3rd Party Applier Script TOS

3rd Party Applier Script TOS

  1. The script is provided copy/trans but must not be redistributed with both copy and trans permissions.
  2. The script will only function, and must only be distributed in no-mod items.
  3. The script is keyed to  only work for the trusted creator it is provided to. It will not work in items with a creator other then that creator it is provided for.
  4. The script shall not be used in, or used to in anyway pirate or obtain content illicitly.
  5. The script will not be used to create “Applier Converters” without express permission.
  6. This script will not be used in any manner that violates Linden Labs TOS.
  7. This script will not be used for reverse engineering applier channels or used in products that use reverse-engineered (read: stolen) channels.
  8. This script shall only be used for creating custom appliers. Other gadgets, including wardrobes, relays, RLV solutions, organizers, ect require prior-permission.
  9. All clothing/makeup will be provided with all available layer options. (Pants/Undies/Tatt for Lower Body, Top/Bra/Tatt for upper Body and Makeup/Tatt for face) Exception: Skirt textures are never required.

3rd Party Applier Script Instructions

This simple script works by listening to Linked Messages and spitting out that Message on our Channels.  Important, use the number 9575 for these messages.

Data Formatting: 

All Omega Data Strings are an Extension of the Format originally put out by Tango.

The Message you send should look like this:

string layerName:key textureUUID:vector repeats:vector offsets:float rot:vector RGB:key normalUUID:key specularUUID:vector shineRBG:integer glossy:integer environment

for example:

lolasBra:99597e60-41f9-48d2-d1a3-491731e9aa6c:<.5,.5, 0.0>:<-0.25, 0.25, 0.0>:0.0:<1.0,1.0, 1.0>:99597e60-41f9-48d2-d1a3-491731e9aa6c:99597e60-41f9-48d2-d1a3-491731e9aa6c:<1.0,1.0, 1.0>:135:42

If you have no Materials or Tinting information, you can send the much shorter:

string layerName:key textureUUID:vector repeats:vector offsets:float rot

for example: 


lolasBra:99597e60-41f9-48d2-d1a3-491731e9aa6c:<.5,.5, 0.0>:<-0.25, 0.25, 0.0>:0.0

Note: While Omega Bodys ignore the repeats, rotation and offsets in these strings… Boobies do not, so leave the “<.5,.5, 0.0>:<-0.25, 0.25, 0.0>” unless you know what you’re doing.

Data LayerNames:

Every applier uses the same format, so to tell it where to go, you’re going to change the LayerName at the beginning,  Unless otherwise noted, all textures are SLUV.

Clothing Layers: Used for clothing, makeup, tatts and other alpha layer items. It’s VERY important your hud give all three options for upper and lower body clothing and both options for face items. Meshes vary greatly, and some meshes only have 1-2 layers. We also sometimes take advantage of multiple faces of a meshes single clothing layer and if you don’t provide all layer options your customer will not be able to fully dress themselves! (This is especially true of heads which rarely have more then one layer but many texture-able sections)










Skin Layers:  Since Omega caters to a variety of hand/feet styles, both old and new, we use separate textures for more detailed hands/feet.   “omegaHands” and “omegaFeet” textures apply to any mesh feet with separated toes and prim nails. For older meshes without separated toes and/or prim nails, the lolasSkin and skin textures are used instead.  All 4 of these textures are sluv, but you should include finger/toe shading and nails/nailbeds ONLY on the lolasSkin and skin textures. Anything that might look awe full on a poorly aligned mesh should be left off the omegaHands/omegaFeet textures.

Hint: Send Hand/Feet Textures last, or the lolasSkin/Skin texture will override them.






lolasNipps – uses tango UV. (a circle centered in the texture >.>)

Misc Layers:


omegaNails – uses Slink Nail UV ( A square with the cuticle at the bottom of the texture)