OSK – Yabusaka Mesh Head Builder

Instructions – Yabusaka Mesh Head Builder


This kit is a little different in that it’s not for any one specific creators head.
Instead, it will let you use Omega with heads derived from the Yabasuka Mesh Head Studio.
The Instructions for this kit are split into two parts…
If you uploaded the head yourself, start with the Creator Instructions!
If you purchased a Head, start with the Customer Instructions!

Creator Instructions

Creator Instructions:

First.. some things to note:

  • The scripts in this kit are No-Trans, your customer WILL need to purchase them and put them in the head themselves.
  • The Scripts only work in No-Trans Meshes and will self-destruct if placed in transferable ones.  You will need to sell the heads no-trans and need to test either using an alt, or attaching a no-trans copy of your work.
  • This script assumes the head is uploaded as is, with the makeup sections remaining the same.
  • The Kit Comes with a Logo you can put on your heads.  Using this logo indicates you’ve tested your head with the scripts and everything works as intended AND that you agree to the following:
    • YOU are responsible for verifying that the head has been set up correctly and that the script is working correctly before selling the head.
    • YOU are responsible for UV issues, Rigging issues and the like. Mesh Studio Head Uploads are generally good-to-go when it comes to UV and rigging, however, any tinkering you do in Blender may change this.
    • This also applies if you don’t use the logo, but advertise that your head uses this kit!

Regarding Meshes Sold Full Perm:  This kit IS compatible with some Full Perm Meshes floating about. However, unless that mesh specifically mentions that you are allowed to install and sell with this kit, before you do ANYTHING, contact the creator of the Mesh you purchased and ask for EXPLICIT permission to put Omega in the head and resell it. Most Full Perm Licenses do NOT account for the presence of Omega Scripting and the original creator must ALWAYS give their explicit permission IN WRITING even if it doesn’t seem to violate their TOS.

I cannot express enough how important it is you get Explicit permission. If the creator does not tell you directly that it is OK to do this, you CANNOT sell the head with my scripts. Period.

Make sure you keep a copy of that granted permission, just in case issues ever arise.

Part One: Naming the Prims

  1. Rez out all the bits of your head.
  2. Add the following keywords to each prim’s description:
    1. head
    2. makeup
    3. neck
    4. eyes
  3. Ears should use the head keyword
  4. Eyes are optional

Part Two: Assembly

Each object you include will need to have a script placed into it by your customer, so for their ease of use, I recommend linking the Neck, Head and Makeup Portions and leave the unrigged ears separate.

Part Three: Testing

After you’ve done the above set up, you need to TEST and make sure everything is working correctly!

  1. IMPORTANT! Make a Test Copy of the Head!
  2. Either Send it to an Alt No-Trans OR add a No-Trans Prim to the head. (This will change the permissions to No-Trans so the scripts don’t Implode!)
  3. Use the Included Test Appliers and Verify that each is applying where one would expect. (Skin to skin, lipstick to lipstick, ect)

Part Four: Packaging

Once you’ve verified everything works, you can sell the Original as an Omega Friendly Mesh! Things to note:

  • Make sure you’re selling the version you’ve added the keywords to.. not an unnamed version. >.>
  • In the Package is a Logo you may use. Using this Logo Means you’ve followed all the steps above! If you release a head with this Logo and HAVE NOT done the setup, you are committing the sin of False Advertising!
  • If you Send me a NC with a Link to your Heads, I will add it to a List on this Page! 🙂
  • Make sure you include a Link to this Page in your Packaging so that your customers can come find the instructions!
  • Make sure the Head is set to Modify/No-Trans!

FAQ For Creators:

Can I get a Transferable Copy of the Script?
Transferable Copys are available for 10K Down and a 75L per sale profit share for well-known creators.

The Script is saying it’s not meant for Transferable Mesh?
For security reasons, our scripts will ONLY work in Non-Trans Mesh.  If you purchased your head from someone else, make sure you let them know. Otherwise, either pass the head to an alt and back to turn it No-Trans… OR temporarily attach a no-trans prim to the head to get the permissions to change.

The Makeup appliers are Mixed up.. the Lipstick is applying to the eyes… or the hairbase is applying to the lips… or…..

For this kit to work, the Face Order on the Makeup layer MUST stay the same. The Hairbase Must be face-0, the Lipstick face-2 and the eyeshadow face 1.
If you decide you need to add more faces or rearrange them, that means you will need a custom made script, and your head will no longer work with this kit.
Contact Chellynne Bailey for pricing.

What if I wanna do a Gatcha?
Unfortunately, I cannot make a script that works in Trans Mesh for any reason. There are however scripted Systems floating about that will let you distribute a No-Trans copy of a item when they open a No-Copy Gatcha Item.  Baring that, many Gatcha creators have policys in place for letting you turn in a No-Copy/Trans item for a Copy/No-Trans version.

