Add-On: Omega Neck Fix

Omega Neck Stub


  • 100% Omega Compatible
    • Materials Ready
    • Tinting Ready
  • All pieces are fitted to the SL avatar. This means they will only work with meshes that fit SL Heads or Bodys.
    • Important: There IS a DEMO. Try it! It’s fully functional!
  • Neck and Neck Blenders are separate attachments so they can be mixed and matched or worn separately.
    • Includes 3 necks. 1 Short, 1 Long and 1 male. All have 5-8 faces that can be manually hidden to suit your needs.
      • Both Neck Pieces are SLUV and require SLUV Head Textures either applied manually or via Omega Applier.
    • Includes 5 total neck blenders, 2 for ladies, 3 for men.
      • Neck-blender can be used with the neck, or on its own to cover gaps between mesh bodies and heads.
      • Both Neck Blender pieces use the Omega Neck Blender UV and require a Neck Blender Texture to be applied manually or via an Omega Applier.
      • If you have the upper and head textures, you can use this PSD to create your Neck Blender Texture:
        (Legitimately only please! We do not condone ripping, even for personal use! Some furry creators, however, will sell/give you textures if asked nicely)

Price: 299L (At least until I add more features… iunno…)

Where to buy:


  1. Wear the Neck and/or Neck Blender of your choice.
  2. Either:
    • Manually Texture the neck and neck blender with your custom textures OR
    • Use an Omega Applier with Head and Neckblender Textures to texture the pieces.
  3. Select the faces of the neck that you don’t need and set their transparency to 100 to hide them.

Skin Picker HUD

597bf14dc138d7a7fa2a02fe28fab3271Did your skin not come with a neck blender either? No worries! Now the Kit comes with 20 tintable Neck-blender and Neck Textures!  (Thanks to Pixystix for providing the textures!)

In  addition to working on the kits Neck-blenders and necks, I’ve set it up to work an Omega Applier, so you can use it on any Omega friendly mesh in need of a neck-blender, (Just remember not all meshes have tinting compatibility, if your mesh doesn’t take tinting appliers, this probably won’t help much)

It’ll also work on various Omega Friendly Head bits,  Stargazers Antennae/Ears, Souls Gills and Tentacles, etc. It won’t however work on anything that needs a face… (unless you’d like a soulless featureless face!)


  • Wear the meshes and Skin Picker HUD
  • Select the Skin of your choice.
  • Use the up and down arrows to change the RGB value.
    • Small Arrows Change the values by 1
    • Medium Arrows Change the values by 10
    • Large Arrows Change the values by 50
  • To pick a specific value, type /42 255,255,255   (replace the 255s with your own values, no spaces!)
  • If you’d like to purchase a full skin in a given color, click the button at the bottom of the hud.
  • To return to white, click the “Tint White” button in the top right.