Omega System Makeup and Routing Info – Type A

Omega System Makeup and Routing Info – Type A

This is the instructions for the Omega System Makeup Routing HUD and Makeup appliers with your mesh heads and other items that support Makeup Appliers. Not sure what sort of head you have? Find your head on the Supported Meshes List and check out the page for your particular mesh.   If you’re a Mesh Maker and need to know what type of head yours is, Click Here.

Kits with popups

As of 4/19/2017 I've started testing a new popup feature for certain mesh heads. On these mesh heads, selecting the HUD or ALL buttons on Cosmetic Appliers, or any button on a Face applier, will prompt you with a choice of location. This should reduce the need for the Generic Routing HUD but does not disable its functionality.

Because of this, I advise you set your HUD to "none" when you are not using it for routing, to avoid it triggering when you click on HUD and Makeup buttons.

Makeup & Routing info for Type A Mesh Heads.

Type A heads have 3 or more texturable makeup zones and use our Makeup Routing HUDs to fully utilize these zones.

Part One: Using Omega Makeup Appliers

Cosmetic appliers Classic 2-Button Appliers Compact Cosmetic Appliers

Before we explain the Relay HUD, let us explain the makeup appliers. If you look at a makeup applier there are two or three buttons.

If there is only one button, the makeup creator likely skinned the applier incorrectly. Click on the top of the applier for “makeup” and the bottom for “tattoo”

  1. “Default Zone” is the new button, and only appears on some newer appliers,  This button will attempt to apply your makeup item “correctly” using settings set by the makeup designer.  It may be renamed a variety of things depending on what they are selling but will always appear at the top of the applier.
  2. “HUD CONTROL” and “MAKEUP” behave the same way, they use the options on the provided routing hud, shown bellow. You can click the Makeup Apply on and off on the hud to decide which sections to affect with this button, allowing total control over how your item is applied.
  3. “ALL ZONES” and “TATTOO” also behave the same way, by texturing all zones regardless of hud settings. A quick.. “DO ALL THE THINGS” button.

Note: The New Compact Cosmetic Appliers work exactly the same way as normal Cosmetic Appliers.

  • D stands for Default
  • H stands for HUD CONTROL
  • stands for ALL ZONES

Part Two: HUD Options:  Get Free Here

  • Type A and Type M buttons: These will take you to the tabs designed for Type M and Type A Heads Repectively.
  • Minimize Button: At the top right is a red bar. click it to shrink the hud!
  • Help Button: Takes you right here!
  • Settings Button: The Pink Gears Button near the upper right will bring up a menu.
    • DeleteScript: If your mesh has a a plug-in or pre-installed Omega Script, this will delete that script. Note: Not all our kits have been updated with this feature yet, but this will work on ANY Omega kit that has. So if you only want to delete the script out of some of your meshes, remove the others first.
    • Re-Apply: Apply the last make-up to the selected layers.
    • Debug: Resets the HUD and attempts to reset the scripts any Omega Scripts worn in HUDs and Meshes. Note: This feature is new and has not been implemented in all Kits. We will be doing this over time. Also note, this MAY require you to re-activate if your mesh uses a plug-in.
    • Install: The Routing HUD remembers any Plug-Ins Installers you use while wearing it. If you select Install from the menu, it’ll re-install these kits.
    • List: This will print out a list of the Plug-ins the router can activate for you.


Zone Buttons:

    On the Left is a list of Zones we support. Next to it, you’ll find 4 buttons for each Zone.

    • Apply Buttons: Select and deselect which sections will be textured when the Makeup or HUD Control Button is used on face appliers. (Also affects what sections are affected when Settings Menu Re-Apply button is used)
      Do note, this HUD is used for a variety of meshes, not all of them have all 7 zones. We do our best to send the textures where the make the most sense, but you’ll likely need to do some experimentation.
    • Test Buttons: Applies a Rainbow texture to the section. Used to to see clearly where your makeup zones start and end.
    • Clear Buttons: Clear the makeup section.
    • Re-Apply Buttons: Apply the last Applier used to that specific zone.

Makeup Testing

Regardless of what type of head you’ve purchased, a very important part of mesh head ownership is knowing where the makeup sections are. This will save you grief when you shop if you know where on the face your Makeup Areas start and stop so you can avoid purchasing an item that won’t fit on your available Makeup Zones.

To do this, look on the Router HUD and you’ll see Rainbow buttons.   These apply a rainbow texture to the selected makeup areas. Play with it and the different sections listed on the hud to see where each section is mapped. When you are done, the clear buttons will remove the rainbow from your face.

Other Uses for the Router:

The routers not just for makeup!

Installer Storage

In addition to handling Makeup Appliers, the Routing HUD also serves as a storage System for the Installers you use.  This can be handy if you have alot of different Omega Friendly Bits. To use, simple keep your Router worn whenever you Install Omega into new Meshes. Then.. the next time you need to re-install Omega, either because you got an update, or opened a fresh Mesh, or had to hit the debug button on the router menu, you can use the “Install” button in the Settings Menu and the router will install all the Meshes it remembers. 🙂

Phat Azz Applier Forwarding
It took us 2 years to get ahold of the man, but we finally did. We finally have the Channels, and most importantly the Permission from CK Winx himself to use them.  If you wear the Router and use a Phat Azz applier, it will apply to any mesh with Omega Installed. 🙂

And before you ask, no I will not do the same for <insert brand of applier here>.  We only use Channels that we have permission to use, and only in the way we’ve been granted permission to use them.  Do not pester Mesh Makers asking them to give me permission either. It’s not in their best interest to do so. Phat Azz is a unique case in that the Mesh is off the Market.