Instructions – Slink

Instructions for Slink

This Omega Kit is designed for meshes created by Slink, found here:
If you’ve not already purchased the Slink Kit, it can be purchased here:


Step Zero: Get a re-delivery of your Slink Mesh to make sure yours is up-to-date.
Step One: Wear your Slink Mesh
Step Two:  Attach the “Omega System Installer – Slink”

Step Three: Click the installer, and verify the mesh thanks you in local.
Your mesh will now respond to Omega and Tango Appliers.

Routing HUD:

If you’re using a Vistage Mesh head, head over here to learn how to use the Makeup Router:

How to get your Phat Azz appliers to work:

Unlike Tango Appliers, Phat Azz Appliers must be converted to Omega before you can use them!
For How to convert your Phat Azz Appliers, follow this link:

(This also works for Banned, Perfect and other Appliers that use Phat Azz NCs!)
Next Steps
Thats it, enjoy!
-Chellynne Bailey
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1. My Skins not applying to my hands/feet!

Make sure you have the latest version of Slink. (Omega Compatibility was added in 2.2, but a fix was required in 2.3! Make sure you have the latest!)