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Anthro Anim has been updated! Go get your redeliverys!

Also: Chelly has da Christmas Flu! She will be a rare sight until it clears up.

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Thanks for clicking the link! I get a lot of the same questions over.. and over.. and over again. For my sanity, here is a list of all the most common questions!  I’ve also delegated a great deal of our customer service, event handling, group management and other… not-scripting things to people much better at those things than I, so you’ll also find below information about who to talk to about a variety of things!
I do apologize for the inconvenience. 🙂

So here are answers to our most common FAQs and info for getting help from the right person! (Some in multiple languages!)

  • Necesito ayuda en Spannish.
    Lo siento, pero yo no hablo nada más Inglés . Aconsejo hacer su pregunta en el chat de grupo. Por lo general hay alguien que hable español .
  • Preciso de ajuda em português .
    Lamento , mas eu não falo nada, mas Inglês . Eu aconselho fazer sua pergunta no chat em grupo . Geralmente, há alguém que fala português.
  • Ho bisogno di aiuto in italiano.
    Mi dispiace , ma non parlo altro che l’inglese. Vi consiglio di chiedere la tua domanda in chat di gruppo . Di solito c’è qualcuno che parla italiano .

I need Omega for the Mesh Body/Head/Part that I’ve made/am Making.
Ignore the auto response and just tell me (in full) what you’re doing. If I don’t respond, I’m probably alt-tabbed. (I do a lot of work in other windows) but I’ll get back to you as soon as I see the message.
If you can’t get my attention in IMs, toss me a notecard or use the Contact Us form.
If you want you can also read up here: for more information about our requirements, costs, etc. is also a great resource.

I bought <Insert Dress/Tattoo/Outfit> and <need a refund/missing applier/angry noises/ect>.
My name is listed as the creator on many items across the grid because I created the Omega Applier System.
(And made the mistake of not switching to Linden Created Prims till much later)
So I get a ton of IMs/NCs about products I didn’t create or sell.

Now I DO have a few… poorly selling… items in my shop you MIGHT be referring to, but 99.99% of the time, you’ve got the wrong person. To find out who REALLY sold you that thing you bought, check your transaction history OR check the creator of the System Clothing Layers. If it does end up being me, go ahead and toss me a NC.

I need a refund for a purchase for something you DID make
Just drop me a notecard with the transactions and any relevant details.
You can also get full details about our refund polify here:

I’m trying to MAKE an Applier…..
There are two ways to make appliers currently:
Standard Kit/Old Dev Kits:
Omega Evolved Appliers (Dev Kit vs 4.0+)

Still Need Help?
Fastest Response: Omega Applier Systems – Support: secondlife:///app/group/276e12ea-52c3-008f-d6c9-31fc8bd2ba73/about

If you’re Shy, file a Ticket:
or Contact my CSR: FreyasFashions Resident

I’m trying to USE an Omega Applier…..
Instructions for Each Mesh Brand:
Some Basic Trouble Shooting Tips:

Still Need Help?
Fastest Response: Omega Applier Systems – Support: secondlife:///app/group/276e12ea-52c3-008f-d6c9-31fc8bd2ba73/about

If you’re Shy, file a Ticket:
or Contact my CSR: FreyasFashions Resident

Is there an Omega Kit for……
There is a list of supported meshes here:

There’s a Mesh _______ Will there be an Omega Kit for it?!
Thank you for letting me know about new meshes! Keeping track of everything can be overwhelming!
Unfortunately, however, I cannot respond to questions about upcoming kits because quite simply, if it’s not released, then I don’t know yet!!
I’m constantly in contact with various Mesh Makers, trying to arrange for more and better kits, but even once I have a green light,
mesh makers change minds, I find UV flaws, stuff happens. So 99% of the time, the earliest I can announce a kit is AS I’m releasing that kit!

