Hair HUD Kit Instructions

Hair HUD Kit

You can find this product here: Full Perm Hair HUD Kit

These Kits are designed with novice and non-scripters in mind and are thus designed to be as simple as possible to get the particular Job Done. As such you will not find a million options and variables you have to tweak, rather a simple script that does ONE job. They are however full perm, so if you’re not a novice, you can add all the features you desire!

This simple do-it-yourself 2 Script Texture HUD is simple, fast and effective. It comes full MOD so you can tinker, learn and add your own features.


Step Zero: Read the License

Terms of Use:

By purchasing these scripts you agree to the following:

  1. These Scripts are full perm for your own personal use.
  2. You may distribute these scripts with your creations and only with your creations.
  3. You may modify these scripts however you like for your own use or in your creations. However the resulting script will still be bound by this License.
  4. They may not be given away or sold MODIFY for ANY REASON EVER.
  5. Because these scripts are full perm, you can see the scripting, if you copy portions or all the script into a new script, the new script is bound by this License.
  6. You may not use this script to create other full perm scripts.
  7. They may not be given away or sold copy/Trans. They must either be no-copy or no-trans.
  8. These Scripts do not come with scripting services. Quick questions will be answered, but if you want me to set them up for you however, you will pay my hourly rate.

Phew, think that’s everything. Onto the instructions!

Step One: Proprietize the Scripts

Yes, I know Proprietize not a word!

First, we’re going to make sure your huds work on your products and your products ONLY, and only on the products they go with! This step is easily forgotten, so let’s do it before anything else!

  1. Start by setting your Proprietary Channel. This should be unique to your brand.
    1. Pick a number. Something hard to guess. Something in the 7+ digits and in the negatives.
    2. Open up Both Provided scripts and find this:
      integer channel = -8569; 
    3. Change the Number to the one you picked. (do this for BOTH scripts)
      Have a hard time picking? is great for picking numbers.
  2. Next, set your HUD ID. This should be unique to a specific product you want the hud to work on.
    1. Open up Both Provided scripts and find this:
      string hudID = “testHUD”; 
    2. Replace the value with your UniqueID. “Pony Tail – Reds” or similar is recommended. (do this for BOTH scripts)

Step Two: Build your HUD

In this kit, you will find an example HUD to use as a Guide. You may use it if you like, but I recommend making your own.

  1. Make a Root Prim + 1 Button Prim for every color in the pack.
  2. Name the individual buttons “0”, “1”, “2”, “3”, etc, etc. (No quotes or spaces!)
  3. Link them together and ensure the Root Prim is the Root Prim. (it’ll be outlined in yellow!)
  4. Name your HUD
  5. Drop the Hair HUD Script into the root prim.

Step Three: Setting up the Prims

The script works by looking at the Description of the hair prims to decide which list of the textures (more on that in the next bit) to pull a texture from.

  1. First, Organize your Textures. You need to know how many textures you use for a single Color.
  2. Assign a number, 1-7, to each texture type you use.
  3. Label each of your hairs Prim Descriptions:
    • If the prim is all one texture, label it “1“, “2“, “3” etc based on which hair texture it uses.
    • If the prim is using multiple faces you want to utilize, list the texture numbers for the faces separated by commas with no spaces. Ie, if Face 0,2,3 need texture1, but face 1 uses texture 2, put this in the description:  1,2,1,1

Step Four: Setup the Listener Script

Now we’re going to add UUIDs to the Listener Script so it can texture the prims.

