Instructions – GA.EG

Instructions for GA.EG

This page is instructions for using Omega and the Omega System Relay HUD
For instructions in regard to GA.EG appliers and their main hud, visit them here:!faq-help/c1ch

If you’ve not purchased this head, you can do so here:

If you’ve not purchased the Relay HUD, you can do so here:

Part One: Using Omega Skin Appliers

Step One: Wear your GA.EG Mesh Head
Step Two:  Attach the “[GA.EG] Omega System Relay HUD”

Step Three: Use your Omega Applier.

Part Two: Using Omega Makeup Appliers

New upcoming appliers
Classic 2-Button Appliers

If you look at a makeup applier there are two or three buttons.

If there is only one button, the makeup creator likely skinned the applier incorrectly. Click on the top of the applier for “makeup” and the bottom for “tattoo”

1. “Default Zone” is the new button, and only appears on some newer appliers,  This button will attempt to apply your makeup item “correctly” using settings set by the makeup designer.  It may be renamed a variety of things depending on what they are selling but will always appear at the top of the applier.

2. “HUD CONTROL” and “MAKEUP” behave the same way, they use the options on the provided routing hud, shown above. You can click the colored sections on and off on the hud to decide which sections to affect with this button, allowing total control over how your item is applied.

3. “ALL ZONES” and “TATTOO” also behave the same way, by texturing all zones regardless of hud settings. A quick.. “DO ALL THE THINGS” button.

Part Three: Other Relay Options

Settings Button: The Pink Gears Button near the upper right will bring up a menu.

Help: Takes you right here!

-Re-Apply: Apply the last make-up to the selected layers.

-Debug: Resets the HUD and attempts to reset the scripts any Omega Scripts worn in HUDs and Meshes. Note: This feature is new and has not been implemented in all Kits. We will be doing this over time. Also note, this MAY require you to re-activate if your mesh uses a plug-in. (This mesh does not, but if you’re wearing other meshes, beware)

Makeup Apply Buttons: Select and deselect which sections will be textured when rhe Makeup or HUD Control Button is used on face appliers. (Also affects what sections are affected when Settings Menu Re-Apply button is used)

Makeup Clear Buttons: Clear makeup sections.

Part Four: Makeup Tester

Before you run off and buy makeup and tattoos for your head, a very important part of mesh head ownership is knowing where the makeup sections are. This will save you grief when you shop if you know where on the face to expect cut-offs.

On the MP, we have provided a free “Makeup Tester” here:

This applies a rainbow texture to all selected makeup areas. Play with it and the different sections listed on the hud to see where each section is mapped. When you are done, the clear buttons will remove the rainbow from your face.

Next Steps
Thats it, enjoy!
-Chellynne Bailey
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