Add-On: Omega Eye Wardrobe

Omega Eye Wardrobe


  • Store Hundreds of Omega Eye appliers in one easy to use HUD
  • Organize them into up to 20 different sets you name yourself!
  • Flip through your eyes with easy to use navigation buttons.
  • Delete eyes you no longer desire
  • Built-in Resizer
  • Free Updates
  • Export feature for if/when we do updates. An easy to use menu option lets you quickly move all your eyes and sets to a new hud!
  • Compatible with all Omega Appliers
  • Responsible No-Mod Design with swirly overlays and Omega Watermark to protect Eye Creators.


The HUD should be fairly self-explanatory. But just in case:

Storing Eyes

To add Eyes, simply use an Omega Eye applier while wearing the wardrobe. It will be saved to your current Set. Before you start adding eyes though, you may want to think about making some eye sets!

Making/Managing Eye Sets

Rather than keeping all your eyes in one giant pile, the HUD lets you create Sets to keep yourself Organized. You can manage your sets by accessing the HUD Menu by clicking the Omega Symbol in the Lower Left of the HUD. Among other things, you’ll see 1 or more of the following options (depending on the number of sets already created! For example, it will not give you the option to select or remove a set if you only have 1!)

  • New Set: Create a New Eye Set! (There is no “move” button, so make your sets first and then add eyes to them!)
  • Select:  Pick the Set to be Viewed. All added eyes will be added to this set!
  • Remove Set: Remove a Set you’ve created. WARNING! YOU WILL LOSE YOUR EYE DATA!
  • Export: In the event of a HUD Update, the export button will send all your eye and set data to the updated wardrobe!

Applying an Eye

To apply an eye you’ve added to the hud, simply click on the center menu to apply whatever is there. If what you want isn’t currently in the center window:

  1. Make sure you select the Set you stored it in.
  2. Use the Double Arrow Buttons to navigate to it.
  3. Once it’s in view, you can click on it to bring it to the main window or use the single arrow buttons to bring it to the center.

Other Menu Options

  • Refresh: Kicks the Listeners in the bum if they’ve gotten stuck!
  • Help: Brings you here!
  • Update: Checks for Updates
  • Resize: Change the Size of the HUD! Small, Medium or Large!


Will it store Catwa Eyes?
Nope! Sorry!

Does this mean I can delete all my old Eye HUDS?!
If SL was a stable creature, I’d say yes. But given that any prim, anywhere can die and glitch out,  or worse… be eaten by your inventory! So no, I don’t recommend it.  If you want to use this to clean up your inventory, I suggest making yourself a Backup Box and tossing all your old eye appliers and maybe a backup of the HUD into it. 🙂

Where to get it:


Cost: 349L on MP, 299L Inworld