Add-On: Omega Scripted Mesh Skirt Panels

Omega Scripted Mesh Skirt Panels

Improve the look of skirts and glitch-pants by using a Omega Scripted Skirt Prim.


  • Rigged Mesh Version in 5 Standard Sizes XXS-L:
    • 2 Faces: Separate Faces on the front and back for precise fitting.
    • Works with any skirt down to ankle length.
  • Un-rigged Version in 3 Sizes for Petites, giants and other non-traditionally sized persons. Comes pre-fitted for Tiny, Traditional and Giant Sized Avis but can be fitted to ANY size avi.
    • Only works with Mini-Skirts.
  • Modify: Tweak and adjust your repeats and offsets to get the best possible appearance for your skirt, regardless of the mesh you wear it with.
  • Comes with Omega Built in: Accepts all Omega Skirt, Pant and Undie appliers.
  • Easy to use HUD:

Modify? Yes!

Fitted? No.

Demo?  Yes! Use the demo button from the caspervend menu to get one!

Where do I get it?

Cost: 199L


  1. Wear your favorite Omega Friendly body.
  2. Try on the various skirt sizes to see which ones fits you best.
  3. Wear that size.
  4. Use your favorite Omega Skirt, Pant or Undies applier to apply a skirt to yourself.
  5. Use a pose stand to assume a spread leg posture for better viewing of your skirt.
  6. Go into edit mode ==> Texture Tab for your skirt prim:
  7. Edit the Scale and offsets of the your skirt until you’re happy with it.  The front and back are two different faces, so remember to adjust both!

    Note…some skirts are not as easy as this one,many will require clever texture positioning to use sections of the texture from the thigh or ass.

  8. Click Save on the included hud to save these settings to the skirts script memory to ensure they’re not changed when new appliers are used and to sync any Materials Offsets/Repeats/Rot to the same settings.

    If you’re having issues and decide to start over, clicking reset will reset the repeats to the default 1 x 1 with no offset or rotation.


Can I make appliers for these skirts?
Yes, as of Dev Kit vs. 2.9.2 there is an option to add a skirt texture to outfit and lower appliers.

Does this mean I don’t have to include a skirt prim with my skirts?
Absolutely not! This kit is not free and not everyone who buys from you will have it. Shoot, some won’t even have a mesh body.

So why have this kit?
It’s for those who have clothing that either didn’t come with a skirt prim..or that the skirt prim is no-mod, or those who simply want to make themselves something and don’t have 3k to drop on full perm skirt prims.

It also REALLY streamlines things for folks using materials and/or tinting appliers. Sure.. you can manually edit the prim provided by the skirt maker to the same settings as your body…but that’s kinda a pain…

There is a pointy bit pointing downward!
While the skirt will take normal pant/undies/tatt appliers, if the creator did not include a skirt texture, the skirt will likely not look right. This can often be rectified with clever repeat/offset use, using the ass or thigh portion instead of the center. This is most effective when the item is a solid color. This is why the skirt prims are mod.


While the Dev kit has been updated to include a slot for skirt textures, designers ARE NOT obligated to add skirt textures to their items for you. This is an extra step and optional. Older items are unlikely to have them. 

I need a bigger/smaller size!
Unfortunately, I’m not a mesh maker, so unless someone tips me off to where to get larger/smaller mesh skirt prims, this is all I can do. If you do find skirt prims that are SLUV and come in sizes larger or smaller then what I have, I DO want to know about them!

Update: We have added some unrigged skirt prims for tinys, giants and other non-traditionally sized persons to use with miniskirts. Unfortunately, Since they’re not rigged, these can only be used with miniskirts.

I’m a Mesh maker… do I need to make a skirt prim for my mesh?
Well you don’t HAVE to do anything..what features you provide are up to you, but if you’re looking for ways to upgrade your mesh, a Mesh Skirt prim is something we recommend, and we’ll happily update the kit for your body if you add one.

Can I get these Skirts Full perm?
Well.. I can’t sell you the rigged skirts Full Perm without getting slapped silly with a very justified DMCA… but you can get the skirts full perm and unscripted straight from the creator! She sells them on the MP here:

Can I get a Trans Copy of this script to put in my Skirts?
Can I get your stuff trans so I can resell it? What? No? Okay then.