Instructions – Mayreal

Instructions for Mayreal


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Using Omega Appliers

Step One: Wear your Mayreal Mesh Head
Step Two:  Attach the “Omega System Relay HUD for Mayreal”
Step Three: Use your Omega Applier

Mayreal Relay

Advanced HUD Controls

Help (?) Button: Get a link to right here!
Settings Button: The Pink Gears Button near the upper right will bring up a menu.

  • Update: Check for HUD Updates
  • Clear: Clear selected Layers
  • Re-Apply: Apply the last make-up or tattoo to the selected layers.
  • Debug: Resets the HUD.

Makeup Apply Buttons: Select and deselect which sections will be textured when Makeup appliers are used. (Also affects what sections are affected when Settings Menu Re-Apply and Clear buttons are used)

Makeup Clear Buttons: Clear makeup sections