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Welcome to the Learning Center!
Home for All Omega and Mesh Body Related Information!

Library for Consumers:

Consumer FAQ

Why are there multiple kits? Why can I not just buy one to work on everything?!
Each kit is specific to the Brand you’re wearing. Each brand has their own way of building and ordering their layers and the scripts have to be built accordingly

Why is ________ not a plug-in/relay/pre-installed kit?! It’s way better!

While we try to steer Mesh Creators to do plug-ins or pre-installed, ultimately it is a Mesh Creators choice which type of kit they want.

What About Mesh Clothing?
Please bear in mind, these kits are designed with texture based clothing in mind, not Mesh. Unless stated on the product, mesh clothing in general is designed with the SL basic body in mind. While some mesh outfits come with Appliers, it is very important you try on a Demo before purchasing to ensure the Mesh outfit you’re trying on will fit with the Mesh Parts you are wearing.

Can I convert _______ appliers to Omega?
In general, no. But we do have a small number converters for older appliers. To see whats available:

Does ________ support Tinting/Materials?
Check out the Supported Meshes Page to see which meshes have Tinting/Materials Listed!
Note: For full details about a meshes Materials/Tinting capabilities, check the Info page for that Mesh!

Do you have a Kit for ________?
You can see which meshes support Omega by looking at this page:

Where do I get the kit for ______?
Kits are available in a variety of places. At the top of the page you’ll see “Inworld” and “MP” buttons that will take you to our shop on the Marketplace and our inworld shop.
Additionally, some Mesh and Applier creators have affiliates with our kits.

I bought ______ off the Marketplace and didn’t receive it!
Simply visit one of the many redelivery terminals we have in the inworld store.
Currently here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glamour%20Isle/150/135/24
(if that link has been broken, see the “inworld shop” button to the left or top of the page)

Library for Applier Creators:

Applier Creator FAQ

Can I just include the kits in my clothing/skin? How much does that cost?
Unfortunately, this isn’t really practical… or feasible. The number of kits + the need to occasionally update would make yours and my life a living night mare to keep your clothing up to date.

(plus, the combined retail cost of all the kits would far outstrip the cost of most skins and clothing items)

There are however affiliate kits you can purchase so you can make the kits available in store for 99L.
10% Affiliate Kit (Free)
35% Affiliate Kit (299L)

How do I make these appliers?
You can find the instructions for, and links to the dev kit here:
Dev Kit Instructions

Whats the cost?
The Dev Kit is FREE. Most Omega Kits for Consumers are 99L on the MP or Inworld. ?

I don’t own a mesh body… how do I make sure my appliers are working?
If you visit us on the 2nd floor, we have a set of mannequins in the creator’s corner that respond to any Omega applier used near them. (Don’t worry, they clear themselves after 5mins of inactivity!)
(if this link is broken, use the “Inworld” link in the sidebar/header)

Library for Mesh Creators

Mesh Creator FAQ

Can I include the kit with my Mesh?
YES! This we can do easily and we strongly encourage it. There is, however, a fee for doing so, including a small disbursement cost.

The Mesh Maker kit is missing a Trans version of the script!
Well, that is because I don’t give out trans versions of the script in the Mesh Maker Kit.  x.x

If you’re making a Mass Market Mesh, The idea is for you to use it to test your mesh and then come see me when you’re close to finished so I can get you a script that is much better optimized and has all the features rather then the bare bones that the Mesh Maker Kit Provides.

If you’re doing “Customs”. Aka, single customer creations, I’ve provided a vendor in the kit so you can let your customer purchase just the script at a lower cost so they can insert it themselves.