to get added to this list? Click here

Know of a skin, eye or nail maker that has Omega Appliers that’s not on this list? Leave a Comment!
Note: We’ve started to notate which skin makers have Bodys and or Head Appliers.
Our notations are not a warranty that ALL of that creaters products have what is listed.
Always read labels and try demos! 

If you are a Skin Maker, and I’ve miss-labeled you, please let me know!
If I’ve not labeled you, feel free to toss that info at my head in a NC. Save me some work!
(I may have not gotten to you…or I may have gotten to your store and not been able to figure it out!)
-Chellynne Bailey

Hairbase Creators

Beard Creators


Female Skins

Male Skins

*Violet Studios uses their own applier system called ADV. We’ve worked with them to create a ADV -> Omega Bridge. It is available here:

Clothing Designer List

List of Clothing, Tattoo and Makeup Designers

Do you sell Omega Appliers but don’t see yourself on the list? Click here for information for getting added to our blog! Please note, inclusion on this list doesn’t mean their Tango appliers are Omega Friendly. Look for Signage in their Store to tell you if it is!

Know of a skin maker that has Omega Appliers that’s not on this list? Leave a Comment!

Helpful Hint: When browsing their MPs, sort by most recent!

Female Clothing Designers