Add-On: Applier Converter

Omega Advanced Applier Converters


Ever get an applier HUD that didn’t include the layer you need?
Or found an applier that didn’t label their layers?
Or struggled to match your upper and lower materials appliers? This little hud is here to help!
This no-trans hud will listen to your appliers, store them and let you reapply using any layer you want!
(Get it free here)

What do all the buttons do?

Help(?): Need help with the hud? Click the button in the top right to get back to this page!
Settings Button (Gears): Access the menu and get options to reset or delete the Omega Scripts in your Mesh Body!
Clear Buttons: Use the Eraser buttons on the left and right to set the HUD to use the HUD as a Transparent Texture Applier!
Top/Pants/Bra/Undies/Tatt/Tatt Layer Buttons: Use to apply a stored texture onto yourself! Just like an applier!
Glossy/Env: Change the Gloss and Environment settings! (Click a layer button to apply with the new setting!)
Remove Materials: Turn off all materials support! All textures will be applied without materials!
Return Materials: Turn material support back on! Textures with Materials will be applied with them!
Lock/Unlock: Turns the Listeners on and off, so you can keep the stored textures from changing, letting you store and use copys of the hud as appliers with your outfits.

Things to note: 

  • This HUD is not transferable, for obvious reasons.
  • Only Materials Appliers will be able to make use of the Materials Functions
  • The Applier will work with Tinting appliers and remember the tint you used, but there’s no way to change the tint other then to reload the applier.

Update 9/7/2016: Ok, Makeup Version done! Now to finish up the new applier set up. Weee!
Update 1/14/2017: Releasing Today
Update 3/11/2017:  Outfit applier will now hear Phat Azz Appliers and can be used to convert from Phat Azz to Omega.
Propriety Mesh Applier Channels are only used with Permission from the Meshes Creator and only for purposes approved by that creator. Thank you CK Winx for Permission to use the Phat Azz channels in this way.