OSK – Cherry Rouge

Omega System Kit for Cherry Rouge

(Nyam Nyam)


Part One: Using Omega Appliers

Step One: Wear your Nyam Nyam Mesh Lips or Coochi 2.0+ Mesh Bits.

Step Two:  Attach the “Omega Applier Relay for Cherry Rouge”

Step Three: Wear and use your Omega appliers.. (make sure the Relay stays attached!)

Part Two: About the Relay

While the scripts inside are No-mod, I left the relay container Mod. This means if you like you can shrink it, grow it, change the texture, attach it to your body instead of your HUD, make it invisible or even take the script out and put it in something else you always wear. (don’t forget where you put it though! ^.^)

How to get your Phat Azz appliers to work:

Unlike Tango Appliers, Phat Azz Appliers must be converted to Omega before you can use them!
For How to convert your Phat Azz Appliers, follow this link:


(This also works for Banned, Perfect and other Appliers that use Phat Azz NCs!)
Next Steps
Thats it, enjoy!
-Chellynne Bailey
Omega Solutions – Home of the Omega Applier System



Does Nyam Nyam/Coochi use materials?

No, I’m afraid not. We can’t do materials through a relay.

Will if be Materials ready?

That is up to Cherry Rogue. If this is a important feature for you, let her CSRs know nicely.

Honestly though… it’s lips and lady bits…materials are kinda wasted on it…(materials really doesn’t look right when using attachments like this..)

The textures aren’t lined up…

The nature of lips, face shapes and being unrigged means that lining up textures can be tricky. It’s a task for those with good modding skills.

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