Group Rules

Group Chat Rules

Unless otherwise noted, these rules apply to all Omega Related Groups, including but not limited to:

Love N Lust Designs, Omega Obsessions, and Omega Applier Systems – Support.

Many thanks to Caspertech, who’s Group Rules we’ve blatantly stolen and modified for our own uses ^.^

Group Chat Rules

  1. Technical questions and help must take priority at all times.
  2. Technical support will be provided to the Body Owner ONLY. We will not provide support via a third party. Anyone requiring help can seek it themselves. Exception: When the third party is needed for translation.
  3. Off-topic discussion is permitted, providing rule #1 is not violated. For more information on this, see “Off-topic Discussion” below.
  4. It’s okay to mention other commercial products or services. However, You may only do this as part of a discussion, or when relevant to a question someone has asked. We expect such comments to be objective – avoid blanket flaming of other merchants in Second Life or their products (including our competitors)  Exception: Any topic about ways to acquire/create appliers other than from the creator is expressly forbidden as all such ways violate TOSs. This also extends to any product that has stolen channels to convert appliers.
  5. Commercial Spam and advertising are explicitly prohibited outside of Omega Obsession Chat.
  6. Spam in Omega Obsessions Chat must abide by Omega Obsessions Rules as well.
  7. Chainmail and defamation (including “warnings” about other Second Life users) is explicitly prohibited.
  8. These groups mostly contain other users and not Omega Solutions Representatives. If you are unhappy with the response you receive from users in the group, please contact Chellynne Bailey directly.
  9. As with all groups in Second Life, you must also abide by the Second Life terms of use and acceptable use policy.
  10. All Participants are expected to comply with our Personal conduct Rules. (Bellow)

Personal Conduct Rules

What we expect from all participants. This applies to group chats, local chats, IMs, facebook and any other interactions involving our Lands, Social Media or other communications.

  1. We expect all participants to treat others with respect and kindness.
  2. We discourage discussion about religion and politics since this often results in “flame wars”.
  3. Racism and hate speech are explicitly prohibited.
  4. Trashing Talking ANY Mesh Body, Omega or not is explicitly prohibited!
  5. Trash Talking Designers is explicitly prohibited!
  6. NEW! Shit Stirring is explicitly prohibited! What is Shit Stirring? Shit Stirring includes but is not limited to:
    1. Starting fights with Mods and/or other customers in chat. If you have an issue with someone, talk it out in IMs and/or put them on block. (Note, we are NOT suggesting you harass someone. If you get blocked/told off, just walk away and leave them alone.
    2. Complaining about Mod and/or other customers in chat.   If you have a complaint about someone’s behavior in chat, please sent a notecard to Chellynne Bailey. I have group chat logs. If they’ve done something I can look it up.
    3. Bashing Mods and/or Customers in Chat. Again, if you have a complaint about someone’s behavior, send Chellynne a notecard. Otherwise, keep the bitchin out of chat.
  7. Inflammatory Speach is Prohibited!
  8. Chain mail and defamation (including “warnings” about other Second Life users) is explicitly prohibited.
  9. Moderators must be obeyed (In regards to chat) at all times. If one asks for a change in topic, or to stop discussing something, or to clear the chat so they can help someone, do it.
  10. These groups mostly contain other users and not Omega Solutions Representatives. If you are unhappy with the response you receive from users in the group, please contact Chellynne Bailey directly.
  11. NEW! Above all, remember Hanlon’s razor Or bit nicer version, “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by misunderstanding, ignorance or inability.”

Off-topic discussion

From time to time, we have someone in our group who objects to the amount of off-topic discussion, and who feels that the group should be moderated to a greater extent than it is.

But it’s our policy to promote friendliness and cooperation, and censorship hinders that.

We expect technical questions and assistance to take priority, but as long as this happens, we encourage off-topic discussion and banter.

What happens when you breaking the rules:

Depending on the severity and nature of the offense:

-You may be Muted
-You may be Ejected
-You may be Ejected and Banned
-You may be Land Banned (This is generally done only with the most antagonistic offenders to ensure our customers are not hit with ‘Vengence Griefing’)

Our rules are extremely liberal. There’s no real excuses for breaking them. So, don’t!


Can I ask about TMP/Other Non-Omega Meshes?

Absolutely! We might not have any answers for you, but you’re welcome to ask. 🙂

__________ was rude to me!

Ya know, I get a complaint like this every couple days…and each time I do either a) they don’t provide me with a log… or b)… I read the log and I’m like… what?

The Internet is text folks. It’s VERY easy to misinterpret something someone is saying as rude when in fact it was just rushed or poorly worded. And many times… a great deal is missed in the rush of chat….Trust me… yall will lead much happier internet lives if you learn to read things in the best possible light as opposed to the worst.   If you still think they were being rude, send me a NC, but let me be clear….

We WILL NOT take action against someone simply because you are offended by what they have said. We WILL take action against someone if we believe that they have intentionally and directly caused you offense.

I was Muted! Can I get unmuted?!

 Mutes are by their nature temporary. The SL Equivalent of a Timeout.  They only last until relog. Go have some coffee, a cookie, or whatever you need to cool off and then relog. Your ability to speak will be back when you log back in.  And try to be nicer in chat so our mods don’t have to do something more permanent.