Dev Kit Instructions – Standard Nail Kit

Creating Nail Appliers - Standard

  1. Inside the Dev Kit you’ll find 3 boxes, You’ll find several boxes. You want the One labeled “Standard Dev Kit”
  2. Rez the Standard Applier Kit and open it up to find the Nail Kit:
  3. Now unbox the Nail Kit:
What you do next depends….
Scenario One:  If you already make Slink Nails…and you haven’t got their update that makes them Delete the NC….your task is simple.  Simply Take the Omega Applier – Nails script and drop it into your slink Nails HUD. You’re done, your HUD will now work as a Slink Applier AND an Omega Applier.
Scenario Two: You make Slink Nails, but have the auto NC deletion going on….
Simply take a copy of the HUD you made for your Slink Nails, remove the Slink Scripts, and add the Omega Applier – Nails Script along with the NC you made for your Slink HUD.
You should now have two HUDs, one for Slink, One for Omega.
Scenario Three: You don’t make Slink Nails. Well now I need to explain how to make a Nail HUD, which if you haven’t guessed is the exact same way you make a Slink Nail HUD.
Step One: Set up the NC. In the Kit you’ll find a NC named config. If you open it up, you’ll see it says this:
Example only: Delete these lines and replace with your own:
[prim name],[your UUID HERE]
[prim name],[your UUID HERE]
[prim name],[your UUID HERE]
Replace Each [prim name] with a name for that texture. When you make the HUD itself, you’ll name each button this.
Repleace [your UUID HERE] with your UUID.
(note, do not leave the brackets in)
One you have your config card ready, lets move on.
Step Two: Building the HUD
You will need 1 Prim (ie a Button) for each texture plus a Root Prim.  Link and Texture these buttons and Root prim how you like. In the Kit you’ll find an Example HUD to give you the general idea.
Step Three: Name the buttons what you named them in the Note Card. This is how the script connects a button with a texture.
Step Four: Insert the Omega Nail Script and Config NC into the HUD.

Assuming everything went well, it should work now. Give it a go using your Omega Mesh Body!

Final Steps: