OSK – Story Leaf

Omega System Kit for Story Leaf

This kit works a little differently then the ones before it. Rather then relying on the mesh being Mod (therefor being able to drop a script into it) or using a relay system (and being forced to wear a relay whenever you use appliers), this mesh comes with a plugin script built in, all you have to do is use the activator included in the kit.

Part One: Using Omega/Tango Appliers

Step One: Wear your StoryLeaf Mesh
Step Two:  Attach the “Omega System Installer – StoryLeaf”

Step Three: Click the installer, and verify the mesh thanks you in local.
Your mesh will now respond to Omega and Tango Appliers.
(scroll down for info regarding converting phat azz appliers)

How to get your Phat Azz appliers to work:

Unlike Tango Appliers, Phat Azz Appliers must be converted to Omega before you can use them!
For How to convert your Phat Azz Appliers, follow this link:


(This also works for Banned, Perfect and other Appliers that use Phat Azz NCs!)


Next Steps
Thats it, enjoy!
-Chellynne Bailey
Omega Solutions – Home of the Omega Applier System


1) Where do I get the Kit?

The Kit can be found here on the MP:

<–coming soon–>

2) Why would I want to use tango and phat azz clothing? Arn’t those for girls?

While true Implants and Phat Azz are female attachments, many designers did provide these appliers for their Unisex items. And since we do not differentiate between male and female meshes, it’s easier to leave this option in for you then take it out. (Also…femboys…duh..)

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