Getting Omega Walk-through

Thinking about making a Mesh? Getting Omega for that Mesh? Here is how it works.

  1. Plan out your mesh.
    1. What sort of mesh is it?
    2. What layers will you need? Remember that layers must be built, they’re not something that can be scripted into place.
    3. What UVs will they be? Remember that Omega only supports certain UVs, seen here.
    4. What scripting will it need other than Omega?
  2. Check out the Mesh Maker’s Information Page Here:
    1. Make sure you understand the basic requirements, what UVs to use, our TOS, etc. If you have a question about these, shoot me a Notecard!
  3. Start working on your Mesh. I can’t give you much help here, but I can point you to two awesome groups for builders
    1. Builder’s Brewery: secondlife:///app/group/04f595b0-cdc8-97f0-e710-9564824c03b2/about
    2. Avastar Support: secondlife:///app/group/969567fd-6f74-dd45-eafe-ac1fcecd3479/about
      (If you’re making Rigged Body Mesh for SL, I highly recommend Avastar if you’ve not already gotten it!)
  4. Grab the Correct Development Kit!
    1. Master Implant Kit: If you’re creating boobies, or pecs, or anything that is just the torso and/or nipples (no hands/nails!), then the Master Implant Kit is all you need. You don’t even need to go further down this FlowChart!
    2. Mesh Studio Kit:
  5. (Optional) Grab the Mesh Maker Dev Kit.  The Mesh Maker Dev kit includes a functioning Omega Listener that you can use to test Skins and Clothing on your mesh during development. This can be rather useful to make sure your UVs are lined up correctly and that existing skins sit on your mesh in a pleasing manner!
  6. When you get close to finished, it’s time contact me! Make sure that:
    1. You’ve read (or tried to read) the Mesh Maker Info Page, especially the TOS.
      It’s ok if you don’t get it completely,  I shall answer any questions you have.
    2. You have a copy of the body ready to hand me that is set up in it’s final form.
      1. This means you’ve added any names/keywords your other scripts will require.
      2. The mesh layers/cuts/faces are arranged how you like. For example, are nails and hands are all one prim, or if they are separate? Are you going to have the nipples their own prim? Is the whole body one prim, or cutt into a million pieces? All these things should be decided and done before sending me a Mesh.
  7. When you contact me, I will ask for the Mesh to examine. Send it to me copy/mod/no-trans in as finished a form as you have.
  8. While I examine your mesh, I will ask if you want Pre-Installed or Plug-in. Both will require a Set-up fee, but the Pre-Installed also requires a profit-share of about 75L. (The exact amount will depend on the cost of your mesh since MP only does profit share %s).   For full details about these two options, visit the “Decision One: Payment Plan” section of the Mesh Maker Info Page.
  9. It is at this point you should let me know if you need me to send information through your API (Ussually because you have a wardrobe function). I researve the right to refuse this for any reason. This requires some trust to be established. If you’re an upstanding member of the community with a professional looking store and a clean reputation, I will likely tell you yes. If I’ve never heard of you, you have no store, don’t look/act professional or your reputation has you as a IP infringer, I may tell you no, at least temporarily until you’ve better established yourself and your brand.
  10. Once we’ve hammered out all the details, I shall disappear and do my work. This can take an hour, or it can up to a week, depending on how long my work que is and if there is something particularly tricky with your mesh. (API based scripts are common offenders)
  11. When I’m done with your script I will contact you again and let you know.  It is at this point your set-up fee is due before I hand over the scripts.
    ((I used to hand over no-trans scripts to demo, but then a couple people took the demo…declared it worked, then wandered off without paying, saying they’d let me know if they decide to use them. Ya know… after I’d done all the work.))
  12. Once you’ve paid,  I will send you the scripts, a TOS/Instructions Notecard and a Welcome Kit!
  13. READ the TOS/Instructions Notecard.
  14. Follow the instructions and put the script into the body No-Trans.
  15. Finnish working on the body.
  16. TEST the scripts. In
  17. Once the mesh is boxed and ready for release, send me (and if you’re nice, my CSR) a retail copy of the mesh + product images.
  18. Release the Mesh! Remember, if you chose pre-installed to set up the Profit Share to go to Xanderpendragon Resident.
  19. I never release kits before the mesh they are for is ready (too many mesh makers get a kit and then don’t release), so if you didn’t pick Pre-Installed, rez the Vendor for the Omega System Kit that came in the Welcome package so that purchases of your mesh don’t have to wait for me to release the kit.
  20. Let me know you released!
  21. Now I get to scramble and use the mesh + Images you sent to get a Product Information page up and listed on our Supported Meshes List so our customers can read about your mesh.
  22. I finally put the Kit up for sale Inworld and on our MP.
  23. I spam Facebook and the Like. Huzza! It’s a new mesh!