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Omega System Kit for Rin’s

Rin makes a variety of Mesh Avis in all sorts of sizes from Nano up to Giant and I’ve been wanting to make her a kit for AGES.
(I really have a soft spot for the niche >.> <.<) I finally got ahold of her and now we have a kit for her!
So far just the normal sized avi has been updated for, but we expect more soon!

The Details: 

  • Creator Info:
  • Plug-In: This mesh needs an easy to use Activator.
  • Permissions: Copy/Modify/No-Trans
  • Materials and Tinting
    • Materials: This kit DOES support Omega Material Appliers
    • Tinting: This kit DOES support Omega Tinting Appliers
  • Clothing Layers:
    • Includes 2 Clothing Layers
    • Covers Feet and Hands
  • Hands and Feet:
    • Type A Hands & Feet: Separated Toes, Physical Nails
    • Nails are Omega Friendly (slight adjustments needed occasionally)
    • Slinkfit Version for Slink Feet. (Must use included shape)
    • Does not fit Slink Hands
  • Nipples:
    • Nipples are not separate and do not use the Tango Nipple UV
  • Head and Makeup Layers:
    • Type A Partial Head : Single Makeup Layer, split into 3+ texture zones
      • Makeup Layers are attached.
      • Ears are not covered by Makeup Layers.
  • Mesh Type:  Bento: This item works with the Bento update and requires a Bento-friendly viewer to view properly.
  • See what people are saying about it:

Omega Kit Instructions:


Step One: Get an Update of your Rin’s Body.
Step Two: Wear your Rin’s Body.
Step Three:  Attach the “Omega System Installer – Rin’s”
Step Four: Click the installer, and verify each piece of the mesh thanks you in local.

Your mesh will now respond to Omega Appliers!

Next Steps

Thats it, enjoy!
-Chellynne Bailey
Omega Solutions – Home of the Omega Applier System


Is my Rin’s Body Supported?!
Rin has been given scripts and is going through and updating her bodies to Omega at her own pace. (She is having to do some adjustments, including re-uploading pieces, so don’t rush her… or at least be nice about it!) . As she updates, we will do announcements on Facebook and update this page.
Currently Supported Meshes Include:

Is there a Neck Blender?
There is no Neckblender for this Mesh. If you feel you need one, you can get one here:
https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/OS-Omega-Neck-Fix/9437065 (normal sized Rin Only, please try demo)

Does it come with Eyes?
There are Omega Friendly eyes included.

The Nails aren’t Working!
This Mesh uses a slightly different UV for nails, so it can look a tad off for some nail designs.  Do remember, this is one of those rare cases where a mesh body is modify, so you can tweak the repeats of individual nails if you so desire.

Is there a Demo?

Where can I get it?

How Much is the Mesh? 

How Much is the Kit?
99L Inworld. (99-199 on MP)

Where Can I get the Kit?
On the MP: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Kit-Rins/12230052
Inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Omega%20Solutions/133/106/23

I still need help with this mesh/kit!
If your issue is Omega Related:

  • First, try The Omega Solutions Support Group:  secondlife:///app/group/276e12ea-52c3-008f-d6c9-31fc8bd2ba73/about
  • If you don’t find help there, contact our CSR: OR Fill out a Support Ticket

If your issue is NOT Omega Related, try the following:

  • Contact Rin Mortenwold via Notecard:  secondlife:///app/agent/8973728d-301b-4726-9c29-508f0f3c8860/about
  • Mesh Body Addicts Group: secondlife:///app/group/830963e4-91fe-da74-003e-a4390de9a5cc/about
  • The Omega Solutions Support Group:  secondlife:///app/group/276e12ea-52c3-008f-d6c9-31fc8bd2ba73/about

Remember when asking for help in ANY support group to be polite and specific with your query. For best results, do not open with “hi” or “can someone help me?” but instead open with an explanation of the problem. 

Response rate varies based on who is online and what they know, so be patient. Sometimes you can get a delayed response, and sometimes there’s simply not someone online with an answer to your specific question. In this case, try one of the other support groups/options or come back later and try again when more or different people are around.

If you’re not sure if the problem is Omega, don’t stress, just try any of the above support options. If nothing else, they can help you sort out if it’s an Omega problem or something else.

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