Creator Kits

Creator Kits

A list of all our full perm scripts for creators. 

Note: None of these Scripts have ANYTHING to do with the Omega System.

These Kits are designed with novice and non-scriptors in mind and are thus designed to be as simple as possible to get the particular Job Done. As such you will not find a million options and variables you have to tweak, rather a simple script that is simple to set up. They are however full perm, so if you’re not a novice, you can add all the features you desire!

Hair HUD Kit: Designed with Hair Designers in mind, this Kit allows you to apply multiple textures to any number of prims with one click.

Hair HUD Kit Instructions
Price: 1999L

accessorieskitadClothing & Accessory Texture HUD Kit: This kit comes with two options, one for simple “texture the whole object” jobs and the other for designed with shoes and other multi-optioned accessories in mind.  This kit allows you to selectively apply textures so you can have multiple options for multiple parts of the mesh, or keep it simple with a “TEXTURE IT ALL” approach.

Clothing & Accessory HUD Kit Instructions
Price: 999L

All Kits are available inworld and on MP.

1. Can you set this up for me?
I can, but It’ll cost you my normal scripting rate. (7k hour, min 1hour + 5% disbursement) On the bright side, I knock what you paid for the kit off that price! 🙂

2. Can you just help me figure it out?
I can, but  It’ll cost you my normal scripting rate. (7k hour)
On the bright side, I knock what you paid for the kit off that price! 🙂

3. Can you modify it to do ______?
Probably. But again it’ll cost you my normal scripting rate.
4. Why so expensive?
Well the next cheapest on the market (that I’ve seen) is 7k. sooooo -skips off!-
5. How many different textures can I have for my ____?
There is no scripted limit, but eventually memory will start to get excessive. That would take an enormous number of options though to happen…
6. Why is it full Perm?
Eh, it probably wasn’t wise of me, but I like people to be able to modify the things they buy from me if possible.
7. Is this for Omega…
8. Does it have anything to do with Appliers?
8.  Does it only work on shoes/hair/clothes?
No, I named them for their most common application, but really they’ll work on anything that fits their descriptions.