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Dev Muscles

Dev Muscles come in a variety of muscle sizes and heights ranging from 1x Avi Height to 5x Avi Height. 
They’ve been doing this long enough you can find Rigged, Fitted and Now Bento Mesh in their Show room. 🙂

The Details: 

  • Creator Info:
  • Standard/Plugin Kit:  Dev Started out with a Standard Kit, and then we converted them to a Plug-in, but due to the sheer volume of meshes, the oldest Meshes Still use the Standard Kit! But no worries! Both are included when you purchase the Omega System Kit for Dev!
  • Permissions:
    • Older Meshes: Copy/Modify/No-Trans
    • New Meshes: Copy/N0-Modify/No-Trans
  • Materials and Tinting
    • Materials: This kit DOES support Omega Material Appliers
    • Tinting: This kit DOES support Omega Tinting Appliers
  • Hands and Feet:
    • Older Meshes feature Type D Hands & Feet with Joined Toes and Painted Nails
    • Newer Models, Including Nana have Type A Hands & Feet  with Separated Toes and Physical Nails.
    • The very Latest Mesh, Nana Fitness Body, has Bento Mesh Hands.
  • Head and Makeup Layers:
    • Some Meshes include Heads, some do not.
    • Oldest Meshes:
      • Come with one Non-Omega tatt layer
      • Omega Friendly Skin Layer
    • Newer Meshes
      • No makeup/tatt layers.
      • No Eyes
      • No Omega
    • Nana Fitness: Type A Head : Single Makeup Layer, split into 3+ texture zones
      • 1 Full Makeup Layer(s)
      • 4 Makeup Zones(s)
      • Makeup Layers are attached.
      • Makeup Layers are separate attachments.
      • Makeup Layers cover whole head.
      • Makeup Layers partially cover the head.
  • Mesh Type:  Mixed: This creator sells a variety of mesh Types, Rigged, Fitmesh and Bento.  Check individual listings.
  • Skin Layers: It’s important to note that not all Dev Muscle Bodies have SLUV/Omega Friendly Skin.  Check the Advert carefully to see if that particular mesh has SLUV Skin.
  • Clothing Layers: 
    • Number of layers Vary from 1-3.
    • Layers do not cover hands or feet on most bodys. Check Demos to see true coverage.
  • Alphas
    • Older Models have no alphas HUDs.
    • Nana features a full featured Alpha HUD.
  • See what people are saying about it:

Omega Kit Instructions:

Part One A:  Body and Clothing.

Newer Dev Meshes have Plug-in Scripts, however older ones still use Standard Kits. So if you have one of her New Meshes, try the Installer Method first. If you have an older SLUV-Skin mesh, or the Installer does not work, move onto the Insert Method.

Installer Method:

1. Wear your Dev Body Parts
2. Wear the Included “Omega System Installer – Dev Muscle”.
3. Click it.

If all your mesh bits spam you with “Thank you for Installing Omega… blah blah blah” then you are done. If not, remove your mesh Body Parts and move onto the Insert Method:

Insert Method:

1. Rez out all your body and clothing parts on the ground. For each one, drop in the appropriate Script labeled “Omega Applier Listener Script for ___________.   Body goes in the body, head goes into the head, ect. ect

If you see Omega Scripts already inside (and you didn’t put them there yourself), go back to the Installer Method and try again.

2. Pick up all the parts and wear them.

Your Body Parts and clothing layers Should now respond to Tango and Omega Appliers.

Next Steps

Thats it, enjoy!
-Chellynne Bailey
Omega Solutions – Home of the Omega Applier System


Is it Fitted?
Some are. Nana is. Check individual listings.

The Nails aren’t Working!
Not all of their Meshes have Mesh Nails, or Use our UV.  We cannot support these. Nana however DOES! 🙂

Is there a Demo?
yes! There appears to be demos for everything!

Where can I get it?

Note that many of their products and Demos are ONLY available inworld.

How Much is the Mesh? 

1700-3900L per version

How Much is the Kit?
99L Inworld. (99-199 on MP)


3/18/2014  Updated to work with Dev Muscles v1.7.  (Added script for Neck Piece)

4/23/2015  Updated to work with Dev Muscles v1.7.1 (Script added for new improved feet.)

2/2/2016    Added Script for new Flex Torsos.

2/4/2016    Added Installer for Dev Muscles newer Meshes.

3/22/2017 Release of Nana/Page Info Update

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