OSK – [Niramyth]

Omega System Kit for [Niramyth]
The male meshs keep coming!
This one has a custom UV map for skins, but has created SLUV clothing layers for it!
The Details: 
Reminder: We do not REVIEW meshes, only list features and specs. 
Omega Kit Type: 
  • Standard: This kit uses 2 scripts dropped into the Mesh.
  • Materials Ready: yes.
  • Instructions
  • Applier Checklist: Top, Bra, Undies, Pants ONLY. Skin and Tattoo layers are NOT SLUV.
Clothing (Tattoo) Layers
  • 3 unattached Layers of varying fit.
  • Unattached Pant layers do NOT stack
  • Unattached Top layers do not appear to be meant to stack..but stack fairly well regardless.
  • 1 attached tattoo layer that is not SLUV and does not take omega.
  • Clothing and Tattoo Layers do not extend over hands, feet or head.
Hands and Feet
  • Type A Hands and Feet
  • Hands and Feet are removable.
  • Does not fit standard sized hands and feet (ie, slink)
Head and Neck
  • Head is included and removable.


This Omega Kit is designed for Aesthetic Mesh Body created by Niramyth, found here:


If you’ve not already purchased the Niramyth Kit, it can be purchased here:


This kit is designed to allow you to use your tango and phat azz clothing with the  [Niramyth] Male Mesh Bodies. While it cannot be used on the tattoo or skin layer, it should greatly expand your selection of clothing options ^.^

Part One:   Clothing (Tops and Bottoms)

1. Rez the Clothing you got with the Body on the ground.

Hint: The clothing layers in question are in a box: “(NIRAMYTH) – AESTHETIC – Clothing Layer”

and look like this when you unbox them:

and when you rez them on the ground:

For each one, drop in the appropriate Script labeled “Omega Applier Listener Script for  [Niramyth] – Pants” or   “”Omega Applier Listener Script for  [Niramyth] – Tops” as appropriate.

2. Pick up all the parts and wear the ones you wish to use..

Your clothing layers Should now respond to Tango and Omega Appliers.

Part Two:   Clothing (BodySuit)

  1. Rez the BodySuit to the ground just like you did the Top and bottom.

Hint: The bodysuit is in the same box as the Clothing Layers: “(NIRAMYTH) – AESTHETIC – Clothing Layer”

(it’s that first one!)

and when you rez them on the ground:

2. Drop in the Script labeled “Omega Applier Listener Script for  [Niramyth] – Bodysuit”.

3. The bodysuit will ask you to click the chest. Go ahead and click the chest. If done correctly, the top should turn pink and it’ll look like this:

If it looks like this, you’re done! Otherwise, try clicking on the chest again!

2. Rename the Bodysuit and then pick it up!

Your bodysuit should now respond to Tango and Omega Appliers!

Next Steps
Thats it, enjoy!
-Chellynne Bailey
Omega Solutions – Home of the Omega Applier System


Where is the HUD?
There is no HUD in this kit. It is just some scripts you tuck into the clothing layers. 🙂
Is it Modify?

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