OSK – PictureME Heads

Instructions for PictureME Heads

This kit works a little differently then the ones before it. Rather then relying on the mesh being Mod (therefor being able to drop a script into it) or using a relay system (and being forced to wear a relay whenever you use appliers), this mesh comes with a plugin script built in, all you have to do is use the activator included in the kit.

Important: This kit only works for the PictureME Mesh Heads with the Omega Logo.

Part One: Installation

Step One: Wear your PictureME Mesh Head
Step Two:  Attach the “Omega System Installer – PictureME”

Step Three: Click the installer, and verify the mesh thanks you in local.
Your mesh will now respond to Omega Appliers.

Part Two: Makeup Appliers

You can just use the Tattoo button to apply to the whole head… but who wants to do that? For instructions on how to use the Routing HUD for Mixing and matching your makeups, click here: http://slpoweredbyomega.com/omega-system-makeup-and-routing-info/

Important: Only some of PictureME Heads have a makeup layer onto which to apply, please check their listings and documentation to verify if this is a feature of your head.

Next Steps
Thats it, enjoy!
-Chellynne Bailey
Omega Solutions – Home of the Omega Applier System

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