Gift Giver Script

Gift Giver Script

This script is designed for giving out Advent Gifts or anything after a certain day and time.

You can set it up to require a group and/or set it to revert to a non-free price after the gift period expires .


  1. Rez a prim for each day of the Advent Calendar.
  2. Put the Date you want it to open in the description in dd/mm/yyyy format.
  3. Place the script into the root prim of your gift giver.
  4. Ensure your gift is a single object. If need be, box it up to be
  5. Place your gift object into the same root prim.
  6. Check the Config Stats by typing /87 status


Start Date: This is the Day and Hour (UTC) the box opens. Notes:

  • Default is 8:00, to match SLT which is 8 hours slower then UTC.
  • To avoid Lag Creation, this script is not designed to be super precise, it only checks the current hour and once every hour.  This means what point during the hour it opens up will be based on when the script starts. If it is important to you to open at 8:15, insert or reset the script at 8:15. (I don’t suggest aiming for exactly on the hour since if it checks too early, it’ll wait another hour before opening up.
  • The script is not set to handle negative values, so if you want a time zone east of UTC, you should pick a date 1 day sooner and add enough hours to get to your time.

Requires Group:  You can make them join a group before getting their gift. If you set this, make sure the boxes are set to the appropriate group. Default is No.

Changing group requirement (Default : False)

/87 group gift true

/87 group gift false

Expire after: How long the gift will remain available. Default is 1 day. Set to 0 to have no expiration.

Price after expiration: Cost of the Gift when the gift is expired. Set to 0 to make unavailable.

/87 expire=X


/87 expire=1

Price: This price is used after expiration. Set to zero to make item unavailable after expiration.

/87 price= X


/87 price=99

Floating Text

The floating Text can be set to change based on state.

Just replace the quoted text with your own.

/87 waitingText=A present is coming!

/87 readyText=Come get your present!

/87 expiredText=You’re a little late, but you can still get your gift for 99L

Gift Message

You can change what the script tells folks after it’s given.

/87 giftmessage=Enjoy your gift!

More about Time and Time Zones:

The default time setting for this script is 8 hours past UTC. Meaning it will open at midnight SLT/Pacific the morning of the assigned day.   If you want to change this number, either because you live in a different time zone or because you want it to open latter in the day, you can set the new offset from UTC with

/87 hour=X

with X being how many hours after UTC you want to wait.

Do note the script only takes positive integers (0-23). So no half hours or negatives. It also uses UTC time and counts hours after midnight based on that time, so you need to figure out the day and time you want using UTC time, which may result in having to set the day to the day-before.


Time zone table (Figures for opening at midnight)


Time Zone ::    Set Hour to   :::   Set Day to:

UTC +14    :::   /87 hour=14   :::   Same Day

UTC +12    :::   /87 hour=12   :::   Same Day

UTC +10    :::   /87 hour=10   :::   Same Day

UTC +8      :::   /87 hour=8     :::   Same Day

UTC +6      :::   /87 hour=6     :::   Same Day

UTC +4      :::   /87 hour=4     :::   Same Day

UTC +2      :::   /87 hour=2     :::   Same Day

UTC +0      :::   /87 hour=0     :::   Same Day

UTC -2       :::   /87 hour=22   :::   Day Before Local

UTC -4       :::   /87 hour=20   :::   Day Before Local

UTC -6       :::   /87 hour=18   :::   Day Before Local

UTC -8       :::   /87 hour=16   :::   Day Before Local

UTC -10     :::   /87 hour=14   :::   Day Before Local

UTC -12     :::   /87 hour=12   :::   Day Before Local