OSK – Murder of Ravens

Omega System Kit for Murder of Ravens

The Details: 

  • Creator Info:
  • Plug-In (Head  Only): This mesh needs a easy to use Activator.
  • Pre-Installed (Nails Only): This Mesh Comes with Omega Built in!
  • Permissions: Copy/Modify/No-Trans
  • Materials and Tinting
    • Materials: This kit DOES support Omega Material Appliers
    • Tinting: This kit DOES support Omega Tinting Appliers
  • Head and Makeup Layers:
    • Type B Partial Head : Single Makeup Layer, split into 1-2 texture zones
      • 1 Full Makeup Layer(s)
      • 1 Makeup Zones(s)
      • Makeup Layers are attached.
      • Makeup Layers cover whole head.
  • Mesh Type (Nails):  Bento: This item works with the Bento update and requires a Bento-friendly viewer to view properly.
  • Mesh Type (Head):  Fitmesh: This item is a fitmesh item and requires a fitmesh friendly viewer to view properly.

Omega Kit Instructions (Nails):

Nails Installation:
These Come with Omega Built in! You don’t need to do anything!

The Nail Utility HUD:

  • The nail hud is set up to let you use a different applier on each nail if that is your desire.
  • By clicking each nail and/or bow on the hud, you can turn that nail’s listener on or off. When the nail/bow is green, it is listening for appliers, when it is black, appliers will not touch it.
  • You can turn entire groups of listeners on and off using the “All Fingers On”, “All Toes Off” and other options on the top of the hud.

Next Steps
Now what? Getting Started with Omega: Huds, Shopping and Applier Conversion

Omega Kit Instructions (Heads):

Head Installation:
Step One: Get an Update of your MOR Head.
Step Two: Wear your MOR Head.
Step Three:  Attach the “Omega System Installer – MOR”
Step Four: Click the installer, and verify each piece of the mesh thanks you in local.

Your mesh will now respond to Omega Appliers!

Makeup Appliers:

You can just use the Tattoo button to apply to the whole head… but who wants to do that? For instructions on how to use the Routing HUD for Mixing and matching your makeups, click here:

Omega System Makeup and Routing Info – Type B

Next Steps
Now what? Getting Started with Omega: Huds, Shopping and Applier Conversion


Is there a Neck Blender?
There is no Neckblender for this Mesh. If you feel you need one, you can get one here:

Is there a Demo?

Where can I get it?

How Much is the Mesh? 
Head: 0L
Nails: 250L

How Much is the Kit?
99L Inworld. (99-199 on MP)
(Remember, you don’t need the kit for the nails!)

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