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Omega Applier System Kit for Maitreya


The Details: 

  • Creator Info:
  • Relay: – Simply wear the relay when you want to use an Omega Applier!
  • Permissions: Copy/No-Modify/No-Trans
  • Materials and Tinting
    • Materials: This kit does NOT support Omega Material Appliers.
    • Tinting: This kit does NOT support Omega Tinting Appliers
  • Hands and Feet:
    • Type A Hands & Feet: Separated Toes, Physical Nails
    • Hands and Feet are separate Attachements
    • The nails are NOT Slink/Omega UV, so omega appliers will not line up right.
    • Wrists and ankles are fitted to Standard Size XS. (For those of you with standard sized hands and feet like slink)
    • Hands are Bento Enabled
  • Head and Neck:
    • No Head Included
    • Omega Friendly Neck Blender Included
  • Clothing Layers

    • Three Clothing Layers on the body. Hands and Feet have a single clothing layer.
    • Clothing layers are attached
    • Top/Bra Layers do not extend up the neck or even to the neck line.  Tattoo layers however do go up all the way up.
  • Nipples:
    • Nipples are not separate and do not use the Tango Nipple UV
  • Applier Checklist:
    *Note: Omega Nail appliers will apply, but they are NOT the same UV map.
    They will NOT line up properly. We left the ability in there for modders.
  • The HUD 

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Mesh Type:  Bento: This item works with the Bento update and requires a Bento friendly viewer to view properly.
  • See what people are saying about it:

Omega Kit Instructions:

Part One: Using Omega Appliers

Step One: Wear your Maitreya Body.
Step Two:  Attach the “Omega Applier Relay for Maitreya”

Step Three:  Use your Omega Applier
And that’s it, just keep the Omega Relay Attached whenever you use Omega Appliers.
Hint: The HUD is modify if you’d like to shrink it, turn it transparent, or otherwise get it out of the way!

Update: v0.6 Added a menu with the following options:

-Update: No more looking for kiosks and delivery buttons in your inventory. Click it, and if there’s something newer, it will be delivered.
-Clear:  Click it and it’ll clear off a layer of your choice.
-Re-Apply: Some well-meaning designers have gone rogue, and despite my protests combined multiple appliers into a single button, creating race conditions in some meshes, including this one. If you ever find one of these appliers, this will fix the issue.
-Debug: This will reset the whole mess.


Is there a Neck Blender?
There is an Omega Friendly Neck Blender.

Any cool add-ons I should know about?
Empire has mesh nails for this mesh!
V-Tech makes a cool pectoral plate to turn this mesh into a male one ^.^

The Nails arn’t Working!
This Mesh has their own UV. Omega Appliers will “apply” but will not line up properly. We left this functionality only to aid in Modding. 🙁

The clothing applier isn’t working! And/or I don’t see it on my hands/feet!

99% of the time… you don’t have the clothing layer you’re trying to use turned on. Get out your Maitreya HUD and turn them on. Even if they appear to be on..turn them off and back on! (HUDs and Bodys arn’t always on the same page!)

Is there a Demo?

Where can I get it?

How Much is the Mesh? 

  • 2750L

How Much is the Kit?
99L on the MP. 50L Inworld WITH our Support Group Tag. (5L to join)

I still need help with this mesh/kit!
If your issue is Omega Related:

  • First, try The Omega Solutions Support Group:  secondlife:///app/group/276e12ea-52c3-008f-d6c9-31fc8bd2ba73/about
  • If you don’t find help there, contact our CSR: OR Fill out a Support Ticket

If your issue is NOT Omega Related, try the following:

  • Contact Maitreya’s CSR: secondlife:///app/agent/361cce20-9dae-4211-b636-0011475939ef/about
  • Mesh Body Addicts Group: secondlife:///app/group/830963e4-91fe-da74-003e-a4390de9a5cc/about
  • The Omega Solutions Support Group:  secondlife:///app/group/276e12ea-52c3-008f-d6c9-31fc8bd2ba73/about

Remember when asking for help in ANY support group to be polite and specific with your query. For best results, do not open with “hi” or “can someone help me?” but instead open with an explanation of the problem. 

Response rate varies based on who is online and what they know, so be patient. Sometimes you can get a delayed response, and sometimes there’s simply not someone online with an answer to your specific question. In this case, try one of the other support groups/options or come back later and try again when more or different people are around.

If you’re not sure if the problem is Omega, don’t stress, just try any of the above support options. If nothing else, they can help you sort out if it’s an Omega problem or something else.

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