So what CAN you do if you want a specific kit?  Send me a nice notecard so I know it exists! Then, even more importantly, send the creator a nice notecard so they know I exist!
(Frankly, I often get ignored by most Mesh Makers until they have already decided to go Omega, so it’s much more important to send them NCs then to send them to me! )

I need an Invite to the Land Group!
The Quickest way to get one is to walk up to your rent box and click it. There’s an option in the body labeled “Grp” click that and the Bot will get you. If you need to add an alt/manager/ect to your unit, click the Tenents Button. 🙂
I want to invite you to this Event…
My releases are based on need, rather then whats cute this month…sooo I don’t do events unless:
-It’s Free
-Doesn’t require me to make something new
-Doesn’t require me to discount something
-some other gimic.
Basically.. if you want me to do more then stop by and drop some vendors, nu uh!
On that note, if you just want Omega at the event, I have affiliate vendors here:

I need Notice Rights
Apply here:
I need to get Listed on the Blog
Fill out a request here:
Note that FairyQueen Axel does the requests in weekly batches, usually on the weekend.
Also that her word is law in this regard. 🙂

All other Questions….
Still Need Help?

For Fastest Response: Join Omega Applier Systems – Support: secondlife:///app/group/276e12ea-52c3-008f-d6c9-31fc8bd2ba73/about

If you’re Shy, file a Ticket:
or Contact my CSR: FreyasFashions Resident

I just need the Chelly!
If you absolutely must contact me instead of a CSR, please remember that once I respond to you, I’m expected to keep responding to you until some sort of resolution. That means whatever I’m working on is suddenly on hold and I am losing work time.

To minimize this, I ask the following:

  • Do not send me “Hello”, “are you there?” or “Help me!”.  Instead, state your entire problem/question/etc right up front.
    • Do not send friend requests. These are just non-verbal “hello?!”s in disguise.
    • Do not send me Teleports, I’m likely set up to work somewhere and don’t want to move.
    • Do not request Teleports. I’m likely set up to work on something that’s not been announced to the public!
  • Include all relevant details you can think of in that first message.
    • What body are you using?
    • What kit are you using?
    • Is this your first time using this product?
    • What is happening?
    • If relevant, include a link to a screenshot! (Links, please! Do NOT make me hunt for a texture in my inventory to see whats going on!)
  • If you send me something, tell me what you sent me. I have auto accept on, and will not notice otherwise.
    (Also helps if you tell me if it’s an object, folder, etc, so I know where to look!)
  • If you’re looking for help, be READY to ACT on that help.
    • Be somewhere you can rez and use scripts.
    • Do not send me a message and then AFK immediately.
    • Do not send me a message and then go to your SL job
    • Do not send me a message while under RLV restrictions.
  • If you’re looking for help, please follow directions!
    • If I ask you to do something, do it. Don’t tell me you’re going to do it. Just do it, and then let me know it’s been done.
    • If I ask you a question, answer it right away. Often I will need you to answer several questions in a row to get at the problem.  Please answer these questions quickly. You may want to tell me other things too, absolutely, do that, they may be relevant. But give me my answer first and THEN start giving me the additional information.
  • Lastly, If I don’t respond, I may be AFK, or too overwhelmed with other things. If this list isn’t a clue, I AM Aspie, so I may not be able to handle you at that moment.  Just send me your issue by notecard and myself or my CSR will get back to you.

At any rate, oxoxoxoxoxooxxo – Chelly

Let me know about an Updated Mesh!

Let me know about an Updated Mesh!

Thank you for taking the time to let me know about a Supported Mesh Update. There are tons of them, and it’s gotten quite nuts to track them. Just fill this out and it will go straight into my to-do queue. 🙂  Do note: While I encourage Mesh makers to fill this out when they do an update, anyone can do this. In fact, I really encourage it. I rather get a dozen people telling me about an update then none at all.  Also note, this is not for alerting me to new meshes.

Getting Omega Walk-through

Thinking about making a Mesh? Getting Omega for that Mesh? Here is how it works.

