How to Contact Us…..

How to Contact Us…..

…About Getting Omega into your mesh Creation:
You can contact Chellynne Bailey directly, via IM or Notecard. (Notecard if i’m offline, I get capped!)
or use the form. Do note any info you put in the form is viewed by our customer service minions, not just Chellynne.

…About Getting a Designer Tag for Omega Obsessions:
To get on any of our Designer lists or Designer Tag for Omega Obsessions, the requirements and application is here:

…About Getting Listed on the Blog:
To get on any of our Designer lists, the requirements and application is here:

All of it is handled by my lovely Minion FairyQueen Axel. So please send any questions to her via Notecard.

…About the Events Page:
If you want to get onto the Events Page, the requirements and application form is here:

You can also poke Chellynne Bailey by NC or by IM, but make sure you read the requirements first.

….About a mistake you found on the blog:
Thanks for the heads up! Do me a favor and just leave a moment on the page in question. 🙂

…About anything Else:
Please use the form. 🙂 Remember when filling it out to include:

  1. If you’re a Mesh Maker, Applier Maker, Consumer or other.
  2. Why you are contacting us.
  3. If you’re a consumer that needs technical help:
    1. What body you’re using,
    2. The type of applier you’re trying to use or convert.
    3. What is it doing, or not doing wrong..
    4. A Gyazo link if it’s doing something visually weird (pictures worth a thousand words!)
  4. If you’re an Applier Creator that needs help:
    1. What body you are testing on
    2. If it’s a skin, clothing, ect type of applier
    3. If you’re trying to create an applier for your creation or someone elses.
    4. Also be ready to send the applier full perm. It’s usually just a typo I can usually spot in a couple seconds….