Can I do this for Non-Mesh Studio Heads?
Yes… in the following cases:

  • If the head is JUST the skin layer, no makeup. Just toss the head keyword in the description.
  • The Head has the same Prim and Face set up as a Y-Studio Head.
    • 1 Prim for Head
    • 1 Prim for Makeup with 3 faces for Makeup, Eyes, Lips and Rest, with the “Rest” being Face 0, the Lips Face 2 and the Eyes face 1.
    • 1 Prim for Omega Friendly Neck

Things to note:

  • Its on you to make sure everything works.
  • It’s also on you to be VERY CLEAR in your product description and documentation what your Head Includes and which bits work with the kit.
    • Does the head have a makeup layer? Does it work with this kit?
    • Does the head have a neck blender? Does it work with this kit?
  • You can still use the Included Logo, but only if you’ve been super clear about the above!

The UV is off… the makeup/lips/etc don’t line up….
The Studio Generator does a fairly good job as a starting point, but depending on what settings you’ve picked, and it if you’ve tinkered at all with the mesh in Blender, the UV may have drifted. The onus is on you to check your UVs and correct if need be. The kit comes with test appliers, but I highly recommend grabbing a variety of skin and makeup demos from various sources and seeing how the textures sit.

Can I recolor the Logo?
Nope! Please display it on your product ad as-is.

Customer Instructions

Customer Instructions:

Part Zero:  Get the Kit

  1. First.. make sure this kit works for your mesh.  A Mesh head works with this kit if:
    • You can tell a head uses this kit by this unique Logo on it’s Ad
    • OR the creator has sent you to this page!
  2. Grab the Kit here:  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-Applier-System-Mesh-Studio-Kit/10299416
  3. It will arrive as a glowy purple ball. Click it to open the open the kit. (It will create a folder)
Part One: Installation
  1. First… rez your head and any other bits it comes with… Eyes, Ears, Neck, ect
  2. Drop the Included Script in each piece of Mesh. It should say “thank you, blah blah blah”
  3. Pick it all up and wear it!

You’re Done! It now responds to Omega Appliers!

Part Two: Makeup Appliers

You can just use the Tattoo button to apply to the whole head… but who wants to do that? For instructions on how to use the Routing HUD for Mixing and matching your makeups, click here:  http://slpoweredbyomega.com/instructions/omega-system-makeup-and-routing-info/

Next Steps
Thats it, enjoy!
-Chellynne Bailey
Omega Solutions – Home of the Omega Applier System

FAQ For Customers:

The head I want doesn’t have the Omega Label… will this still work?
It.. MIGHT… if it’s modify…  You will however, need to go through the creator Instructions in order to get it to work and it will only work with meshes that have been set up using the Mesh Head Studio. It will also work on “Skin Only” heads, but they will still be, skin only.

The Makeup appliers are Mixed up.. the Lipstick is applying to the eyes… or the hair base is applying to the lips… or…..
Let the head creator know this is happening, it means they got their faces out of order…

The Makeup Appliers aren’t applying!
The Head may not have a Makeup Layer, or it may not have been set up correctly. You can rez the Head on the ground to see if the Makeup Layer is there and if it is, make sure “makeup” is in the description of the prim. If it is not, let the creator know so they can fix it!

It won’t let me put the Script in the Head!
Well, first, make sure you’ve rezzed the head on the ground. You won’t be able to put the script in while wearing it.
If it STILL won’t go in, check the mesh Permissions, if it’s No-Modify, contact the creator and ask for a Modify Copy.

The UV is off… the makeup/lips/etc don’t line up….
The creator may have tinkered with the Mesh in Blender before uploading. (This is generally a good thing, it means they’ve smoothed and improved it!) But unfortunately, this means the UV may have drifted a bit. Since this is a freely available kit, I cannot verify the UV of every head that uses is. The Onus is on them to test and make sure their product works with a variety of skins and makeups from various sources.  If you find something that looks like a serious issue, be sure to take screenshots and send it to them so they can work on it.


General FAQ:

Where can I get this Mesh Head Studio?

What is it?
The Mesh Head Studio is a downloadable program that allows you to make your own mesh heads via a selection of sliders.  The heads are highly customizable, SLUV and come rigged.  They can be uploaded into SL as is, or taken into Blender for further tinkering.

What does it cost?  9999L

Is there a Demo?

What Other Full Perm Heads can this work with?
Please note, that it is against our TOS to resell our scripts in a Mesh Head without that Creators Consent. This means if you purchase a Full Perm Mesh Head, and want to resell it with our scripts, you will need to ASK THE CREATOR PERMISSION FIRST.  Do not assume a Full Perm TOS means you can do this unless the TOS or Listing Mentions Omega Explicitly.

That Said, the following full perm creator(s) have already given their blessing:
Autumn Splendor Heads (Type D Head, No Makeup Layers, Bento)

We’ll update this rather short list as we find out about other creators. If you sell a Full Perm Mesh Head and would like it listed here, please send me a Notecard. 🙂