  1. Plan out your mesh.
    1. What sort of mesh is it?
    2. What layers will you need? Remember that layers must be built, they’re not something that can be scripted into place.
    3. What UVs will they be? Remember that Omega only supports certain UVs, seen here.
    4. What scripting will it need other than Omega?
  2. Check out the Mesh Maker’s Information Page Here:
    1. Make sure you understand the basic requirements, what UVs to use, our TOS, etc. If you have a question about these, shoot me a Notecard!
  3. Start working on your Mesh. I can’t give you much help here, but I can point you to two awesome groups for builders
    1. Builder’s Brewery: secondlife:///app/group/04f595b0-cdc8-97f0-e710-9564824c03b2/about
    2. Avastar Support: secondlife:///app/group/969567fd-6f74-dd45-eafe-ac1fcecd3479/about
      (If you’re making Rigged Body Mesh for SL, I highly recommend Avastar if you’ve not already gotten it!)
  4. Grab the Correct Development Kit!
    1. Master Implant Kit: If you’re creating boobies, or pecs, or anything that is just the torso and/or nipples (no hands/nails!), then the Master Implant Kit is all you need. You don’t even need to go further down this FlowChart!
    2. Mesh Studio Kit:
  5. (Optional) Grab the Mesh Maker Dev Kit.  The Mesh Maker Dev kit includes a functioning Omega Listener that you can use to test Skins and Clothing on your mesh during development. This can be rather useful to make sure your UVs are lined up correctly and that existing skins sit on your mesh in a pleasing manner!
  6. When you get close to finished, it’s time contact me! Make sure that:
    1. You’ve read (or tried to read) the Mesh Maker Info Page, especially the TOS.
      It’s ok if you don’t get it completely,  I shall answer any questions you have.
    2. You have a copy of the body ready to hand me that is set up in it’s final form.
      1. This means you’ve added any names/keywords your other scripts will require.
      2. The mesh layers/cuts/faces are arranged how you like. For example, are nails and hands are all one prim, or if they are separate? Are you going to have the nipples their own prim? Is the whole body one prim, or cutt into a million pieces? All these things should be decided and done before sending me a Mesh.
  7. When you contact me, I will ask for the Mesh to examine. Send it to me copy/mod/no-trans in as finished a form as you have.
  8. While I examine your mesh, I will ask if you want Pre-Installed or Plug-in. Both will require a Set-up fee, but the Pre-Installed also requires a profit-share of about 75L. (The exact amount will depend on the cost of your mesh since MP only does profit share %s).   For full details about these two options, visit the “Decision One: Payment Plan” section of the Mesh Maker Info Page.
  9. It is at this point you should let me know if you need me to send information through your API (Ussually because you have a wardrobe function). I researve the right to refuse this for any reason. This requires some trust to be established. If you’re an upstanding member of the community with a professional looking store and a clean reputation, I will likely tell you yes. If I’ve never heard of you, you have no store, don’t look/act professional or your reputation has you as a IP infringer, I may tell you no, at least temporarily until you’ve better established yourself and your brand.
  10. Once we’ve hammered out all the details, I shall disappear and do my work. This can take an hour, or it can up to a week, depending on how long my work que is and if there is something particularly tricky with your mesh. (API based scripts are common offenders)
  11. When I’m done with your script I will contact you again and let you know.  It is at this point your set-up fee is due before I hand over the scripts.
    ((I used to hand over no-trans scripts to demo, but then a couple people took the demo…declared it worked, then wandered off without paying, saying they’d let me know if they decide to use them. Ya know… after I’d done all the work.))
  12. Once you’ve paid,  I will send you the scripts, a TOS/Instructions Notecard and a Welcome Kit!
  13. READ the TOS/Instructions Notecard.
  14. Follow the instructions and put the script into the body No-Trans.
  15. Finnish working on the body.
  16. TEST the scripts. In
  17. Once the mesh is boxed and ready for release, send me (and if you’re nice, my CSR) a retail copy of the mesh + product images.
  18. Release the Mesh! Remember, if you chose pre-installed to set up the Profit Share to go to Xanderpendragon Resident.
  19. I never release kits before the mesh they are for is ready (too many mesh makers get a kit and then don’t release), so if you didn’t pick Pre-Installed, rez the Vendor for the Omega System Kit that came in the Welcome package so that purchases of your mesh don’t have to wait for me to release the kit.
  20. Let me know you released!
  21. Now I get to scramble and use the mesh + Images you sent to get a Product Information page up and listed on our Supported Meshes List so our customers can read about your mesh.
  22. I finally put the Kit up for sale Inworld and on our MP.
  23. I spam Facebook and the Like. Huzza! It’s a new mesh!