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RLV Outfit Kit v4.0 


Well.. that was even latter this time… at least progress… it is happening! RLV Outfit Kit v4.0!
Mass updates to the Delay/Auto Detach Settings, ability to toggle the hover text, turn the relay on and off and Lock the Relay to your person using RLV!
Get more info about the kit including where to get it here: RLV Outfit Kit

(If you’re a RLV Developer and would like the Dev Kit, please drop me a Notecard!)

More Recent News

03-17-2016 – Gallary So Skin Fair has brought a ton of skin designers with Omega Appliers over there that simply are not on the skin list yet. I’ve started a facebook album here.
12-28-2015 – System Update: We’ve updated our Skin appliers to accept Neck Blenders textures and have provided a handy PSD for making them for both Heads and Bodys! (One Texture works on BOTH)
12-03-2015 – Blog Change We like knowing what you guys think, so we’ve started a page just for polls.
11-20-2015 – New Contact Page/Ticket System We’ve set up a new customer service ticket system. No more lost IMs and NCs! You can find it at the top of the page “Contact Us”.
11-04-2015 – Price Change: The group discount has been changed. Now ALL mesh kits are 50% off with group.

Mesh News

New Mesh Head: Stargazer Lilea! 


Stargazer has a new Omega Enabled Mesh Head!

They’ve also added a new pair of… frilled ears? Iunno what to call em, but they’re cool looking! And all of it comes with Omega Pre-Installed! 🙂

Available On Sim under New Releases and in the Mesh Head Room! 🙂

New Mesh: GA.EG! 


GA.EG has a new Omega Friendly Male Mesh Head!

New Mesh: Eye Candi! 


Eye Candi has 2 new Omega Friendly Mesh Heads!

New Mesh: Cherry Rogue Coochi 2.0! 


Cherry Rogue, previously known as Cathode Rays, and creator of Nyam Nyam and Coochi has released a new, SLUV Choochi! And it’s Omega Friendly!

New Mesh Kit: .:pixies:. 


We have a new TINY Mesh!! .:pixies:. has released a new Omega Friendly Mesh Tiny!

More Mesh News

03-17-2016 – New Mesh: AK Creations has released a female Mesh Head! (and yes, Omega Friendly!)
03-17-2016 – New Mesh: Logo has released a lovely Male Mesh Head.
(and yes, Omega Friendly!)
03-17-2016 – New Mesh: Aii has released two new heads, one with a 3rd eye.. one with 3 heads!…does that makes it 4 new heads?
03-17-2016 – New Mesh: Altamura has released 3 new mesh heads!

03-17-2016 – New Mesh Add-On: Ebody has released rather… interesting mesh hands… –
03-02-2016 – New Mesh:AK Creations has helped me create a Relay for their Male Mesh Heads!

03-01-2016 – New Mesh:Tiny Things has released a new mesh Petite sporting a MUCH curvier figure then other tinys!
02-26-2016 – New Mesh: Signature has released a new male mesh body, Gianni! Unlike their previous male mesh, this one takes both Omega skin and clothing appliers!
02-23-2016 – New Mesh:Anthro.Anim has released a new line of Muscle Meshes for both Men and Woman! They have both standard height and Macro Sizes up to 1.4x scale. Perfect for Minotaurs, and other impressively large creatures.
02-18-2016 – Mesh Update:Logo has updated their Saddie Mesh Head to be Omega Friendly!
02-18-2016 – New Mesh: La Bomba! has been released!
02-15-2016 – New Mesh: Totsipop has released a New Mesh Body For Tweens! Totsi-Tween!
02-04-2016 – New Mesh: Adam has a new Omega Friendly Mesh Head!

Love N Lust Recent Releases

Chellynne does occasionally release non…scripty things… sometimes….

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