How to Contact Us…..

How to Contact Us…..

…About Getting Omega into your mesh Creation:
You can contact Chellynne Bailey directly, via IM or Notecard. (Notecard if I’m offline, I get capped!)
or use the form. Do note any info you put in the form is viewed by our customer service minions, not just Chellynne.

About Getting a Designer Tag for Omega Obsessions

 To get notice permissions, head over to the Omega Obsessions page and read the rules before submitting and application there. 🙂 

About Getting Listed On the Blog

General Requirements:

  • You must have Omega Products in your store.
  • Unless otherwise stated, there needs to be a minimum of 5 products with Omega Appliers in the categories you’re applying to get listed in.
  • Only products that are PRIMARILY Omega Friendly Count toward any product count requirements. Ie, a Mesh Dress with added Panty/stocking or glove Appliers does not count. Neither does furniture that comes with lingerie or anything else that isn’t primarily an Applier product.  Applier items with Unrigged/Resizable Mesh/Sculpted Attachments, such as bows and cuffs, however, DO count.

Current Catagories and Specific Requirements:

  • Apparel
    • Female Clothing  – Recolors, Fatpacks, etc are all counted as one item. Starting November 1st 2017, only non-template clothing shall be added.
    • Male Clothing  – Recolors, Fatpacks, etc are all counted as one item.  5 items
    • Modern Tattoo  – Recolors, Fatpacks, etc are all counted as one item.  Starting November 1st 2017, 20 Modern Tattoos will be required to be added.
    • Misc Tattoo – Recolors, Fatpacks, etc are all counted as one item. 5 items
    • Makeup – Recolors, Fatpacks, etc are all counted as one item. 5 items
    • NSFW – Recolors, Fatpacks, etc are all counted as one item. 5 items
    • Misc – Generally 5, less if you have something cool or unique not found elsewhere. If you think you have something genuinely different, then go ahead and apply, but no hounding me if I tell you to come back when you have more items!
  • Body
    • Skins  – We understand Skin Creators have different Business models, so we will accept either:
      • If you do not re-use skin tones, 5 Individual, non-recolored skins.
      • If you have a standard set of Skin Tones you re-use, Appliers for each one of them.
      • If you have some other weird circumstance… talk to us. ?
      • Also, as of 7/18/2016, any skin maker applying to get listed MUST have a Demo skin available at their location so customers/our admin can verify fit!
    • Eyes – 5 Non-Recolors, or 12 re-Colors.
    • Nails –  5 Nail Packs
    • Hairbases

To Get Listed:

  1. Ensure you’ve filled all the requirements above. They may change at any time. As the lists fill up they WILL get more stringent.
  2. Rez the Omega Obsession’s Group Joiner in your Store. It can be found in the Dev Kit (in the “Big Box of Signage”) and in our creator’s area. (It’s the little color spastic bunny)
  3. Fill out the form bellow. Remember to include the following:
    1. Inworld Slurl (if you have one)
    2. MP Link (Required, I’m not hunting through storefronts for your items)
    3. A list of the lists you are applying for
    4. Weither or not you need notice rights for Omega Obsessions
  1. Does it cost anything to get on a list?
  2. Can I pay for a higher spot on the list?
    Hell no!
  3. How will I know you added me?
    You’ll be on the list! Unless something is wrong with your application, I won’t be getting back to you after I add you. Just too many things to do and not enough hands.
  4. What’s taking so long?
    Quite simply, lots to do and not enough time to do it!

About becoming a recognized Omega-Related Event Organizer

Become a recognized Omega-Related Event Organizer

By taking out the time to contact us, your event will get a variety of benefits.

  • Be listed on the Blog’s Shopping and Events Page!
  • Permission to advertise your event in Omega Obsessions even in the planning stages!
  • Permission to advertise your event in the appropriate Omega Flickr groups!
  • Get mentioned on Twitter, in notices, in chat whenever Chellynne remembers..*
    *May or may not happen… Chellynne is easily distractable.

What Qualifies as an Omega Related Event?

You are considered to be Omega Related if one of the following is true:

  1. It’s an Omega Oriented Event. (ie, the Omega Big Tent Sale)
  2. It’s an Applier Event, but heavily features Omega appliers ( >50 of your vendors have them)
  3. Omega has been invited and is Featured at your Event.

To get started, fill out a ticket and be sure to include all relevant information about the event, including dates, genre, etc.

…About Anything Else:

Please use the form. 🙂 Remember when filling it out to include:

  1. If you’re a Mesh Maker, Applier Maker, Consumer or other.
  2. Why you are contacting us.
  3. If you’re a consumer that needs technical help:
    1. What body you’re using,
    2. The type of applier you’re trying to use or convert.
    3. What is it doing, or not doing wrong..
    4. A Gyazo link if it’s doing something visually weird (pictures worth a thousand words!)
  4. If you’re an Applier Creator that needs help:
    1. What body you are testing on
    2. If it’s a skin, clothing, ect type of applier
    3. If you’re trying to create an applier for your creation or someone elses.
    4. Also be ready to send the applier full perm. It’s usually just a typo I can usually spot in a couple seconds….