Mesh Wanted & Collab Opportunities

Mesh Wanted Collab Opportunities

Last  Updated: 1/22/2016

 It is no secret, I am no mesh maker. Yet there are some things I’d like to see done and am willing to pay for and/or collab on.  Most of these things are trivial for someone with the proper skills, but are leagues out of my limited blender abilities at this moment.
If you’re up for doing one of these things, let me know!  But do note, It’s first delivered, first used. I’ve been waiting on people to finish these things so many times, that I’m not going to wait on anyone anymore. I need meshes, not promises.
Mesh Nails:

This is a bit of an ongoing thing.  Once can never have enough nail options.

On a collab basis only, I will script mesh nails to take omega… with controls to  allow them to texture each nail individually.

This would be scripted by me and sold by you.


Each nail must be it’s own prim

Unlike other  items on this list, you will be the one to box and sell the final product.

You will be in charge of the HUD/AD appearance, although I will provide guidance.

The nails can’t be something we’ve already done. They need to be  either a new style, length or for a mesh we’ve not yet had nails for.  (Maitreya and TMP both could use more omega friendly nail options)

Compensation: 50/50 collab on the finnal 400-500L product or a  flat fee to be negotiated.

Mesh Skirt Panels

I’d love to add more skirt sizes to my skirt kit. If you’re willing/able to rig fitted mesh skirts to fit the various mesh bodys,  I’d like to buy them. It’d also be nice to get some larger “standard sized” ones.


-Front and Back should each be their own face.

-Inside of skirt textured

-1  or more rigged sizes we don’t already have….


-1 or more Fitmesh Sizes for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Petites, Colosi, ect.

-Should fit seamlessly when worn with the mesh  it’s made for.

Compensation: A negotiated flat fee, depending on the number of sizes/popularity of the size added.

Mesh Bulges

Unrigged Mesh Bulges!


-Unrigged Version

-Rigged Version

Compensation: A negotiated flat fee, depending on variety and detail of the bulges created


50/50 profit share on the resulting “bulge kits” priced between 199-899L based on the detail and specifics.

Ie, did you bother adding layers…how many shapes included in one package.

Depending on what is available, we might make multiple bulge kits available,

Notes for All Projects:

-If it’s a collab, both you and I get vendors. If I’m the one putting out the item, then I’ll provide you with a vendor. If you put it out (Ie the nails) you’ll put it out.

-It’s up to me if the item will go into our affiliate kit. If it does, it will be at a 20% cut before profit share.

-I will not script items sold by full perm sellers without their permission. You should be the one making these items.

-Taking an idea I’ve listed here and then asking for Free Omega Scripting will not result in a happy Chellynne. It’s not gunna happen.

-If you want the flat fee, IM me BEFORE starting work to find out what my budget for this item is. . It’s hard to give a hard offer before seeing your work, but making sure we’re in the same ball park will save us both time.

-All projects use Omega Friendly UVs