  1. Open up the Hair Listener Script and look for these:
    • list hairTexture1 = [“20db1f7f-ec15-c427-ebb2-371146eab13c”, “1ee86185-4cf1-f236-f190-270a551ae616”]; 
    • list hairTexture2 = [“2cb5075d-0e45-b327-65ae-b10b1ceb7d11”, “1ee86185-4cf1-f236-f190-270a551ae616”];   
    • list hairTexture3 = [“d83b72ce-e22c-be8d-65db-f97f1b98fe2a”, “7db8963f-8783-1890-bd35-2758a890f9c2”]; 
    • list hairTexture4 = [“8514fec4-fc23-6089-d41f-abf2f84a2b4b”, “7db8963f-8783-1890-bd35-2758a890f9c2”];
    • list hairTexture5 = [“0067074a-7351-3462-4762-d06528e62a43”, “7db8963f-8783-1890-bd35-2758a890f9c2”];
    • list hairTexture6 = [“45e8c1f7-52c6-e784-a307-0772fe4a3953”, “4dd68bb3-201a-a2a0-42c7-583e5b8d8d66”]; 
    • list hairTexture7 = [“45904e91-f072-89bf-cbd3-b4829df5d521”, “4dd68bb3-201a-a2a0-42c7-583e5b8d8d66”]; 
    • list hairColorName = [“Animal Prints”, “Camo”];  //name your colors
  2. Replace the UUIDs
    1. You’re going to put all the textures you want applied to the “1” prims in the list for hairTexture1. All your Textures for “2” prims should go into hairTexture2, ect.
    2. You should have 1 UUID for EACH hair color.  If you have 10 hair colors, each of these lists should be 10 UUIDs long. Make sure you do these in SAME ORDER each time. If _____ is 3rd on the first list, it needs to be 3rd on all 8 of the lists.  If it helps, make yourself a grid in Excel, Notepad, etc to help you organize and picture how to insert the scripts into the lists:
      1. hairTexture1 |  BlueBangs  |  Red Bangs | YellowBangs
      2. hairTexture2 |   Blue Alpha |  RedAlpha |  YellowAlpha
      3. hairTexture3 |   Blue ALpha2|  RedALpha2 |  YellowALpha2
      4. hairTexture4 |  Blue Texture|  RedTexture |  YellowTexture
      5. hairTexture5 |  Blue Texture2|  RedTexture2 | YellowTexture2
      6. hairTexture6 |
      7. hairTexture7 |
      8. hairColorName | Blue Hair | Red Hair | Yellow Hair
  3. Replace the HairColorNames: These are used to tell the user that ______ is applying. Just swap the name for the name of the Color.
  4. Once you’ve finished editing the script, drop it into the hair. Assuming everything was done correctly, your hair should work now ^.^



Can I use this for things other than Hair?

YES! I talk about hair in the instructions because it’s what I have in mind, but will work on any Mesh/Prims you need textured in a similiar manner.

Can I set the hud up to mix and match?
Saddly no, if you wanna do that, you need to use the Accessories Kit

Can you set this up for me?
I can, but It’ll cost you my normal scripting rate. (5k hour, min 1hour + 5% dispersment) On the bright side, I knock what you paid for the kit off that price! 🙂

Can you modify it to do ______?
Probably. But again it’ll cost you my normal scripting rate.

Why so expensive?
Well the next cheapest on the market (that I’ve seen) is 7k. sooooo -skips off!-

How many different textures can I have for my hair?
It is scripted to take 7, however with a bit of scripting knowledge it can fairly easily be expanded to take more.

Why is it full Perm?
Eh, it probably wasn’t wise of me, but I like people to be able to modify the things they buy from me if possible.

Is this for Omega…

Does it have anything to do with Appliers?

I need help!
If you are having problems with it:

  • Write a notecard describing the issue you are having and put it in a folder labeled “Hair HUD Help – Your Name”
  • Include a copy of your object and your HUD.
  • These items should be copy/modify/no-transfer.
  • They should be in your current state of progress including scripts

Send me the folder and I will, at my first available opportunity look at your project and see what you might be doing wrong. If you’ve sent me everything, it usually takes about 2mins to spot the problem and I will let you know.

Please note, I’d prefer if you don’t IM me. Notecards and folders work much better for my work flow, but if you must, DON’T try to IM me before having the folder ready and flung at my head. If you try to IM me first, it just takes a bunch more of my time waiting for you to dig through your inventory and depending on my caffeine and sugar levels, this can significantly affect Customer Service Quality! 🙂