Dev Kit Instructions – Standard Appliers

Creating Standard Appliers


Omega Standard Appliers

The Appliers:

Omega Advanced Applier – Upper A 3 Button Applier used for Tops, Bras, Tattoos, Gloves and any other non-skin texture designed to go on the Upper Body, including Gloves.

Omega Advanced Applier – Lower A 3 Button Applier used for Pants, Undies, Tattoos, Socks, Skirts, Stockings and any other non-skin texture designed to go on the Lower Body.

Omega Advanced Applier – Outfit A 6 Button Applier used for items that use both a upper and lower texture, like dresses, high waisted pants and long shirts.

Omega Advanced Applier – Face A 2 Button Applier for Makeup, Tattoos and any other non-skin texture designed for the head and/or face. See Also: Cosmetic Appliers

Omega Advanced Applier – Cosmetic A 3 Button Applier for Makeup, Tattoos and any other non-skin texture designed for the head and/or face. This applier is the more advanced version of the Face applier and has an extra configurable button that can be set up to send the texture where it is actually needed. These appliers require a bit more information, so after you’ve read this page, make sure you read this too:

Omega Advanced Applier – Eyes A Single Button Applier for Eye Textures. These are used for Many Tinys, Giants and other niche meshes that have their own eyeprims.

Omega Advanced Applier – Nipple A Single Button Applier for Prim Nipples. Unlike most of the Appliers, this applier uses the Tango UV map for Nipples rather then SLUV

Omega Advanced Applier – Skin A Single Button Applier used for Skin. Unlike the rest of the appliers, this applier uses up to 6 textures in one button. A Single applier for the entire skin. These appliers require a bit more information then Clothing Appliers.  Skin makers, make sure you read this page:  Information for Skin Makers

All These appliers use the SL Texture map, with the obvious exception of the nipples which use the same UV maps as Tango.
This means there is NO need to create additional textures for your creations.If you open up the Appliers, you’ll notice the Config cards have been replaced with config scripts. This ensures your UUIDs are safely tucked away where no one can see them.
Additionally, due to popular demand, the scripts are set up so once you’ve used the applier once, you can delete the config script and it will continue to function untill reset.
(So make sure you reset before making new appliers and turn off mod on the prim so your customers don’t do so on accident!).Personally, I recommend leaving the config script intact to protect your customer against SL glitches, but the option is there.You may also notice there are not separate Bra and Top appliers. That is because I have provided  3 button appliers with a single config script.
No more making multiple Appliers for the same piece of clothing! (And no more groaning cause your top didn’t come with a bra applier!)Additionally the skin appliers have been combined into one easy to use skin applier.


About Tangos Appliers: The observant may notice we never have kits for implants. The reason is, they arn’t needed!  The Omega Bra, Top and Upper skin appliers all double as Tango appliers! That means any implant or mesh that takes Tango appliers will also take Omega Appliers! -throws confetti!- Now lets make you some appliers!

Creating your Applier

To create your applier,

  1. Open the desired  applicator
  2. Edit the config script inside
  3. Add the texture UUID in the indicated place.
  4. Change your config script to no-mod/no-trans!

Once this is done, you can wear the applier and click it to change the texture on any mesh with our Kits installed. 

Optional:  Once you’ve used the applier at least once, you can now delete the config script if you wish, BUT, and this is very important, make Absolutely SURE you make the applier box no mod if you do. Otherwise your customer may be able to reset the script and destroy the appliers usefulness.

Reskinning Standard Applier

About re-skinning Appliers: 
Like most appliers, these can be re-skinned with your own color scheme branding,etc. However it’s very important that you remember that there are multiple “buttons” on some of these appliers. To ensure they continue to work with HUD set ups, we use a coordinate system that tells the applier where on the prim you clicked. So it’s important to make sure your “buttons” lines up with ours!  It is for that reason you will find all our applier images above so you may use them as a template. Note this does not affect the Skin, Nipple or Eye Applier.
Example of proper re-skinning provided by MangoMoon
Example of Proper Multi-Applier HUD Building provided by Graffitiwear.
Note how the Layer names are still lined up with where you would see them on the original texture!
To make things easier, we’ve set up a google drive folder with PSDs ^.^
Now that I’ve told you you have to keep the layer layouts the same…. here’s how to make me a liar… Warning: Semi-Advanced Concepts Upcoming
Tweeking your zones (v1.6+) 
This texture can be used as well!

When you are re-skinning the appliers, either on their own, or to go into a hud, the way we’ve layed out the layers arn’t always the BEST way.  “Omega Advanced” and “Applier” really mess with the spacing.  BUT now there is a way to tweak that! Our appliers use the Y-Cords system to figure out where you clicked. On any prim face in SL, the bottom of the prim is 0, the tippy top is 256. You can figure out which way is up by tossing any non-vertically symmetrical texture onto it and making sure the repeats are 1,1 and the rotation 0. (generally, default!)

If you look in the description of the Face, Upper, Lower and Outfit prims you will see 1 or 2 numbers, separated by a comma.


Same texture, minus the background

The numbers represent break points between 0-255 which divides the prim face into the layers. In the case of our upper appliers (seen above) the breaks are 105 and 155. This means any clicks above 155 will be interpreted as “top” and any bellow 105 will be interpreted as “tatt” and any inbetween are interpretted as “bra”.


To change this, simply change the numbers. Lets say you’d prefer the face be in equal thirds, put in 84 and 171.   Then reset the script to load the new breaks!

Some things to note:

  • This won’t let you make zones bigger or smaller then certain limits. Ie, making an applier that is entirely “top”.  Do this sort of thing will reset it to the default setting and tell you so in chat.
  • If you’re not re-skinning.. there’s no reason to do this!
  • Yes, you can do this in your own prim.
  • If you leave the desc blank, it will just use default settings
  • Make sure you test your new settings! The appliers now tell you EXACTLY where they are applying, so it’s easy to test it out! Make sure when you’re hitting tatt on your new textures, it goes to tatt!